Hotels and travel accommodation are a fact of life for the average traveller. The global hospitality industry spans a wide range of accommodation to suit every taste and every budget. Offerings include luxurious suites, business class hotels, lodges, student hostels, etc. However, every traveller must make certain he or she takes some precautions before settling into hired accommodation for the duration of their stay.

Let’s talk about a few safety recommendations for hotels:

Lock up!

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Locking up suitcases and travel bags is an important tip for the average traveller. This is the basic safety at work because a careless approach in such matters can lead to loss of personal possessions and misplaced baggage. In addition, an organized mindset allows travellers to conduct a quick audit of personal belongings when checking out of a hotel.

Keep it confidential

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During the check-in process in a hotel, travellers should insist that hotel staff keep traveller names and room numbers confidential. This is important because a hotel lobby may have a lot of people, some of whom may have questionable intentions. In case of any doubt in such matters, travellers must ensure they work with hotel staff to allocate themselves a different room.

Go high

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Personal safety is important for every guest. In line with this, travellers must insist on rooms that are located in the third or fourth floor of the hotel. Rooms on the ground floor are best avoided because intruders can easily gain access to such rooms. Hence, travellers must speak to the desk staff while checking in to indicate their preference for rooms at high elevation.

Once inside a hotel room, travellers must check on the main lock on the door. The lock should be in perfect working condition and must (if possible) have a deadbolt. They must further ensure that the door is locked at all times. A majority of thefts inside a hotel happen when guests get careless about the door lock.

Important tip! If it is a key card access, ensure you aren’t careless about your card. If you lose a card, the hotel will always give you a spare. But if someone comes across your card while you are still renting the room, they can always get in.

Keep belongings in the room hidden

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Travel documents and electronic items like cell phones, smart phones, laptop computers, etc. must be stored safely inside the hotel room, usually locked in a safe that is provided with some rooms. If a safe is not provided, lock them up in your luggage.

Travellers must understand that housekeeping staff often enter hotel rooms as part of their professional duties. Prudence in such matters often allows travellers to complete their tours without loss of personal belongings. 

Travel Insurance is essential

The lack of a travel insurance policy can be dangerous for holidaymakers and business travellers. Hence, always invest in such insurance to cover any situations such as loss of baggage or theft from a hotel room.

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An intelligent traveller can speak to insurance agents prior to commencing a business trip. This action ensures that the traveller gains access to adequate coverage assured by an appropriate travel insurance policy. Here’s why you should buy travel insurance before any journey. 

As Alastor Moody says, Constant Vigilance!

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Inside a hotel establishment, travellers must remain vigilant about their room key or the smart card. In case of loss, the traveller should report the incident to hotel staff and insist on moving to a different room. This ensures that the traveller’s safety is not compromised in any manner inside the hotel.

Access control is an important part of staying safe inside a hotel. Travellers must verify the identity of any person seeking access to their room. Hotel employees usually wear a uniform and may carry identification cards. Travellers should check these aspects before allowing such individuals inside their hotel rooms. In addition, the use of the security chain on the main door is a must at all times.

These are some of the general hotel safety tips for travellers. Every individual that intends to travel locally or internationally must remain aware of these suggestions to ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience. 

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