The Netherlands is one of the few countries in the world where you will probably realise just how good it feels to be completely free and accepted for who you are. The Netherlands will welcome you despite your age, sex, or sexual orientation. It is more than happy to let you taste a puff of freedom as you walk down its streets with a joint in hand. Gaze at the windmills and the rows and rows of colourful tulips and get lost in their beauty. Visit the red light district in Amsterdam with no judgements cast upon you, and you might learn to respect others and not make judgements yourself while you are there. Realise what it’s like to strive in the face of hardships while you visit Anne Frank’s Museum. Marvel at the levels of creativity in the Rijks Museum, or learn what it’s like to embrace your talent despite the lack of recognition during your own time as you visit Van Gogh Museum. Or just plain appreciate the many people cycling their way about the place, doing their bit for the environment. The Netherlands can enrich your soul in all these ways and more. You need to visit the Netherlands to find out for yourself in just how many ways it can open your mind to new possibilities


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