What better place to go on a soul-searching journey than South Korea, whose capital literally says, soul? Its wide variety of attractions are sure to keep you busy and excited. But there is more to South Korea than the ultra-modern, glittering city life of Seoul. You can visit national parks like Seoraksan and revel in nature or get your muscles working with a good hike. You can climb up Hallasan, a shield volcano that’s also the highest peak in South Korea. You can go to one of its many beaches to get some sea therapy. Sometimes there is nothing more soul-satisfying than some retail therapy and word has it that Seoul has some of the best shopping spots with amazing discounts, the latest trends, and of course, makeup and cosmetics. Korean pop culture is taking the world by storm too, so why not visit its origin? South Korea may or may not have the answers your soul is seeking, but it sure looks like it could satisfy it.


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