Recent instances of everyday people making the best of unfortunate situations have brought us some new quarantine trends on social media. Like all trends, these quarantine trends on social media are easy and replicable. But what sets them apart is that they are easily achievable at home, extremely shareable online, and highly participatory (albeit virtually).

During such times of uncertainty and crisis, these activities bring people a feeling of comfort and joy, along with a sense of community even when we are physically distanced. We are trying out all the ways to make us feel connected with our loved ones, and ward off feelings of anxiety and loneliness. So what are these innovative quarantine trends on social media? Well, just follow the list below.

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Don’t Know What To Do Today? Check Out This List Of Quarantine Trends On Social Media ASAP!

1Dalgona Coffee

Quarantine Trends on social media

You must’ve already tried making Dalgona coffee at least once by now. It was one of the earliest quarantine trends. It started off as a TikTok trend and now has almost everyone trying their hands at making this frothy coffee drink. The coffee, milk, water and sugar mix was inspired by a popular South Korean honeycomb toffee. It owes its popularity to South Korean Youtubers and has now taken over the world, via all possible social media platforms with the hashtag #Dalgonacoffeechallenge.

2Throwback Pictures

Remember when we used to scroll through old albums while reminiscing the good old days? Well, throwback pictures are exactly the same, a la 2020. The only difference is, now that everything is digital, the nostalgic pictures of the past are shared with the world. With state and national lockdowns in place due to the novel Coronavirus outbreak, travel is not an option right now. So people are posting pictures from old trips and of being out and about before the outbreak.

3TikTok Videos

Through this lockdown, the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok has definitely become a social media sensation. This year, the video-sharing platform has surpassed even Facebook and WhatsApp as the world’s most downloaded non-gaming app. With families taking up different challenges or couples filming themselves dancing or performing during the nationwide lockdown, it’s clear that these months have been trials for all us newbies. 


idk what this is but IM BORED

♬ BORED IN THE HOUSE – Curtis Roach

4Quarantine Hair

As we all get used to our ‘new normal’ with social distancing and state and national lockdowns,  we are also trying out new hair trends to make a statement. With no access to salons or hairdressers, our options are limited—shave it, colour it or cut it. DIY is so in right now, so why not take this opportunity to try something new?

You can either go big by shaving your head (yikes, but that’s a thing btw) or stay safe with a casual snip and trim or cut your bangs. Try a new “lewk” or be prepared for the worst (temporary) mistake of your life. But the best part is that even if you mess it up, YOU AREN’T GOING OUT ANYWAY. So, you can stay in and hide until those excuses for “bangs” grow out.

5Virtual Socialising

Quarantine trends on social media

Who thought parties or get-togethers can only occur when people PHYSICALLY get together? Life under lockdown has sparked a rise in various virtual gatherings where you can gather online to play board games, watch movies at the same time, and host dinner parties and after-work drinks via video conference.

There exists a virtual nightlife too, where virtual gatherings are taking place with the help of video apps like Zoom and Houseparty. With these apps, you can host virtual parties, happy hours, family get-togethers, and even church services.

6Baking Banana Bread

Quarantine Trends on Social Media

While the act of baking has been considered quite therapeutic, the banana bread obsession is REAL during the lockdown. Easy to make with the most basic ingredients along with overripe bananas (probably forgotten amidst other fruits), banana bread (made from scratch, obviously) can be a wholesome and a nourishing snack. The recipe does not require high expertise, so everyone and anyone can try baking banana bread.

7Instagram Story Challenges

Instagram has been one of the most engaging and informative social media platforms for undertaking fun challenges through these uncertain times. It allows users to post specific content within a certain time frame, allowing their followers or the people tagged to keep the chain of virtual engagement going. Here are some of the most popular Instagram challenges:

Indoor Exercising Challenges

We’re pretty sure, this one was started by some fitness/gym freak. Honestly, these challenges spread like wildfire as they provide participants to test their limits and stay fit amidst the lockdown. In this viral trend, users post a video of themselves doing push-ups or skipping, then tag a bunch of their friends or followers to do the same. Some of these challenges have included #See10Do10Challenge, #100SkippingChallenge, #PlankChallenge and #NoEquipmentWorkout. People around the world are going crazy with these challenges as they help amp up their fitness game, take their mind off the news, and create endorphins to boost morale as well. Singer Justin Bieber, actress Gul Panag and NBA player Russell Westbrook are some of the more popular celebrities who have taken up the challenges.

Until Tomorrow Challenge

This  Instagram challenge asks you to post an embarrassing photo (any baby photo also works) of yourself with the caption ‘Until Tomorrow’ for 24 hours i.e the next day. Next, you have to send a cryptic message to every person (or just those you speak to often) who likes or comments on your post to do the same. Hope no one takes screenshots of them. *fingers crossed*

Draw Something Challenge

This is like an online Pictionary challenge where participants start chains on their Instagram stories drawing different food items like oranges and strawberries and tagging their friends asking them to do the same. The game is to start a story-chain on Instagram by drawing anything. Next, tag five or more people to share your story along with their version of the story and tag their friends. The chain keeps filling the same screen space and keeps going until the story follows versions ranging from hilarious to intelligent.

Instagram Template Challenges

This trend consists of an Instagram story questionnaire template, more often made by influencers, that can be filled in using text or GIFs. These templates are used by the participants to compare life events that can be marked off (things they’ve done or not done) amongst a  plethora of options. Following this, they can nominate their friends so that the chain continues. Different template challenges include Bingo challenge, Bucket List challenge and a This or That challenge.

8Going Live On Instagram

Social Media Trends
Source: Pixabay

Some might consider these as the most annoying of all quarantine trends that have proliferated on social media. Everyone, and anyone, is going live, usually jumping in with someone else too. While everyone agrees that it gives us more content to watch on the app, it surely has created an unnecessary amount of Instagram lives for one user to catch up on. With almost everyone showing their random quarantine routines on Instagram, the feature itself may have lost its charm.

But there are also many celebs who have also gotten into this trend as well as participating in various live shows such as Miley Cyrus’s Bright Minded or John Mayer’s Current. There are also initiatives like Together at Home which in collaboration with Global Citizen and the World Health Organization have featured several celebrities’ informative Instagram Lives. It has featured celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes, and Kerry Washington.

So Which Of These Trends Have Featured On Your Social Accounts Already?

During this indefinite and uncertain time, when staying indoors and avoiding physical interaction has become the new normal for many of us, it’s best to feel a sense of togetherness through these trends and to not let that morale sink. Do whatever makes you feel good, even if that means making another “I like your Sketchers, you like my Gucci shoes” Tiktok video.

If we have missed any of your favourite viral quarantine trends on social media, let us know in the comments below!


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