Lucerne, the undeniable pearl of Switzerland is a small captivating city full of history and culture. Despite its small size, Lucerne has a lot to offer to its visitors. Its hidden corners, vibrant alleys, old buildings along with the breath-taking landscapes makes a perfect base for exploration. There is no better way than a walking tour to dig deep into the essence of this beautiful place. Whether you opt for a guided tour or explore the city on your own, walking tours in Lucerne is THE best way to explore.

What is A Walking Tour And Is Lucerne City Walkable

A walking tour is primarily a trip to explore places by foot. All walking tours have a start and end point. Generally walking tours last under an hour or two, however there are long tours that can take up a complete day. While some tours focus on particular landmarks, there are others that focus on particular regions. 

Lucerne city sitting proudly on the peaceful Lucerne Lake in Switzerland is a perfect destination for a walking tour. The top attraction in Lucerne can be easily covered with a walking tour. As Lucerne is a small city, the best and easiest way to see them all is by foot. However, for attractions which are away from the city center, you will need to take a private or public transport.

Different Types Of Walking Tours In Lucerne

Night Watchman Walking Tour

lucerne night trips
Walking tours with beautiful views of the sun set.

Travel back in time on an evening tour of Lucerne with a night watchman as your guide. The walk begins with a fire horn call next to the Chapel Bridge. Your guide will take you through torture chamber, the dungeon, and the secret room. He also explains in detail about the medieval law and order, interrogation methods, punishments, and death penalties of the medieval times. The one-hour tour with gripping stories from your guide will make you feel like you are reliving the past. 

Express Walking Tour With A Local

walking tours in luzern with a local
Walking tour with locals will help get accurate information about the place.

Get ready to be whisked away by a local on this enchanting 60-minute walking tour. Who else can give you accurate information about Lucerne than a local? Every information shared about the history and culture is from the perspective of a local. All important landmarks and attractions are covered in this walking tour. Come experience the magic of Lucerne with an express walking tour which is one of the best walking tours in Lucerne.

Culture And Congress Centre Walking Tour

lucerne in switzerland is the best place for walking tours
Beautiful buildings close to Lake Lucerne

Take a walking tour of the famous Culture and Congress Centre which was designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel. Here’s a chance to learn more about the architectural vision of its creator. As the center is located close to Lake Lucerne, you get a chance not just to admire the architectural brilliance but also the fascinating views of Lake Lucerne. This 60 minute Lucerne walking tour is sure to give an unforgettable and inspiring experience.

Classic City Walking Tour

people come from zurich to lucerne to experience the walking tours
Two young girls part of a guided walking tour.

Discover Lucerne with this guided walking tour, where for once you can leave the map behind and navigate the city with ease. This 2-hour tour with limited people gives personal attention to all that you see and help learn more about the surroundings. Admire elegant homes, charming fountains, vibrant murals, and enchanting bridges as you move from one place to another. Embarking on a Lucerne city tour is great to capture both popular attractions as well as secret treasures.

Walking Tours With Boat Rides

best  lake lucerne boat rides
Beautiful views of Lake Lucerne from the boat.

Explore Lucerne by both foot and boat on this 3-4 hrs adventure tour. Join your guide on a 3-hour walking tour that covers all the major attractions and then hop on to Lucerne boat ride for a sightseeing cruise. The sight of Lucerne from the boat is just magical. This walking tour is perfect for those who want to explore Lucerne by both land and water. Consider adding a cheese and wine tasting experience to complete your tour. 

Photography Walking Tour

luzern is in switzerland
Man trying to take some good angle pictures.

Lucerne is filled with iconic landmarks and scenic spots; hence photographic possibilities are high here. This walking tour aims at capturing these historic and modern sights while on the go. Get expert guidance on how to take stunning photos every step of the way. Beginners don’t have to worry as there are professional guides to assist you. This is one of the best walking tours in Lucerne for that unforgettable photography adventure.

City Walking Tour With Chocolate Tasting

lucerne sightseeing trips for a day
Explore beautiful town from the famous Lucerne bridge

Switzerland is best known for its mouth-watering chocolates, so how about exploring the beautiful town while tasting some amazing Swiss chocolates. Get ready to discover the best chocolate boutiques in town who will reveal their chocolate making secrets. Not just tasting chocolates, you will also get to see the popular attractions with this 4-hour walking tour of Lucerne. So be ready to feast your eyes as well as your taste buds at the same time with some best walking tours In Lucerne.

Walking Tours In Lucerne: Must See Attractions 

Must visit places in Lucerne
Image Source:

This beautiful city in central Switzerland is known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and majestic snow capped Alps. So if you have a day to spend in Lucerne, consider picking from any of the above walking tours in Lucerne to see the popular attractions here. Our list below has 10 of the most popular landmarks which can be covered in 2-3 hours. So without wasting much time let us start our walking tours in Lucerne.

Lucerne Railway Station

lucerne railway station
Lucerne Railway Station is the main hub of Switzerland’s rail network

Start your tour from Lucerne Railway Station which is the main hub of Switzerland’s rail network. This station which was built in 1896 is located on the south side of Lake Lucerne. The entrance portal has a distinctive cupola and an elegant curved roof. That first thing you’ll see is a sculpture named “Zeitgeist” by the well-known Swiss sculptor, Richard Kissling. Get yourself a map and other useful information from the Lucerne Tourist Information Centre which is right at the station.

Rosengart Collection

lucerne city tour
Image Source:

Next walk towards Rosengart Collection which is just 3 minutes’ walk from the railway station. This is a museum which has an amazing collection of sculptures, photographs and paintings. The ground floor is devoted to the works of Picasso, so this place is a must-do for Picasso fans. You can also admire works of great artists like Klee and Kandinsky.

Jesuit Church

visit famous church during lucerne day trips
Wooden carved benches in the chapel.

Our next stop is the Jesuit church which is the first Baroque church in Switzerland. The beautiful inside and outside architecture designs of this Catholic Church makes it one of the most amazing churches in all of Switzerland. The premises are huge with a beautiful fountain in a lawn near the Church. It’s the unchanged white and pink interiors which makes the church stand out. Totally worth the visit!

Chapel Bridge

is lucerne worth visiting
Flower decorations on either side of the Chapel Bridge

Walk further to arrive at the Chapel Bridge, which is one of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe. This 14th century wooden bridge has paintings of events from the history of Lucerne. There were around 147 paintings but unfortunately most of them were destroyed in a fire. Only 30 paintings were restored successfully. Take a walk across the bridge to admire the scenic beauty that lies on either side of the bridge. 


lucerne city
Beautifully lit building at dusk

If you have not had enough of Chapel Bridge, head to Rathaus to have a better view of the Chapel Bridge. From here you can get perfect pics of the beautiful bridge. Rathaus, also popularly known as Town Hall, is one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Lucerne. It was designed by Anton Isenmann, a great architect way back in 1602. The building has an exhibit hall and a concert hall where many paintings are displayed. A weekly market opens between 6 am to 1 pm in the open arcades every Tuesdays and Saturdays for visitors to partake in shopping. 

Spreuer Bridge

visit Spreuer bridge on your lucerne walking tour
The Spreuer Bridge (Spreuerbrücke, formerly also Mühlenbrücke) one of two extant covered wooden footbridges in the city of Lucerne, Switzerland.

Though not as famous as the Chapel Bridge, Spreuer Bridge is definitely worth a stop during walking tours in Lucerne. The bridge starts in the Mills Square (old town) and ends in Pfister Alley. This 15th-century bridge has a series of roof paintings called the Dance of Death, hence nicknamed as “The Dance of Death Bridge.” It is a popular stop for walking tours as this place offers both views of stunning architecture and the beautiful interior paintings.

Musegg Wall

top lucerne sightseeing places
Panoramic views of Lucerne City

The Musegg wall and its nine towers are an extra highlight on your walking tour if you visit Lucerne between the months of April to November. The 13th century wall and only four towers (Mannli, Zyt, Wacht and Schirmer) are open between these months. You can take a walk around the nine towers or climb the path on top of the old city ramparts for stunning views.  

Bourbaki Panorama

Bourbaki Panorama is a must-see during your walking tour
Image Source:

Walk to Bourbaki Panorama, a giant panoramic painting that pays homage to French Bourbaki soldiers. On a 112×10 meter canvas a gripping story is captured by painter Edouard Castres and his ten colleagues. Without a doubt, the Bourbaki Panorama is a must-see during your walking tour.

Lion Monument

Must visit place in Lucerne
One of the most famous tourist spot in Lucerne is the Lion Monument

Located in a small park just off Löwenplatz is the Lion Monument which has the sculpture of a dying lion carved onto a stone. The lion is depicted in a weak, wounded, dying state. It was carved by a Danish artist Bertel Thorvaldsen in memory of 800 brave Swiss guards. The words inscribed on the monument translates to “To the loyalty and bravery of the Swiss”. This monument is a must see as it is one of the most impressive stone sculptures in the world.

Lake Lucerne

lucerne boat ride on Lake Lucerne
Historic city center of Lucerne with the famous Lake Lucerne

After all the walking, come to Lake Lucerne to sit and relax or take a stroll along the shore watching the boats and the beautiful Swiss Alps. Tourists can simply enjoy some music in the open air while having a bite from one of the local restaurants. You can also explore the Church of St. Leodegar which is only a 3 to 4 minute walk from here.

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This brings us to the end of our walking tours in Lucerne. If you enjoyed it, book a walking tour now and do share your experience in the comments below.

FAQ’s On Walking Tours In Lucerne

Can you walk around Lucerne in a day?

Lucerne being a small Swiss city, is a perfect place to walk and see all the major attractions in a single day.

How many days are enough for Lucerne in Switzerland?

2 to 3 days is a good time to see all the popular landmarks and stunning nature views of this picturesque town.

Is Lucerne worth visiting?

Lucerne is a small city in Switzerland that has a lot to offer to its visitors. The historic buildings and spectacular scenery makes a visit to Luzern worthwhile. 


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