Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many people are stuck spending LOTS of time at home. While this is an essential measure to curb the spread of the virus, some people are having a hard time busting the boredom of social distancing, despite living at a time when we have instant access to the internet and streaming sites like Netflix.

Not these people though. Here are some people that have absolutely nailed the ways to cope with boredom during social distancing, coming up with creative and fun ways to keep themselves entertained.

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Here Are 23 Hilarious Ways People Are Fending Off Social Distancing Boredom

1First, there’s this person who created a whole new person:

2This guy decided to rigidly stick to his daily routine:

3One woman is killing time playing tic-tac-toe with her cat:

4And Ina Garten made a GIANT cocktail for herself:

5This woman found out that old high school skills came in handy:

6Some are using social media to stay connected:

7Chrissy Teigen even officiated the wedding of her daughter’s toys:

8These guys wrote an entire song that’s super catchy:

9A chef created a fancy meal for his wife:

10While this woman created her own delicacies:

11One group of housemates is recreating classic art :

12This guy is having a great time connecting with his cat:

13Another dude found a truly unique way to work out:

14A desperate Diplo cut up some kitchen roll to create more TP:

16There’s this guy doesn’t need a computer to play video games:

17Someone’s turning to niche YouTube accounts to entertain themselves:

18And this guy who created a brand new sport with a Roomba:

20These guys found a new way to play some games:

21And these people recreated their favourite Disneyland ride in their house:

22Meanwhile, this dog clearly has this entire self-isolation thing figured out:

So, How Would You Bust The Quarantine Boredom?

Those fortunate enough to be able to stay at home may be struggling to fend off social distancing boredom, but as you can see that doesn’t have to be the case! So the next time you’re wondering how to cope with being bored while social distancing, why not try one of these fun things to do while you’re stuck inside?



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