Travelling with your partner or with a group of friends sounds ideal, right? Latest travel trends suggest the emergence of a new phenomenon- the ‘Mobilemoon!’ Millennials seem to be more inclined to travelling solo with their loyal phones as companions instead of other people. Solo travel has taken on a whole new meaning with the Mobilemoon. A travel report by Expedia revealed that one-third of Americans 18 and older would prefer a cell phone as a travel companion instead of an actual person. 

While their research was limited to the United States, the results are telling. Millennials are constantly altering the way they travel and the rise of the Mobilemoon is another indicator of their shifting interests. In all honesty, a mobile phone could actually be the ideal travel companion. With a data connection, you have the world at your fingertips, literally!

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What does one seek on a solo trip?

While on a solo trip, individuals can seek most of the information they require from their phones. The ease of access is remarkable Today, travellers seek out solo trips as a way to connect with people, discover new places and immerse themselves in new cultures. The authenticity attached to travel has altered the way millennials choose to go on trips. This is why the Mobilemoon seems to be the most convenient travel option. The Expedia report also revealed that 55% of people prefer travelling alone to travelling with a companion. 


The desire to break away from daily routine and learn new things has encouraged millennials to venture out on solo trips with their phones as trusty companions. 

The smartphone revolution and its impact on travel

Everyone is aware of how drastically their lives have changed after the invention of the smartphone. Today, so many travel experiences have become possible because of smartphone technology. New apps allow users to access different kinds of facilities in a new country helping them deal with their anxiety while travelling. You have an app for everything you need. There are apps that help look for accommodation, apps that scan dangerous areas for travel, and apps that show you the best places to eat and visit. Any question you have during a trip, your smartphone has an answer.


Is this rise in digital dependency good?

While the mobilemoon is interesting to analyse and consider it does bring up a very important question. Is our desire for digital connection surpassing the need for human connection? Expedia’s report highlights an alarming rate of individuals who are satisfied with going on a trip only with their phones. Will this consequently impact the way people travel in the near future? Are we going to choose a smartphone over a partner or a friend to travel with?

Sure, everyone wants some alone time and a solo trip is sometimes the ideal getaway. But vacations with your close friends, your family or a partner is another kind of high. Visiting new places and having someone right beside you to share your joy with is an irreplaceable feeling. No smartphone could rival the intimacy of having someone right next to you in your favourite destination, someone you can share a joke with or simply talk about how awe-struck you are by what you see.  

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