Lefkada is a part of the Ionian archipelago- the third most popular island group in Greece. It includes Kefalonia (Cephalonia), Zante (Zakynthos), Lefkas (Lefkada), Ithaka (Ithaki), Corfu (Kerkyra), Paxos, and Kythira. Originally a peninsula, Lefkada or Lefkas Island has joined it to the rest of Greece in the 8th century BC when Corinthian colonisers cut a canal through the narrow strip of land. It is located on the west coast of Greece and with its crystal Blue waters and steep rocky surroundings and glorious beaches, it attracts many visitors every summer.

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Here is a list of beaches in Lefkada that’ll make you believe why the island has some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean Sea:

1Porto Katsiki Beach

Lefkada Ionian Islands

Located 45 km southwest of the Lefkada town which is the island’s capital, it can be reached by descending the 100 steps or by boat from Nidri and Vasiliki. It is one of the most popular beaches in Greece due to its crystal clear waters, white sand and the abrupt white cliffs that form a wild yet magnificent backdrop and a unique antithesis with the deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea. The cliffs offer some beautiful shaded spots for some privacy and relaxing sunbathing.

Porto Katsiki Beach comes near the island’s southwest corner and is known to have sustained major earthquake damage in 2015. While the beach was badly damaged, it is still accessible by road.

2Kathisma Beach


Close to the village of Agios Nikitas, Kathisma Beach is one of the longest beaches of Lefkada with fine white sand and sparkling waters of amazing turquoise colour. Kathisma Beach is located 15 km southeast of the main town and is hemmed by tall pine-decked hills and is perfect to enjoy a relaxing swim. As the water turns milky blue when the waves hit the shore, one needs to remember that the sea can be a little unruly at Kathisma. Add those waves to the rocky seabed, and it’s worth taking extra care if you’re here with kids.

3Egremni Beach


Egremni Beach was another beach with Porto Batsiki that was devastated by the 2015 earthquake. Now, it is only accessible via boat, whether you take a cruise or charter your own vessel. You can take a boat from Nidri or Vasiliki to reach the beach. It is situated 40 km southwest of Lefkada Town and is considered one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. This 2km long beach with the white sand and turquoise waters can be reached by descending almost 350 steps.

Bathe in the translucent blue waters of Egremni Beach that is surrounded by a long, unyielding wall of barren cliffs. Despite being a popular tourist spot, this long sandy beach offers a feeling of peaceful isolation.

4Vassiliki Beach


Vassiliki is a picturesque fishing village located on a wide bay on the south coast of Lefkas. It is almost 37 km southwest of Lefkada Town and the Vassiliki Beach lies just in front of the village. The long pebbled beach is also famous for its perfect windsurfing and sailing conditions. Water sports facilities and windsurfing clubs renting material are available on the beach.

Earlier in the day might be a good time for kids and newcomers to try out wind-surfing as when the wind picks up during the afternoon, it can be pretty boisterous. You could also hire a bike or find a walking trail to get up onto the sides of the valley for majestic vistas.

5Mikros Gialos Beach


This yearly Blue Flag winner is located in the southeast of Lefkada at the end of a gruelling road. Almost 30km south from the capital, the Mikros Gialos is known as the  Rouda Bay or Poros beach. Being one of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Lefkada, it’s no surprise that this long beach is boarded with crystal waters and has sun beds, umbrellas, taverns and snack bars. Tucked between the hills covered with forest, the beach is excellent for diving.

Remember that, Mikros Gialos is a gravel beach both on the coast and in the water, so it’s better to bring sea sandals for safe and comfortable walking.

6Milos Beach


Located on the west coast of Lefkas, Milos Beach is a sandy beach with turquoise waters. This unspoilt beach is South of Agios Nikitas village and can be called one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkas. There are two ways to get there; you can either walk, there is a path starting from Agios Nikitas village (it is a steep walk at some points) or during July and August take a boat from Agios Nikitas village.

Surrounded by the steep green cliffs that offer an imposing backdrop, the beach is also totally secluded; ideal for those who want to spend some relaxing and peaceful moments alone.

7Ammoussa Beach

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If you like quiet beaches, you’d fall in love with this small beach in the south of Lefkada which actually belongs to Marantochori village. This beach is nestled in a cove and offers views of the deep blue Ionian all the way to the mountains of Ithaca and Kefalonia. The beautiful and peaceful surroundings, with a clean and calm sea, very rich sea life (some say the richest on Lefkada) with rocks on both sides of the beach, Ammoussa beach could be perfect diving and snorkelling.

The depth of the beach is gradual but keep in mind that with the gravels on the shore and in the water, it is advisable that you take sea sandals with you.

8Kavalikefta Beach

Lefkada, Drone

Along the western coastline, below the Kalamitsi settlement, and within a short distance, you will find the Kavalikefta Beach. It is located 15 km southwest of Lefkada and is peaceful, secluded, without tourist development, very beautiful with crystal blue waters, white pebbles and fine golden sand. While the white sediment in the water gives it an alluring turquoise glow in the sunshine, many rock formations near the seashore give a wild aspect to the beach.

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If we have missed any of your favourite beaches in Lefkada, do let us know in the comments below!


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