Before I even start writing, I want to tell you that you might not like me as a person after reading this. What I am going to say is something that is the truth of my life. Also, the fact about me that people find hard to digest!


I hate winters
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Yaa… I hate to travel in winters, I hate to get out of my bed in winters and I hate to inhale the cold air in winters. I at times wish I would have been a snowbird. That way I could have shifted to a warmer place the moment the universe decides to give my lungs a pleasure of ice cold oxygen. No, no, no… I don’t want that!

When the cold air bites my nose and my ears, I wish to go into hibernation like a chipmunk.

I don’t understand the excitement people have during winters. I don’t even want to get out of bed. So if you too are a winter survivor, you will be able to relate to a few things mentioned below that I do during winters:


“Winter is the perfect weather to travel and explore places”, “Places look beautiful when covered in snow”, is what people tell me. I want to ask them if the place that they are talking about, is even visible in the snow. And in winters if I get out of my house to explore places, I would end up looking something like this…

I wear sixty not six layers of clothes. And I am not counting gloves and socks and scarf and woollen hat.


I hunt for a warm-blooded person and torture that person with my ice-cold fingers. See I am a nice person, the problem is that the winters turn me into a monster. Also, I gulp hot food and also drink a lot of hot tea and coffee which I hate during summers *_*


The shower is a mission. I stand two feet away from the water till it is skin burning hot. Touching the cold water is torture for my skin and nerves.


I have excuses ready for being late. Because leaving the bed isn’t that easy in winters. The struggle is real! I will rather fight a war (in my bed) than get out of my bed.


My skin refuses to accept me. It becomes dry and to tackle that I keep a moisturiser handy with me. It will always be in my bag. I forget how warmth feels on my skin. I feel in winters my skin isn’t capable of feeling anything.


I am not a sweet tooth person but in summers I might look at icecreams. Winters make me repel all icecreams and cold drinks. Yes, judge all you want to but I feel scared of ice cream touching my tooth.


When travelling, I always try to book a hotel that has a room heating facility and hot water facility 24*7. Cause even when I am travelling, I am not leaving the room…


Bonfire is my heaven! I get so close to the bonfire that I might burn my hair, but who cares, I’ll be warm!


I look for warm spots on a sofa, chair, table, tree, heaven. Let other people warm your spot, be a nice host and let them sit on your favourite spot and then when they get up, grab the place!


Warm places are at the top of my list for travelling. I don’t think a winter destination is the “romantic” place for me! It’s too cold for me to feel romantic!

If you feel the same, you have my sympathy!

I keep waiting for the season to end and think about what to do next in the coming season. I might start hating Game of Thrones as well. Winter keeps coming there!

Let me know in the comments section below about your feeling of winter travel.


  1. Hi, I feel exactly the same. Winters are not my cup of tea. It’s harsh on my skin! My eating habits and what not ? but one of my favorite seasons is autumn. I love everything about the weather. A little cold a little warm., the change of colours. Perfect for most holiday destinations…

    • I understand Ruhi. I hate winters more than I hate Voldemort. And yes, I agree with you about Autumns. Glad you feel the same 😀


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