Wonderla Bangalore is a water wonderland that appeals to the water sport enthusiasts with its thrilling attractions. We are talking about spine tingling drops of Boomerang to the melodic rhythms of the Rain Disco, Wonderla is a place that blends exhilarating water-based excitement and entertainment.

Wonderla Bangalore Rides With A Splash Of Adventure

rides at wonderla bangalore is a must try
Wonderla is a water wonderland with many thrilling activities.

Water Rides

Are you someone that braves steep drops and breathtaking loops? Do unexpected twists and turns give you a rush? Then boomerang is the place for you, glide through the Lazy River’s vibrant chaos and experience the Rain Disco where water and music create the perfect ambiance.

Land Rides

If you like to stick to the land and still wish to experience an adrenaline rush, Hairpin Bend is for you. The adrenaline pumping coaster and the Maverick are also the cherries on the top that defy gravity. If you still have not had enough then add a zing to the whole excitement by trying out the wonder splash that combines twists and turns with a refreshing water landing.

High-Tech Simulation

Interactive 4D cinema adds a dash of innovation to this party for those that are always exploring the cutting edge technologies, Wonderla Amusement Park, has a selection of virtual reality experiences that will keep you hooked to that screen.

Family Rides

Share the joy of the Family Rapid River with your beloved family, this is a thrilling experience you could also opt for the fun of Mini Venice and Fun Racers that are designed keeping the little ones in mind.

Top Rides To Take: Must-Experience Thrills For Water Aficionadas

wonderla amusement park thrilling rides
Roller coaster rides on water

Wonderland Bamba – This one is our top pick, an intense water adventure that promises an ultimate test of your courage. A free fall from a height of 15 meters that will make time pause for a few seconds.

Insanity – If you are someone that likes to couple scary rides with a lot of physical stress then this mind bending ride allows you to spin and swing at high speeds of insanity combining it with exhilarating rotations. This one will offer you a physical stimulation like no other.

Techno Jump – Think of rebound motions combined with free-fall on Techno Jump, this dynamic water ride will have you bouncing with excitement. It is a technological marvel that adds an extra splash of thrill to your aquatic escapades.

Wave Pool – This massive wave pool is ideal for those that crave for the real beach waves because it’s very similar. The perfect spot to chill and just relax or let yourself breathe after the breathtaking rides as you bask in the sheer joy of aqua dynamics.

Recoil – The electrifying recoil is a roller coaster on water that features rapid ascents and sudden drops with heart-stopping twists. Sounds like a ride? Well it is more than that, this ride will leave you craving for the rush that you felt.

Timings And Tickets

check for wonderla bangalore timings before booking
Water parks for fun time with family and friends.

Wonderla Bangalore Timings, kicks off from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, on weekdays and for those ready to make a splash, the Water Park is ready and waiting from 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM. 

On the weekend the park extends one hour and the closing time is at 7:00 PM ensuring that your weekend plans are nothing short of amazing!

Wonderla Bangalore tickets generally operate on a pay-per-ride model. Visitors usually purchase an entrance ticket to the park, which grants access to the premises. You can check for the preferences here. 

Culinary Delights Around

While the heart-pounding rides at Wonderla in Bangalore are undoubtedly the main attraction, the exhilarating adventures can work up quite an appetite. Fear not, as Wonderla has seamlessly woven together an experience that caters not only to thrill-seekers but also to those with a discerning palate. The park’s diverse range of hassle-free food packages and restaurants ensures that visitors can satiate their hunger with ease. Whether you’re craving the sizzling delights of Andoori cuisine at Waves Restaurant, indulging in the Mexican Chicken Burger at the Food Court, or exploring the all-vegetarian spread at Greens Restaurant, Wonderla ensures that the culinary journey is as satisfying as the thrill ride itself. Embrace the rides and the excitement because Wonderla’s delightful dining options are ready to refuel you for the next adventure.

Top Restaurants Around Wonderla

wonderla in bangalore has some great restaurants.
Wonderla Rides with a splash of adventure.

Waves Restaurant Andoori Extravaganza – Andoori cuisine at Waves Restaurant is one that will leave you licking your fingers, with a delectable spread that helps you savor the aromatic spices in a jiffy. Grills here are tender and succulent making your dining experience a must try at Wonderla.

Mexican Chicken Burger At Food Court Wonderla If the rides at Wonderla Bangalore were not enough for your senses to be heightened then this Mexican food court will add that extra burst of spice. The Mexican Chicken Burger here is a culinary delight, combines zesty spices with tender chicken and offers a flavorsome wholesomeness to your dining experience.

Do’s and Don’ts

Admittance is limited to one individual per ticket, valid only for a designated date and time, with tickets being non-transferable and non-refundable. Outside food and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited within the park, and entry is not permitted for individuals under the influence of intoxicants.

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Final Thoughts

As the sun sets on your day at Wonderla Bangalore, you will leave with a blend of excitement and satisfaction. The thrill of soaring high up above in the air and conquering the water slides finds its perfect counterpart in the diverse and delightful dining experiences. Wonderla seamlessly integrates the perfect levels of adventure ensuring that every visit is safely enjoyed leaving a lasting impression that exceeds expectations.


Should we pay for each ride in Wonderla Bangalore?

Wonderla operates on a pay-per-ride model. You have to purchase the tickets to the park, which includes access to most of the attractions.

How many rides are there in Wonderla Bangalore?

This place has a bit of something for everyone, Wonderla Bangalore offers a variety of rides and attractions, including water, dry and high end thrill rides. In all there are over 60 thrilling rides.

Which day is Wonderla least crowded?

If you are looking for uninterrupted enjoyment then you have to visit the park on weekdays, the lesser crowd ensures that you get to experience your favorite rides without having to stand in those long queues.


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