With so many of us socially distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are now working from home. No more chats with colleagues, no more office parties, no more free snacks. However, there is one major upside to all this. Getting to spend a LOT of quality time with pets. Working from home with pets can range from distracting to ridiculous. 

Cat and dog owners have been posting pictures all over social media of their pets as coworkers, and it’s clear that they’re pretty psyched to have their humans with them at home. Whether they’re taking over keyboards or snuggling themselves on laps, these pets simply can’t leave their favourite people alone and it’s ADORABLE! A perfect way to lift all our spirits during this crisis. 

Here Are Some Hilarious Things That Happen While People Are Working From Home With Pets

1This dog didn’t fully trust why it’s human was at home so much

My dog Ghost is veryyyy suspicious why I’m home on a work day. from aww

2And this one missed his friends

3While this dog was more than happy about his human working from home

4One cat needed to be manipulated to leave its human being

5Another one just wanted to help get all the work done

6This dog went one step further and did some housework

8But these cats definitely did

9This cat turned to violence

10But this one was just passive-aggressive

11And this one followed suit

Trying to work from home. . . from aww

12This dog isn’t so great with boundaries either

13But this one knows exactly where to sit

14One cat pretended to be a stern, yet, respected manager

15Another demanded tons of extra attention

16These cats needed a refresher on acceptable workplace behaviour

17This lovely guinea pig made herself at home in her new workspace

18While this turtle tried to play a game with its human

19But, one dog created a whole new game

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Being With Their Pets Is Making Lockdown A Lot More Interesting For Their Owners

These adorable pets are truly making life more fun for those who are having a hard time adjusting to working from home. So maybe Very Good Dogs aren’t always Very Good Co-Workers, but they’re great for some (greatly needed) comic relief. We all need a dose of cuteness overload to help us, and these adorable pets as coworkers are serving it right up. Thank goodness for those little fur babies.


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