Enjoy the aesthetic experience of Italy by visiting its historical monuments and places. Start your journey with Rome, the capital of the Roman empire which is full of ancient monuments like the Colosseum and the ancient Roman forum.

To get a better understanding of Roman life, do visit the distinctive Pompeii buried by an eruption of volcano Vesuvius.

One must also eniov the masterpieces at the Piazza de Marco D in Pisa and Piazza San Marco in Venice. There are a lot of other interesting places to visit in Italy such as Doge’s palace in Florence which is the symbol of Renaissance and at the Santa Maria Delle Grazie where you can witness the mural paintings by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Heritage sites of the world are celebrated for having great cultural or historical significance, and it doesn’t hurt that they are also often majestic and awe-inspiring.

Every country has its own monuments and cultural heritage, which you can explore in our series “World of Heritage”. This series also features all the celebrated heritage sites on our planet as decided by the UNESCO.


Narrator: Srinjay Sengupta
Script: Malavika Kumar
Production: Travel Earth Team
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