Music holds a special place in everyone’s life. It soothes our mind and soul and is the best way to express one’s feelings. The Fête de la musique, also known as World Music Day celebrated on 21 June every year, bringing concerts, performances, music lessons, jam sessions and other musical events. In honor of the musicians and their melodies, we have gathered a collection of streams that highlight the role of Indian and western music in our lives. These pieces hit just the right note with us, and we hope you’ll enjoy them too. Come and join Cece stream to enjoy the musical evening. brings together distinct musical experience to all of you on World Music Day. The three-day festival will showcase a mix of music to unite and uplift people, and spread joy amid this challenging and unprecedented time from amateurs to professionals celebrating the joy of music.
Streaming these virtual music events will immerse and enthral participants to the power of music.

The following stream is available to book between 19 to 21 June 2021

Here is a list of performers and details for the event:

1. Nilanjan : Maestro of Bhajan, Ghazal and Hindustani Music

2. Niraj: The Magic of the 7musical notes

3. Akanksha Sinha: Bollywood Live with Akasaa

4. Kokab Rashid : Blending Bollywood and Hollywood

5. Danish Hilal Khan: An evening of Sufi Swirls

6. Vinay Bhansal: Bollywood, Sufi and Fusion Flute Renditions

7. Sumathi: Sing your Favourites with an Expert, Karaoke your Blues Away and Nurture your Vocals

8. Hena: Boogie with Bollywood Nights

9. Nitesh Kumar: Blues with Jennie Ranjan and Nitesh

10. Nupoor Khedkar: An Evening with Indian Raagas

Come and join us. You will have one night of your life and won’t regret it.

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