Whether you are an avid traveller or an occasional traveller, who wouldn’t love to grab a deal and save a few bucks? Thanks to some of these best travel websites, travellers are not only assisted in ticket booking but also in accommodation booking! They are quite the boon, aren’t they?

Best travel websites 


Tripadvisor website - best travel websites
Image source: Tripadvisor homepage

It has been consistently rated among the best travel websites and travel booking sites. People that are planning to travel can use the service to find hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals, etc. The service also features comments and feedback from travellers; these inputs create a certain flavour in the minds of those planning to travel the world. In addition, TripAdvisor offers a regular section on special deals for the benefit of travellers trotting different parts of the globe. You can also follow Travel.Earth on TripAdvisor.


Roadtrippers website homepage
Image source: Roadtrippers homepage

It is all about terrestrial travel plans and options. Easily among the best travel websites, RoadTrippers allows users to plan the best and most interesting routes to a destination. Travellers can use the service to find interesting detours, locations, and other attractions that dot the journey. In addition, users can decide to participate in a host of available activities during the road trip. RoadTrippers primarily caters to travellers in mainland US.

3 Airbnb

Airbnb website homepage
Image source: Airbnb homepage

It is a modern online service that allows travellers to plan their accommodation in different continents. Holidaymakers can select from a variety of accommodation that includes lofts, hotel rooms, private rooms, huts, houses, and apartments. Airbnb features among the best travel websites; it offers 24/7 customer support for the benefit of individual travellers and families. The Airbnb app is a popular go-to service for the connected traveller in modern times.

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Airfare Watchdog website homepage
Image source: Airfare Watchdog homepage

It can help travellers to select the best commercial options in terms of air travel. The service ranks among the best travel websites because it uses the human agency to search the Internet for profitable air travel propositions. Visitors to the website can easily view the best travel options offered by small airlines and air services in different parts of the world. Anyone with an Internet connection can view the website and arrive at an informed decision in terms of travelling by air.

5 Skyscanner

Skyscanner website homepage
Image source: Skyscanner homepage

It is one of the intelligent travel booking sites that remains a blessing for the modern traveller. This online travel service searches the digital landscape for travel deals and hotel bookings. Travellers can use the service at any location to plan the next stage of their travel itinerary. In recent years, Skyscanner has launched automated bot-driven services to allow travellers to change or reset their travel bookings.

6 JetSetter

Image source: Jetsetter website homepage
Image source: Jetsetter homepage

It continues to star among the best travel websites dedicated to well-heeled travellers that book accommodation in luxury hotels. The service allows moneyed travellers to access deep discounts in luxury establishments. The service also offers the flash sale model to regular users and business travellers. These sale sessions can offer discounts up to 50% on the published rates offered by luxury hotel establishments.


Kayak website homepage
Image source: Kayak homepage

It lets users scan a digital on-screen globe for travel destinations located within a specified dollar budget. Ranked among the best travel websites, also enables holidaymakers to plan vacation activities on a range of locations such as beaches, ranches, golf destinations, and ski resorts. The deals section of this website attracts a huge number of online audiences. The service lets travellers buy tickets on the spot or wait for a drop in travel fares.

Which Budget website homepage
Image source: Which Budget homepage

Travellers that plan multi-stage trips involving airline travel in different destinations can visit This online travel service allows holidaymakers and business travellers to plan short trips end-to-end using local commercial budget airline services. This is useful for people that have limited air travel dollars and need to cover a wide geographical area. The service also enables connections to hotels and other travel requirements.

Yapta website homepage
Image source: Yapta homepage

Tracking fares of commercial airline services can be a strain on most travellers that are keen to buy travel tickets. The website does exactly that. Travellers need to enter their price thresholds on the website and any price drops below that threshold triggers an email to would-be travellers. Certain commercial airlines will refund the price difference to travellers in the form of travel credits. This service is useful for travellers that plan their travel itineraries six months in advance.

10 Priceline

Priceline website homepage
Image source: Priceline homepage

It is named among the best travel websites and lets travellers save significantly on accommodation rates. The service figures among travel sites and best travel sites because it allows the users to propose a dollar price for their hotel stay at a particular destination. This service promotes the digital equivalent of negotiating a price for a certain service. Last-minute bookings can trigger significant discounts on published hotel accommodation rates; this service is clearly a winner for the regular traveller or the compulsive holidaymaker.

Ever tried any of these travel websites to fulfil your travel needs? Share your experience with us!

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