Famous Food in Odisha is mainly influenced by North India, West Bengal, and Assam. Though the region attracts travelers who are seeking adventure, the appetizing cuisine is what strikes travelers the most. Lesser on spice and high on flavor Odisha is like a quintessential gourmet central for every foodie. Yogurt is part of most dishes in Odia cuisine and most sweet dishes are made with a form of cheese called chenna. Though the region has a plethora of dishes to provide here are a few that you should absolutely not miss out on. 

1. Dalma

An aromatic curry made with toor daal, channa daal, pumpkin, potato, brinjal, and other nutritious vegetables, Dalma is a  dish usually accompanied by plain rice. This dish is Odisha’s twist on the daal which is enjoyed by every Indian household. This staple dish is not only filled with flavor but is also really healthy for you as well. 


2. Chenna Poda

Made with fresh chenna, Chenna Poda is one of the most famous dishes in Odisha. This iconic sweet dish is made with chenna which is infused with semolina, ghee, raisins, and other dry fruits. This is then baked till golden brown, which leads to the sugar getting caramelized which brings out the distinct taste of Chenna Poda. It does take several hours to bake this dish but every slice is nothing less than heaven. 

Famous Foods in Odisha - Chenna Poda
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3. Chungdi Malai

Chungdi is the local name for prawns and Chungdi Malai is Odisha’s delicious creamy coconut and prawn curry. This delicious curry is enriched with light and mild spices adding to its silkiness. Filled with flavor as every dish in Odisha is, this delightful curry is best paired with some steaming Basmati rice. 

Chungdi Malai

4. Santula

Low on spices and high on greens Santula is the perfect dish from Odisha for a healthy nut. This Oriya cuisine classic is a boiled vegetable curry, with a blend of raw papaya, potato, tomato, and brinjal. For an added taste the dish is sometimes sauteed with milk and additional spices.

famous foods in Odisha - Santula
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5. Enduri Pitha

Coconut is a star ingredient in many sweet dishes in the country and it sure is a shining ingredient in the Enduri Pitha. This delectable sweetmeat is prepared with a mixture of sauteed coconut, jaggery, and spices, which are steamed in turmeric leaves. Enduri Pitha is also one of the many pithas offered in Jagannath Temple in Puri.

Famous food in Odisha - Enduri Pitha
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6. Badi Churi

Badi is to Odisha what Upma is to the rest of the country. Making this delightful dish is a two-step process. Small dumplings made of sundried red lentils are fried on a low flame. These crispy dumplings are then crushed and mixed with chopped onions, garlic, cloves, and green chilli. This dish tastes great with plain rice. This authentic famous food in Odisha is one you can not miss.

7. Pakhala

An ideal dish to beat the sweltering heat of Odisha is Pakhala. This soothing dish is prepared with rice which is soaked in water overnight. The water is then strained out and freshwater is added to the rice. This damp rice is then sauteed with salt, tempered spices, and mint leaves, and once it’s sauteed curd is added to it. Often served with Badi Churi, locals say that Pakhala is known to aid sleep. 

Famous food in Odisha - Pakhala
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8. Besara

Besara is a mixed vegetable dish made of potato, pumpkin, banana, and papaya. These cut vegetables are fried till golden with onions, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, garlic, and dry chili, which are the essential spices used in all authentic Odiya cuisine. Garnished with coriander Besara is a delightful accompaniment to various main dishes. 


9. Manda Pitha

A steamed Pitha prepared during festivals that fall in the monsoon, Manda Pitha is another famous food in Odisha. These rice flour dumplings resemble Maharastra’s Modak, and just like the Modak they are filled with grated coconut and are equally delicious. 

Famous food in Odisha - Manda Pitha
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10. Korakhoi

Korakhoi is a sweet dish that is an immensely popular offering in temples. It is a crunchy caramelized delicacy, which is made with jaggery, coconut, Khai, and cardamoms. This sweet is popular and Bhubaneswar and since it’s a dry sweet tourists often take bags of it home. 

11. Khaja

Khaja is a sweet fritter.  This famous food in Odisha is prepared with refined wheat flour and sugar made into a layered dough and is then lightly fried. This delicious snack is popular among Bengali tourists. 

Khaja dish form bihar

12. Chakuli Pitha

The most renowned dish from Odisha is the Chakuli Pitha.  This resembles the dosa of the South and the ingredients used to prepare Chakuli Pitha is similar as well.  It is prepared using a batter made with equal portions of lentils (Urad Dal) and rice (soaked, ground, and fermented for at least 5 hours). The batter is spread on a griddle or pan in a circular shape and cooked on both sides using some mustard oil. Chakuli Pitha is softer than that of a Dosa and is comparatively thicker as well. 

Famous food in Odisha - Chakuli Pitha
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13. Chaula Bara

Chaula Bara is crispy ball that are made with primarily urad Dal and rice. Light, fluffy, and tasty these can be quite addictive. It’s made using  4 parts rice and 1 part Urad Dal which is soaked overnight and blended into a medium coarse paste. Cumin seeds, carom seeds, coriander leaves, a pinch of baking soda, salt, and pepper are then added to this paste.  These are then deep-fried and taste amazing when eaten with tangy tamarind chutney.

famous food in Odisha - Chaula Bara

14. Palua Laddu

Palua Laddu is a sweet, made with Arrowroot, a plant-based grain-free starch. Originating from the Bhadrak district in Odisha, this laddu is a popular household sweet. Made with wheat/refined flour, semolina (Sooji), Palua (arrowroot powder), sugar, water, oil, and baking soda this dish is not only visually appealing but a delicious snack as well. The authentic famous food in Odisha is one you can not miss.

Famous Food in Odisha - Palua Laddu

15. Odisha Rasagolla

This list would not be complete without the Rasagollas from Odisha. There is an age-old conflict that if these originated in Odisha or Bengal, nonetheless these spongey balls if chenna dipped in a sugary syrup are an absolute delight. When in Odisha you cannot miss out on trying these which are also really popular throughout the country. 

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As you can see when it comes to delicious options for food, Odisha doesn’t disappoint. So make sure to try these delectable dishes for an authentic experience. 


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