Lounging by the beach as you sip on a drink is the definition of bliss! A beach vacation is a perfect way to destress and is sure to leave anyone rejuvenated. India has no dearth of beaches, but they can often be overcrowded and dirty. The pollution and garbage can leave the water murky and unclear diminishing the experience of the beach-goer. However, there are some hidden gems in India that offer some of the pristine, clear waters you could ever lay your eyes on!

What makes the colour of the ocean blue, green, or murky brown? The water absorbs the red part of the spectrum leaving the commonly observed ocean blue and sometimes various hues of light bounces off of floating sediments and particles in the water creating different shades. There’s nothing quite like sighting crystal clear water beaches with blue and green hues sparkling in the sunlight. Beaches in India rarely get the title of ‘best’ ‘most beautiful’ or ‘Clean and Clear’. But that’s a misconception. We’d like to say #notallbeaches and mention some that are actually quite heavenly.

Here are 5 beaches in India where you can see crystal clear water

1. Dhanushkodi beach, Tamil Nadu

Dhanushkodi Beach, Rameswaram
Dhanushkodi Beach, Rameswaram

Standing on the tip of India, with the Arabian sea to your left and the Indian ocean to your right, feast your eyes on the beauty of turquoise blue waters. The pride of standing next to the pillar with the 4 headed lions and visiting the wrecks of the old city or the Ghost Town of India (officially declared by the Indian Government) are some other major attractions of Dhanushkodi.

Dhanushkodi is best accessed by a nice, long road trip from Chennai.

2. Radhanagar beach, Andaman (Havelock) islands

Radhanagar beach, Andaman (Havelock) islands

The most popular and the most beautiful beach in India, located on the western coast of Havelock Island, one among the many Islands of Andaman and Nicobar. With white powdery sand and bright blue water, this place looks as breath-taking as any exotic beach of a tropical setting.

There are things you can only enjoy in the Andaman Islands. The crystal clear waters of Havelock is one among them.

3. Marari Beach, Kerala

Marari Beach, Kerala
Marari Beach, Kerala

Located 11 Kms away from the famous Allepy, This tranquil beach stretch features clear blue water and swaying coconut trees. This beach is a paradise for the people seeking some peaceful seaside escape from the touristy hustle and bustle.

While you are in Kerala, you must also visit some of its incredible backwaters.

4. Colva Beach, Goa

Colva Beach, Goa
Colva Beach, Goa

If you want to experience peace and solitude, take a walk on the beaches of South Goa. With white sand shorelines and crystal-clear water, Colva beach is especially beautiful for the mesmerising sunset view.

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5. Bangaram Beach, Lakshadweep Islands

Bangaram beach, Lakshadweep Islands
Bangaram beach, Lakshadweep Islands

This beautiful shoreline with the sparkly blue water is located in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep Islands. Bangaram gives a unique vibe with the water pristine, crystal clear, with hues of bright blue deep-sea colour. It is also popular for various activities like snorkelling and scuba diving.

While you are in Lakshadweep, you must also check out these places and islands.

These Crystal Clear Beaches In India Are A Sight To Behold

While it’s rare to spot such pristine beaches in India, if you visit the beaches on our list you are guaranteed to have a magnificent experience. Visiting the beach and watching the waves gently roll onto the shore can be an extremely therapeutic experience, one that is enhanced when the water is clear and calming. If you are someone like me who is obsessed with the pristine beauty of water, these beaches in India will promise you a visual treat.

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