Like a discarded childhood toy I forgot about the city I spent most of my summers in, Vizag in Andhra Pradesh was the city where my grandmother’s house was. Because of her, I had feelings of love and care attached to the beach city. As I grew up I wanted to conquer bigger and greater cities and forgot my modest but endearing beginnings. When I went back to Vizag in 2018, the smell of the sea in the air, crashing waves, the blazing sun on my skin, and the sand wrapped their arms around me and greeted me like an old friend. There is no end to places to see in Vizag, with the beach within your sight at all times the beach city instantly feels like home. Tourist places in Vizag range from INS Kurusura Submarine Museum, and TU 142 Aircraft Museum to religious attractions like Kailasagiri and Simhachalam. 

Best scene of Vizag is where the hills meet the Bay of Bengal
The best scene of Vizag is where the hills meet the Bay of Bengal.

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Mornings Bathed In Sunrise, Evenings Drenched In Sunsets 

The most precious things about beach cities are the sunrises and sunsets, so I made up my mind that on this Vizag trip, I will not miss a single one. One might think watching the sun rise and set for four continuous days of my vacation might get a tad boring but against popular belief, the view just got more beautiful and magical. As the sun stepped out of the clouds and shone in the sky, I felt the warmth. My routine for every day would be waking up at 3 AM just to witness the sunrise from a few of the best places to see in Vizag, different locations like Ramakrishna Beach, Rishikonda Beach, and Yarada Beach. While Ramakrishna Beach is in the city and is tamer and crowded, Rishikonda Beach offers a bit more of a wild experience with hills as a backdrop.

As the morning breaks, the light creeps into the sky and into your mind only to light up the world outside and in you. Sunsets feel like Vizag’s sky and the sun rewards you with well-deserved beauty for all the effort you could or could not put on that day. As the sun dissolves in the waves you realise, for now, this is enough. Vizag’s weather is humid because of the beaches. These beaches are some of the best tourist places in Vizag and the ones I mentioned above are some of the best beaches in Vizag. 

Magical Mornings By The Beach

Another thing to remember about places to see in Vizag is that people take walks very seriously and cherish their mornings by the sea. The Ramakrishna Beach, one of the best places to see in Vizag, is closed for motor vehicles from early hours to around 7 AM so all the joggers, cyclists, people walking, and kids playing are not interrupted. Mornings in Vizag feel like times in the past when all individuals come together as a community. You see adorable sights of kids roller skating from one of the places to see in Vizag, lush VUDA Park to Tenneti Park. Steaming idli being served on the side of the road, maybe the best you will eat in your life. Breakfast was a big part of my Vizag trip with dining at Meghalaya and Sri Sairam Parlour. 

R K Beach, Vizag, Andhra Pradesh
R K Beach, Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

Smell The Taste Of Good Food

Among the best places to see in Vizag is Ramanaidu Studios. The location offers a peek into the Telugu Film Industry and the blockbusters that were produced under the banner of Ramanaidu Studios. Situated on a hillock away from the city, the studios also have a serene café on the premises called Bean Board that sits on the edge of the hillock. Food is an important part of Vizag with unique restaurants occupying the streets. There are a variety of restaurants that range from Italian to mandi biryani. Some of the best restaurants and places to see in Vizag that offer great taste and ambience are Sam’s Griddle, Daspalla & Executive Court, Mandi Croods, Green Park, and Venkatadri Vantillu. 

The Notion Of Oneness

There is always a sense of community that entails in the city of Vizag. The friends I knew in Vizag also had a lot of mutual friends and ended up knowing each other. Even though Vizag is called a city, it still has that tight-knit community feel of togetherness and belonging. People, especially the young generation, already know each other or are waiting for an introduction. They are incredibly supportive of local and upcoming artists and a hub for creative minds.


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