Kolkata is known for its delicious food and sophistication. While there are many things to see in Kolkata, there are also many places nearby that you can explore on weekend road trips from Kolkata.

A weekend getaway with friends and family, filled with laughter, fun, and delicious food is an excellent way to spend a short holiday. Here are five exciting destinations you can drive down to with family or friends on weekend road trips from Kolkata.

1. Kolkata to Digha

Digha Beach road trips from KolkataDigha is one of the most popular destinations for road trips from Kolkata. Known for its amazing beaches, it is located on the border of West Bengal and Orissa and is 184 k away from Kolkata. The serene beaches, cool breezes, delicious seafood, and amazing sunsets also mean that Digha can get quite crowded during the summer. If you can tear yourself away from the beach, check out the Marine Aquarium Research Centre, or the Lord Shiva Temple at Chandaneshwar.

2. Kolkata to Mayapur

Samadhi Mandir MayapurLocated 130 km and 4 hours away from Kolkata, Mayapur is one of the best destinations for a weekend getaway from Kolkata. Mayapur is famous as the birthplace of the medieval guru, Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. It is also known as ‘the land of temples,’ as it is renowned for its six beautiful temples. Among these are the Mayapur Chandrodaya Temple, the Chand Kazi Samadhi Mandir (pictured), and the large ISKON temple complex. The latter even has rooms where you can spend the night.

3. Kolkata to Raichak

Raichak FfortRaichak, or Roychak, is located just 53 km away from Kolkata. A short 2 hour ride away, it is known for its incredible historical sites. The quiet hamlet is located on the banks of the Hooghly River and is known for its hotels, and the colonial-era Raichak Fort. Built by the Dutch, and once a symbol of their might, the fort is now in ruins. You can also check out the Chingrikhali Fort, the Ramakrishna Mission, and the lighthouse at Diamond Harbour.

4. Kolkata to Bolpur

Shantiniketan BolpurLocated 161 km away from Kolkata, Bolpur is famous for being home to Rabindranath Tagore’s Shantiniketan. Considered the seat of education and culture in West Bengal, the Viswa Bharati institution is frequented by tourists, art-enthusiasts, students and other curious people from all over the world. However, the bougainvillaea covered sleepy little town has little to offer besides the institution and various picturesque restaurants. It is easily accessible via the NH2

5. Kolkata to Chandannagar

Chandannagar StrandChandannagr, or Chandannagore, is located just 45 km away from Kolkata. It is a former French colony, and once a major trading and military hub. Though a small city, it is exceptionally unique and is full of museums, temples, churches, and an excellent beachfront. Check out the Dupleix Museum, which is filled with French artefacts, the Sacred Heart Church, the Chandannagore Museum and Institute, the Nandadulal Temple, and the tree-shaded Chandannagar Strand set along the Hooghly River.


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