Kolding is a beautiful city located in the Southern Jutland region of Denmark. Though it is centrally located making it an ideal home base for the many interesting attractions of the region, it is often overlooked by tourists. 

The reason I visited Kolding was because the city was the closest bus stop from Herning (where I was staying) to Hamburg, where we had planned to spend the weekend. Even then, there wasn’t a direct train from Herning to Kolding, so we had to change in between.

Kolding Railway Station

The very first thing that struck me was the railway station of Kolding, which is very beautiful in itself! This is a central station for all the trains traveling in the direction of Copenhagen. Thus, it is a large junction with over 10 railway tracks. The station contains small cozy cafes in there where you can sit and relax and wait for your next train. We stopped for coffee (just 20 DKK / 200 INR) at the Coconut Coffee

Stallerup So Lake

Stallerup So Kolding
Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

From there, we went to a beautiful lake near railway station called Stallerup So. The lake is lined with beautiful walking paths, and I sat on the bench by the water to watch the ducks swimming about and enjoy the calm serenity. We happened to be here at sunset and believe me, the shades of pinks, yellow and orange with a tinge of red just added to the beauty of this lake.

Streets of Kolding

Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

Kolding is a very welcoming city; its streets are lined with cheery red Danish flags that seem to be constantly waving at you. In the pedestrian city center we passed lots of amazing shops, and Jutland’s largest shopping center! While there was no time to shop, just walking around the streets was lots of fun. 

Dinner at Rafael’s

Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

After some time spent walking down the streets, we started feeling hungry, and decided to find somewhere to try delicious food. We decided to try out Rafael’s, a buzzing local pizza joint also known for its pasta and risotto dishes. The owner of the joint was Afghani, and he recommended a wonderful pizza made just the way we wanted, with mouthwatering toppings especially for us.

Nightlife in Kolding

Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

After dinner, we headed out for some drinks. Slotsgade, and the the streets northwest of Akseltorv, are known for their excellent watering holes. Tables are places right along the street so that you can enjoy the cool night air along with your drink. We visited the The Old Irish Pub, which is perfect if you want to enjoy music along with a drink. If you want to go dancing, why not try Gastro Club, Centrepub, Pitstop, which was where we headed next!

#ProTip – All the clubs in Denmark ask for you for a valid photo ID, and if you’re not from the country, make sure to carry passport along with you.

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Well, that was it for my day in Kolding. A small place but beautiful town that worth paying a visit! Though I haven’t seen all the famous attractions of Kolding, I’m very happy that I was at least able to add this small city to my list!


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