The Galapagos Islands are yet another hidden gem on Earth, just waiting for eager tourists to come and explore the many wonders it offers. Luckily for us, there are awesome Galapagos tours that are tailored to offer the journey of a lifetime. We hope you already booked your cruise and you are ready to check out the things that make Galapagos the best possible destination for an adventurous holiday. Let’s go!

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Visiting the Galapagos Islands 

No matter if you’re an adrenaline seeker, or you simply want to relax and recharge before going back to your ordinary life, Galapagos is everyone’s cup of tea. From active volcanoes to mesmerizing white sand beaches, you’ll be craving for more and looking forward to your next visit the moment you set your foot there. 

There are various islands that are part of this group, and they all offer something different. In the following, we’ll present to you the top activities that you can do while you’re there. Adventure, romance, privacy, and fun- Galapagos offers it all. 

Visiting beaches

The islands are well known for their sandy beaches that offer you rest and relaxation. You can spend the whole day laying there and sunbathing, while occasionally dipping yourself in the ocean to cool down. Once you get back, all of your friends will be jealous of your tan. The ocean is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, diving, and exploring the life that is under there. 

Active volcanoes

Galapagos is the home of 21 volcanoes, 13 of which are considered active. The biggest island of the Galapagos, Isabella, has six volcanoes, the most famous one being the Wolf Volcano. The volcano has been inactive for 33 years, it activated 2015, and then it settled down once again. Cera Azul, also located on Isabella Island, is the most active one of them all, and its last eruption was in 2008. The latest eruption on the Galapagos Islands happened in 2020. So, if you’re looking for some adventure and an adrenaline rush, you can always visit them and see their size and glory for yourself. 

Fun things to do 

Snorkelling, diving, swimming, surfing are just on top of the fun activities that you can do. There is plenty to see and do while you’re visiting the islands. Galapagos has tons of hidden beaches that you can find while you go on a hike on one of the many trails it has, so makes sure to bring your swimming attire wherever you’re headed. While hiking, you’ll see the rich wildlife, and you’ll get the opportunity to see some hidden caves along the way.

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Best times to visit Galapagos 

The best time to visit the islands is from December to May. even though the islands are beautiful and breathtaking all year round, those few months offer you the perfect temperatures to explore and spend some time outdoors. The weather is humid, with frequent showers, but the Sun rarely stops shining, so expect to get a nice tan while visiting. 

You’ll be able to meet the rich wildlife there, including the magnificent Albatros and little Galapagos penguins that roam the islands completely free and unfazed. The government limits the number of visitors per period, so you should pay attention to that. Either way, you’ll be informed when there are free spaces for you to hop on the next cruising ship or plane that leads there. 

Galapagos islands food 

One thing’s for sure- you’ll love the local food over there. As with any local street food, Galapagos one is full of flavor and you can learn a lot about the culture through the food they offer. If you ever get the chance, you must try the seafood galore and the ceviche. Every meal is prepared with freshly caught fish and seafood, so you get tasty and freshly prepared food at all times. 

Seafood is not the only thing that is super tasty on the islands. You get the opportunity to try some exotic fruit straight from the tree where it grew. You hardly get that shot, so make sure you don’t miss it. Guanabana, naranjilla, babaco are some of the local fruits that grow there, and we don’t see them on our local market shelves. Not to mention the healthy shakes and the ice cream that are freshly prepared using these ingredients. 

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The thirteen islands of the Galapagos offer you something completely different. You can experience the rich wildlife, the tasty food, and see some incredible, breathtaking views. No matter if you’re looking for fun, or some privacy and relaxation, you’re going to leave fulfilled and satisfied, because the islands have everything you need.


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