Surrounded by thick forests and lush green hills, Himachal Pradesh is a nature lover’s paradise. This beautiful state attracts travelers from all over the world who wish to explore the untouched densely forested valleys, snow-capped mountains, and roaring rivers. Besides the abundance of greenery, Himachal Pradesh has been blessed with various indigenous species of animals, reptiles, and rare migratory birds. These rare faunas are preserved and protected within areas that have been identified as National Parks in Himachal Pradesh. So if you are a lover of wildlife and a nature buff, make sure you visit any of these national because it will be a memorable experience. 

5 National Parks In Himachal Pradesh For The Nature Lover

Great Himalayan National Park

Located in the Banjaar sub-division of the Kullu district, the Great Himalayan National Park is one of the most popular national parks in Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded on all three sides by the majestic Himalayan mountains the park is home to various diverse wildlife species. The park was established in 1984 and officially declared as a national park in the year 1999 and as of 2014, it was a UNESCO World Heritage site for its contribution towards biodiversity conservation.

Today the park is home to 375 species of fauna, which include 31 species of mammal and 209 species of birds. Species that are found here are Greater Blue Sheep, Indian Pika, Rhesus monkey, Himalayan black and brown bear, Red fox, Mongoose, Rufous-gorgeted flycatcher, Plum-headed Parakeet, Black-chinned babbler, Crimson Sunbird, Grey-hooded warbler. The park also attracts avid trekkers which can be day longs or even multi-days as well. The park is filled with  Oak and Deodar trees adding to its beauty. 

National Parks In Himachal Pradesh

Pin Valley National Park

Situated in the Cold Desert Biosphere Reserve situated in the Lahaul and Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh is the Pin Valley, National Park. The elevation of the park ranges from about 3,500 meters near Ka Dogri to more than 6,000 meters and is set amidst the Pin Valley. The national park is home to various endangered species including the snow leopard and Siberian ibex whose natural habitat is at this altitude. Due to the altitude of the Pin Valley National park, there isn’t an abundance of greenery but it’s blessed with Alpine trees and Himalayan Cedar groves as well as 22 rare and endangered plants species that have been identified to have high medicinal values. It snows in the park for most of the year and attracts avid trekkers who are looking to experience a thrilling expedition. 

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Inderkilla National Park

Established in 2010 the Inderkilla National Park is the youngest national park in Himachal Pradesh and also the least explored. Located in the Kullu district the park spreads across 104 square kilometres and preserves a wide variety of flora and fauna. The hilly terrain where the park is located is densely forested and home to a variety of rare and endangered plants, animals, birds, and insects. A variety of plants here have medicinal properties and are sought after. The area is ideal for hikes and attracts avid trekkers as well.  A hike here would allow you a chance to spot the animals in their natural habitat.

National Parks In Himachal Pradesh
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Kheerganga National Park

The Khirganga National Park is one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Located in Kullu at a height of 5500 meters, this park is indeed one of the most beautiful parks in the country. Blessed with glossy landscapes, dense forests, and tall towering trees, which are a sight to behold. Wild bears are known to be spotted in and around the park. The park is nothing short of a haven and leaves a lasting impression on its visitors. The ambience of this national park in Himachal Pradesh allows its visitors a much-needed break from the city to enjoy peace and tranquillity. 

National Parks In Himachal Pradesh

Simbalbara National Park

Popular for its unique and diverse wildlife and bird species, Simbalbara National Park is a protected area in Himachal Pradesh. Spread across 27.88 square kilometres, this national park in Himachal features Sal forests with lush green grasslands with meandering streams. The national park is a wildlife sanctuary and is home to various migratory birds and wild animals. Sambhar, Chittal, Goral red jungle fowl, Partridges barking deer and wild boar are some of the famous birds and animals found here. Visitors to this national park can also enjoy strolls near the forested area.

National Parks In Himachal Pradesh

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Himachal Pradesh as a hill station attracts tons of tourists throughout the year who wish to experience its natural beauty. The surrounding hills and the lush greenery are a haven for nature lovers and the trails of the valley attract avid hikers as well. In addition to all this, ith their wilderness and scenic views the national parks in Himachal Pradesh offer their visitors a breathtaking experience. A trip to any of these national parks is sure to be one whose memory will last for years to come. 


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