Hey all adrenaline junkies, are you ready for some non-stop heart-racing fun underneath the tallest space-frame structure on the planet? Yes, you heard it right, introducing Ferrari World, the first amusement park in the world that’s inspired by the luxury Italian car brand. Its enormous and bold red roof structure inspired by the classic double curve of Ferrari’s GT line is what brings out the first of the many wows from you. It is home to 40 record-breaking attractions of which 20 are exclusively Ferrari-inspired rides. From riding the world’s fastest rollercoaster to walking on the tallest space-frame structure ever built, Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi provides high octane thrills to all visiting this place.

Best Time To Visit Ferrari World In Abu Dhabi

for a fun filled day, visit ferrari world abu dhab
Entrance to the Abu Dhabi Ferrari World

The best time to visit Abu Dhabi Ferrari world is between the months of November and March. This is the time when the weather is favorable for outdoor activities and the time when many of the seasonal events are held. For people who want to avoid the crowd and enjoy the theme park to its maximum potential can visit during the summer months. Generally Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is open on all days of the year between 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Things To Know Before You Go

ticket for ferrari world abu dhabi can be purchased online
Bird’s eye view of the roof with a total surface area of 200,000 m2. in Ferrari World Park
  • The ultimate adrenaline rush that one gets while riding the world fastest rollercoaster, Formula Rossa, matches the G force in an F1 car. It travels at a high speed of 150 mph in just 4.9 seconds and this is because of the usage of a hydraulic launch system.
  • Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is not just about thrilling rides, they also have amusement corners and shows that entertain not just elders but kids too.
  • The world’s largest indoor theme park is divided into four zones: F1 Zone, Adventure Zone, Italian Zone and Family Zone.
  • People over 21 years of age with a license issued by the UAE government can drive a real Ferrari under the guidance of a racing expert and for those who don’t have a license can enjoy the ride as a passenger.   
  • Don’t miss the seasonal events like ‘The Festival of Lights’ which is held in the months of October and November and the winter fest which is held from December to January.
  • If you are adventurous enough and ready to take the thrills to the next level, try out the Roof Walk or Zip Line experience.
  • Ferrari World tickets provide unlimited access for the entire day. You can book tickets from the website or buy it directly from the counter.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Top Rides And Activities

Here are some of the top rides and activities to try out while at the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. We assure that this will be one of the best experiences of your lifetime.

Formula Rossa

abu dhabi ferrari world is a must visit place
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Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster in the world travels at an unimaginable speed with innumerable surprising twists and turns. The tricky turns around the corners high up in the air is what make the ride even more exciting. This rollercoaster ride that scales the heights of 52m and then slams you down from that height is definitely not for the faint of hearts. If you love speed and like spiking up your adrenaline levels, then this ride is for you.

Flying Aces 

getting inside ferrari world is a dream come true for many
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After the world’s fastest ride let’s move on to the world’s highest roller coaster which is equally heart-pounding as the fastest one. The 63 meter long ride is inspired by the legendary aviator called Count Francesco Baracca. The 51-degree incline of this ride is sure to make anyone’s heart race. It’s a perfect mix of excitement and adventure.

Fiorano GT Challenge

check officail website for ferrari world abu dhabi timings
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The Fiorano GT Challenge based on real GT racecourses is for the ones who are in love with Formula 1 racing. Here you get a chance to compete with the others on Ferrari F430 Spiders which run on two twisted parallel tracks. The real challenge here is to have control over your reflexes as at several points you will cross paths with the other rider creating a feel like you are about to collide with the other rider. 

Scuderia Challenge

ferrari world yas island is a top tourist spot in Abu Dhabi
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Scuderia Challenge at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is a realistic digital experience where one can enjoy an F1 race through cutting edge racing simulations. This is your chance to drive a formula 1 car on the Yas Marina Circuit. The 180-degree screens and a steering wheel in your hand enables you to experience the feel of a real race. From accelerating to pulling off the break, one can feel everything that happens on the screen.

Junior Grand Prix

abu dhabi ferrari world has many attractions for children
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Here’s a chance for the kids to conquer the tracks. With the completely safe version of go-kart racing designed for kids, children can also get behind the wheels. After receiving instructions from the trained instructors the kids are all ready to set off in a scaled down F1 car.

Apart from the above rides, visitors can also walk back in history through an interactive gallery, indulge in shopping at the Ferrari Store and Ferrari Past and Present Store for great themed clothes, jewelry, toy cars and can also grab a quick bite from some of the best eateries selling great burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and Shawarmas.

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Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates has tons of other attractions but Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is the main reason why tourism has boomed since its opening in 2010. This marvel of the modern world has won many awards and recognitions for being one of the best the world has to offer. For those with a passion for speed, the enduring legacy of Ferrari World will forever be etched in their memories. 


How long do people spend at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

Generally on a weekday visitors spend around 4 to 5 hours as the park is less crowded. However on weekends people spend an entire day here to cover all the attractions.

Are all rides free in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

Ferrari world ticket prices will cost AED 380 if bought at the counter and will cost 10% lesser if bought online. This single day ticket will provide unlimited access to the exhilarating rides and experiences all day. 

What is not allowed in Ferrari World theme park?

Outside food, beverages, ice coolers, any kind of glasses, cold boxes and inappropriate footwear are not permitted inside Ferrari world.

What are the fun rides and activities for kids in Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi?

Tyre Twist, Bell’ Italia, Junior Training Camp, Junior GT, Benno’s Great Race, V12, several 3D and 4D shows are some of the many activities for kids in Ferrari World. 


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