Nabbing the top place in 2017, Amsterdam has now been ranked the fourth best city in the world for millennials by the 2018 Millennial City Ranking. Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are often remarked upon for their revitalizing effects on cities.

The rankings are based on numerous categories that Berlin-based house-hunting website Nestpick deemed important to millennials, including employment, transportation, food, access to the internet, gender equality, nightlife, and tolerance for immigrants.

Apple pie and coffee at one of Amsterdams many coffee shops

Millennials are seeking out cities that offer access to thriving business and startup ecosystems, affordable cost of living, and an overall high quality of life.

While it still scores impressively well in most categories, Amsterdam, like London and New York has an expensive housing market, contributing to its recent drop.

Thriving nightlife by the canals

With its lovely winding canals, coffee shops, and thriving businesses, it is nonetheless very much a city that more and more young people are choosing to live in. Affordable access to the essentials, such as healthcare, transport, and food, accompanied by a sense of openness and tolerance towards both immigrants and the LGBT community help make it a major millennial hub.

Even though Berlin came out top on Nestpick’s list this year, due to its excellent nightlife, food culture and tourism, Amsterdam offers a chance to kick back and relax like nowhere else in the world. It also gets additional points for its fast internet speeds and excellent beer!

Food trucks at a crowded food festival in Amsterdam’s Europahal

Millennials are often defined by their tolerant and open mindsets, and Amsterdam is the perfect place to both include and nurture these aspects of 21st-century life. It is a place where you can both work hard, and play hard, and this has kept it among the top five millennial-friendly cities in the world.