You have now stepped foot in Amsterdam. One of the most unique destinations in the world, there are countless things to see in Amsterdam.  What is most unique about the city are its picturesque canal network, rich history and vibrant cultural scene.

With many rewarding experiences to be found here, you are sure to be taken by surprise with the city’s beautiful sight. You can either visit here for a fortnight or a weekend. Either way, you have arrived at one of the most fascinating places in your life. This is the city designed to break through your boredom, so come check out all these great things to see in Amsterdam.

Enjoy pedalling across the city

Two bikes on a bridge in Amsterdam
Two bikes on a bridge in Amsterdam

Cycling is a way of life in Amsterdam. More than 8,00,000 bicycles lie around the city. That’s more cycles than human beings! Pedal across the city and explore the unseen network of roads and narrow alleyways.

The city is one of the most cycle-friendly cities in the world. Cycling in Amsterdam is both a safe way to travel and more enjoyable than you think. Join hands with the locals and hop on to your own cycle seat.

Get lost in the artsy Jordaan

Sunset at one of nine little streets in the Jordaan, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Sunset at one of nine little streets in the Jordaan, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Stroll through the narrow canals and streets of trendy Jordaan, inside of which are decorated by indie boutiques, cosy pubs and hip eateries. With attractive stalls at the Noordermarket square offering jewellery, clothes, antiques and organic food, you have a whole list of wishes to fulfil.

This area is often called Amsterdam’s most charming neighbourhood. Set aside the map and indulge yourself by getting lost in the labyrinth of narrow lanes that sprawl eastwards from Prinsengracht canal. Known as the 9 streets is holds one of Amsterdam’s most rewarding shopping experiences. The area all the more mesmerizing at night. Don’t miss out on a visit to the famous Anne Frank House in this area. 

Soak up some culture in Museumplein

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Van Gogh Museum with sunflowers

The cultural heart of Amsterdam, Museumplein houses the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art. Visit this popular square and bring out the art lover in you. Also check out some other great museums around the world

With a recent renovation to bring it up to world class standards, the leafy 19th century district of Oud-Zuid is an art lover’s utopia. Experience the open square like never before – dip your feet in the large paddling pool or just witness the calmness of the place that pulsates with activity all day.

Catch the ferry to Amsterdam North

A rainbow over the channel to Amsterdam-Noord

Many who visit Amsterdam from across the world fail to cover the northern part of the city. Don’t make the same mistake. Take the ferry to the Amsterdam-Noord neighbourhood and enjoy a holistic experience. It hosts vibrant cafes, restaurants, pubs, and other hip settings along the river banks of the IJ.

A short (free) ferry ride will take you to a number of fascinating points, including the cultural hotspot NDSM, where you can enjoy a host of hip waterside hangouts, frequent festivals, and other events. This is the best place for you to relax and rejuvenate.

The capital of the Netherlands is envied across the globe. Tighten your bag straps and fly down to one of the most peaceful cities you will ever witness. Bring out the flamboyant side of you at the city that allows you the freedom to do whatever you want. Let the worries flow and move on while visiting this magnificent city, which is just a ticket away.

At the heart of Dutch, lies a populous spectacle,

A magnanimous mix of urban with rural;

Covered by bright lit flashes and elegant dim reflections,

A view like seldom before.

Once a home to millions of fishes,

Now an alpha world city; the torch of nostalgia.

While celestial destinations remain in dreams,

It’s the city like seldom before.


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