Aruba is famous for its quintessential sunny Caribbean scenery, with white sand beaches and swaying palm trees. Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Oranjestad and Druif Beach offer a perfect Caribbean holiday with a variety of options for entertainment. However, this Caribbean Island is also known for being the happiest island in the world. So what are the reasons behind this happiness? 

Sunshine All Year Round

Aruba is the sunniest place in the southern Caribbean. Situated only 15 miles north of the Venezuelan coast in the Lesser Antilles, Aruba falls below the hurricane belt: blessing it with perfect weather year-round. So, you’ll be treated to glorious sunshine just about 365 days of the year.

Oranjestad,Aruba: old Dutch colonial gables with tropical colorsCool Breezes

Due to Aruba’s cooling trade winds that are constantly blowing, you can stroll barefoot on the white sand beaches of Aruba, even during midday. This steady breeze keeps you comfortable day and night in Aruba.  

Incredible Sunsets

The island sees breath-taking sunsets, DAILY.  Be it cloudy or clear, at the end of each and every day, dramatic, beautiful colours light up the sky, as the sun dips below the horizon. 

Beautiful sailboat back lit by a stunning sunset, Eagle Beach, Aruba.Otherworldly Marine Life 

Scuba diving and snorkelling are the best ways to see Aruba’s ethereal marine life. Have a look at the tropical fish swimming among the colourful corals; or if diving isn’t your thing, try Sea Trekking which allows you to walk underwater, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of fish.

The People

Arubans are friendly and proud of their little piece of paradise. The island has a strong sense of community and family, and yet you will find the islanders to be very embracing of visitors. They are willing and proud to share their island’s secret spots and hidden gems with outsiders.  

"Relaxing tropical beach, sand, sea, palapas and a blue sky. Baby beach, Aruba."White Sand Beaches

No matter where you are, the most stunning white beaches with and cerulean sea are just at your doorstep, or no more than minutes away.  All the beaches are open to the public so that locals and visitors alike can share the island’s natural beauty and marine life together

Colourful Festivals 

Every year, Aruba’s calendar is filled with festivals, parties, carnivals and other celebrations. It hosts some of the biggest music festivals like the Soul Beach Music Festival or the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, Aruba attracts people from all over the world. So when you are partying in Aruba, it’s never going to end!


A melting pot of cultures, ethnicities and languages, Aruba is known for its diversity. The multilingual population is a thriving workforce and is filled with friendly, open-minded people instilled with genuine happiness.


Say cheers to paradise with locally produced Palmera Rum that is smooth, tasty and blends well with just about any mixer. 

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