Of Bags And Baggage – Types Of Travel Luggage

A creative feature on what goes on with your various types of travel luggage. What if they all had personalities?

The trusty old suitcase and the vain little handbag

Somehow we managed to squeeze everything inside the huge bag and with no other option left, I sat on it as the forever bestie pulled up the zipper and finally shut the misshapen piece of luggage that now belonged to the amoeba family.

The cute, bright orange, good-looking handbag sat smugly in a corner, not one-inch bulging, smirking with disdain at the poor 30+kg bag for the total lack of control it had on its life.

Oh, she wouldn’t tackle such abuse, she would simply unstitch her zipper or break a wheel teaching the owner a lesson to not extend their privileges beyond control. Hadn’t her predecessor done the same when madam had gone over enthusiastic stuffing duty-free gifts as she conveniently let go of one handle, then the second one, its return journey made tied up with a scarf.

The forgotten dirty haversack

The dirty haversack stood alone in a corner, staring at the complete mayhem on the floor.
He knew this trip was not in his fate. No, they chuck him in some dark corner under the bed leaving him to gasp for air. Getting him out only when they decided a trek or camping trip was in order.

His good looks had evaporated on the first trip itself but then wasn’t he the rugged countryside boy who never worried about a shiny face or creating an impression? His sturdiness and ability to never give up had ensured him seeing the farewell of many such frivolous handbags who were nothing more than a fling and were thrown out after these one night stands.

He was here to stay when they decided they wanted a more adventurous trip. He sighed resigning himself to the next few months in his dark corner.

The new, chirpy backpack

The chirpy backpack on wheels literally whooped out like a young puppy, hoping to get
chosen for this trip. His stripes were shiny and funky and the wheels still hadn’t got a mark
on them. He always hated when the story of him being a part of this family was traced back to a 70% sale on Amazon.

He was more than that for sure, but somehow no one gave him a chance. His friskiness got him nothing but disdain from the tired old suitcase who in spite of wanting to retire, found himself a part of all these trips. The heavily stuffed bag groaned as a wheel hit him again, can’t you stay still he said in anger as just then the wheel hit the corner of the bed and broke. Now there you go, useless piece of trash! I come from a royal, respectable family and thus I bear this trust and prove my worthiness and loyalty unlike you insolent and stupid teenagers found in every nook or corner without any background.

The shining stroller, the diva

The stroller, shining and gleamy, with not one dent in place, looked over herself in the mirror. She didn’t look a day over one year, in spite of being 3 years old. The silver matte look had been a style statement and she still believed she was a much-desired beauty. Lean, very much in shape and hotttt as she accepted and enjoyed the attention she got from so many of these macho bags out while travelling.

No doubt she took maintenance seriously, her shiny cover gleamed when rubbed well and she hated getting scratches. Luckily her fiercely protective owner covered her well enough to keep her safe. Her pedigree was also strong. Born of an old lineage but with modern looks, she was a diva by herself and dare had anyone ever tried to stuff her much. She respected the big bag for his loyalty knowing that those two were pedigree while the rest, just commonality who would soon be replaced.

‘The cab’s here,’ bestie cried out, as I pulled my trusted bag, stroller, and the handbag,
throwing over my purse as I set out on my next trip. A regretful look at the haversack
promising myself a trek soon as bestie excitedly went on and on about our destination. The
door slammed shut as we set off, promising ourselves a new adventure this time!

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