10 Best Cycling Trails In Bangalore

Have a cycle, but don’t know where to go? Don’t fret, here are some of the best Bangalore cycling trails.

With weather to die for and an astonishing landscape, it comes as no surprise that Bangalore’s cycling trails have emerged as one of the leading hotspots for cycling enthusiasts looking to escape and unwind from the madness of city life. Although Bangalore has heavy traffic and bad roads, they aren’t strong enough excuses to bog down the spirit of cyclists.  

Bangalore has a healthy cycling community where many start-ups organise frequent cycling tours. On most cycling tours, you can enjoy the fresh air and spend some quality time cycling past lakes, hills, forests and other tourist attractions in and around with your friends and family. Surrounded by greenery all around, riding through Bangalore’s cycling trails makes you want to cycle to the end of the world. The best time to head out cycling is early in the morning when the city is asleep. Here are 10 places in and around Bangalore where you can have a perfect cycling weekend to reboot yourself for the next week.

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Bangalore’s Cycling Trails And Routes Worth Exploring

1. The Big-Banyan Tree: A Testimony To A Bygone Era

Big Banyan Tree at Bangalore is a great route for cyclists
Big Banyan tree in Bangalore

A testimony to a bygone era, the 400-year-old banyan tree also known as Dodda Alada Mara, spreads over 3 acres and is one of Bangalore’s best cycling trails. You can spin on the steady climbs, push hard on the flats, and recover on descends while cycling through this rolling tarmac terrain. With quite a few shops around, you can refuel your system and feel energised to ride through some beautiful roads. Movies like ‘A Passage to India’ and ‘Sholay’ were shot here. As pure countryside cycling, you can discover old visions of India—a land of laughing children, cows, monkeys, mango orchards, rice paddies, rose nurseries, temple after temple, and granite cliffs; and climb the Ramadevara Betta hill. You can come along with your friends and family members and immortalise this riding experience which finishes with an astounding view from the top of the hill. 

Estimated Time To Complete: 3-4 hours

Route Start Point: Mysore Road

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

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2. Bangalore University: Improve Your Fitness

With fantastic roads, rolling terrain, minimal traffic, places to take a break and hydrate yourself, Bangalore University is one of the best cycling places in Bangalore. Getting to Bangalore University is quite a hike but it has a dedicated cycling track that runs for about 1-2 km. You could also venture into one of quieter roads which are not just charmingly beautiful to ride on but also have zero vehicles. If you are training to improve fitness or endurance, cycling on the Bangalore University Road is a great place to begin. The area gets dark quite fast and so it’s not recommended riding post 7 PM. 

Estimated Time To Complete: 40-60 minutes

Route Start Point: Nagarbhavi Circle

Difficulty Level: Beginner

3. Cubbon Park: Enjoy A Casual Bicycle Ride

Cubbon Park is one of Bangalore's cycling trails

This place is one of the most casual cycling trails in the city. On Sundays, traffic is restricted on the park roads and so you get to enjoy the beautiful green space for the whole day. The trail is a great combination of natural beauty and nicely laid roads. The tree density and amount of fresh air in this place cannot be matched anywhere else inside the city. It is a no-brainer option to get that much-needed dose of clean fresh air and the cardiovascular system active amongst all the greenery in this park. Early mornings are the best time to visit the park.

Estimated Time To Complete: 1 hour

Route Start Point: Cubbon Park, Kasturba Road

Difficulty Level: Beginner

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4. Nandi Hills: A Challenging Route

Nandi Hills is one of the best cycling places in Bangalore
View from atop Nandi hills

Depending on which area of the city you’re in, the Nandi Hills trail can be a really long ride for beginners. Located beyond the airport, even though it is a little out of the way, the road is wide and good for cycling. You should take this cycling trail in Bangalore only if you have some prior experience of climbing hills on your bicycle as it is a challenging route. After an 8km tough ride, the climb can be difficult for beginners, especially given the amount of vehicular traffic. You should ensure to wear visibility jackets so that passing vehicles can see you. An alternative is to carry your bicycle to the bottom of Nandi hills using a good cycle carrier for your car. Weekdays are the perfect time to go cycling as there is hardly any traffic. 

Estimated Time To Complete: 5-6 hours

Route Start Point: Base of Nandi Hills

Difficulty Level: Advanced

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5. Hessarghatta: Offering Uninterrupted Trails

Although a little outside the city, the flat terrain of Hessarghatta offers uninterrupted trails and quite a bit of greenery. At a stretch of about 35 km, this cycling trail in Bangalore allows cyclists to explore the rural beauty of Hesaraghatta. You will not find a lot of traffic on this road if you start out early. For those working on a busy schedule, cycling in Bengaluru is a perfect activity to de-stress. You can unwind from all the stress and rejuvenate your senses in a short span of time. If possible go with a group of friends and make sure to carry enough food and water with you.

Estimated Time To Complete: 4-5 hours

Route Start Point: Hesarghatta Road

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

6. Turahalli Forest: The Last Surviving Forest

Turahalli Forest Path is one Bangalore's cycling trails
Turahalli forest path

Considered to be the last surviving forest region in Bengaluru, Turahalli Forest is one of the best spots if you’re in the mood for cycling in Bangalore. Frequented by climbers and runners, this forest in the city of Bangalore offers a hilly terrain for a bit of a challenge. The trail starts with a slight ascend for about 0.5 km, wherein taking a left leads you on a small climb to a temple. Heading right at the junction, the trail leads to entry to the forest. About 1 km from the centre of the trail is another main attraction of Turahalli, the Shanimahatma Temple Climb. A beginner will get a taste of mountain biking by utilising these trails with steep downhills and uphills. There are several South-Indian style breakfast places where you can re-energise on the way.

Estimated Time To Complete: 3-4 hours

Route Start Point: Kanakapura Road

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

7. Nelamangala 100: Escape From The City Life

If you’re looking for a day-long trip to escape from the hustle of the city, then the Nelamangala 100 is the perfect Bangalore cycling route for you. With minimal traffic, water-lily filled lakes and smooth tarmac, it is a scenic route making it one of the favourites for cyclists of the city. Once you reach Mysore road, despite the slightly heavy traffic, the downhill nature of the stretch is great to ride against the clock. With an elevation gain of 1266 metres, this route has rolling terrain throughout. Make sure to start early to avoid the heat and traffic and don’t forget to wear a helmet and ride safe.

Estimated Time To Complete: 4-6 hours 

Route Start Point: Tumkur Road 

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

8. Pipeline 100: A Peaceful Terrain

The Pipeline Road is a popular Bangalore cycling route for cyclists due to its peaceful and rolling terrain. If you head towards Uttarahalli Main Road via Devegowda Petrol Bunk, you’ll be led to the Pipeline Road. The steep descents may tempt one to ride fast, but one needs to be cautious about incoming traffic. The road is straight with lots of greenery on either side. Make sure to stay well hydrated and enjoy the climb and scenery. 

Estimated Time To Complete: 4-8 hours

Route Start Point: Uttarahalli Main Road

Difficulty Level: Intermediate 

9. Manchanabele Dam: A Water Reservoir

Built across the Arkavathi River, Manchanabele is a water reservoir situated about 30 km from Bangalore until the turnoff from Mysore road. Surrounded by ephemeral forests and rocky hills, this is a perfect location for cycling in Bangalore. This exciting Bangalore cycling trail brings back one’s childhood days of riding a bicycle. The views here are breathtaking and the roads are simply stunning throughout. This route is ideal for beginners wanting to build their endurance and to enjoy riding longer distances. Since this is a remote area, there are hardly any places to stop for food or a refill of water. So make sure to carry your own snacks and water bottles.

Estimated Time To Complete: 3-4 hours

Route Start Point: Big Banyan Tree

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

10. The Pipeline Staircase Surprise: Soak In The Stunning View Of Bangalore

A go-to among Bangalore’s cycling trails for cyclists, the Pipeline Staircase Surprise has become a favourite for many weekend rides. The Pipeline road offers the perfect mix of easy and difficult riding, which is great if you want to look for more than just a weekend stroll. A great place to explore on your bike, enjoy going downhill and soaking in the view while cycling through this route. 

Estimated Time To Complete: 2-3 hours

Route Start Point: Pipeline Road

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

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Why Is Cycling Good For Us?

For most of us, cycling is an underrated but quite popular sport since our childhood, while for some people, the love for this sport developed at a later stage. Riding a bicycle has countless benefits ranging from personal, social, economic, to environmental and more. Considered a good form of exercise, cycling in Bangalore is also a simple, eco-friendly transportation option. Opting to use a bicycle a few times a week, instead of your car, is one of the simplest ways to lower your environmental footprint. As they say, a little goes a long way. Those who ride their bikes through Bangalore’s cycling trails are more likely to figure out ways to avoid traffic and improve their overall navigational skills. Cycling has also been proven to give us the opportunity to strengthen our muscular structure, build stamina, alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and experience mental clarity.  

ThecyclingcommunityinBangaloreis a huge scene and is well known all over India. With its vibrant community of cyclists, there’s always a ton of cycling tours and events going on in Bangalore. If you are in Bengaluru and are looking to get started with cycling, make sure to give these Bangalore cycling trails a shot.

Things To Carry:

  1. Basic repair and maintenance kit
  2. Bag Balm
  3. Waterbottle
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Headlight
  6. Cotton Scarf
  7. Rain Gear
  8. Bike Lock
  9. Energy Snacks


Which type of bikes do we need on the trip?

You will find many types of bikes to suit the adventures you’ve planned for yourself. You can pick the best bike here. If you’re not a serious cyclist, pick different types of cycles on rent, test them a few times and then invest in one that works the best for you.

What are the places we visit during each route?

Depending on the route, you can visit several places. If you want to check out Bangalore’s greenery, lakes, hills, forests and other tourist attractions around with your friends and family, there is a route for you.

How many cycles track in Bangalore?

Bangalore has around 600 cycle routes.


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