When we head towards the beach, a beach bag is the first thing that comes to our mind, even before shoes. We have a number of bags with us on a vacation but how many beach bags do we know that we can carry? Bags that we carry to the beach, should have specific criteria that it should pass. It should be sand proof, spacious to fit in all your stuff, waterproof and it should look great with the outfit that you are wearing. Here is the list of beach bags that you might want to carry with you next time you hit the beach.

Types of Beach bags to carry with outfits

Jute bags

Jute, One of the commonly used beach bags
Jute bags

A Jute bag is designed for the convenience of the customer. They are durable, spacious and light to carry. These are great to carry with the outfit and the print on the bag makes it look even better. It is open from the top so fitting in stuff is easier and makes it a lot more spacious.

Straw beach bags

Straw beach bag
Straw bags

These Beach bags that stay firm and erect even if there is nothing inside them are the King (or should we say Queen) of bags. You don’t need to worry about the bag falling in the sand and getting dirty and smelly. These bags are the best ones to carry on the beaches. These can carry your snacks or a packed drink or sunscreens and help you stay worry-free and enjoy your sunny day at the beach.

Tote bags

Tote bags itself have varieties and that too so many that you will not need any different category to choose. This has many varieties in itself. They have different price ranges and are available in different colours and prints. We’ve mentioned a few of them below, pick your style and match with your outfit and requirements and you’re done.

1Leather tote

Fashionable beautiful big red handbag on the arm of the girl in a fashionable black dress, posing near the wall on a warm summer night. Warm color
Leather tote bag

These totes are considered to be luxury totes crafted in different types of leathers according to the usage. Unlike other bags, these totes do not have many accessories added to them. They just give a classy and a finished look.

Pair it with a formal look or a casual look, it will not disappoint you.

It just completes your look with a classic yet simple touch. A full sleeve top and a casual pair of jeans or a straight formal dress on a vacation look like a crop top and shorts, this will give your attire whatever it needs to look the best. It is bigger in size and can fit a lot of your stuff. Vacations need you to carry some extra stuff with you, this choice is the best choice for you.

2Jute tote

bag or cotton eco bag
Tote bag with a wide capacity

Jute is a long vegetable fibre from which these bags are made. These bags are high on trend these days, not only for the purpose of vacation. You can use it on a daily basis too.

This isn’t made of plastic which makes it nature-friendly and cleanable.

These bags come in different front designs and compartment closure styles. They usually have single compartments and a single zip to close them. To add a style statement few bags come with the magnetic buttons. If you want to be light on a beach day, carry it and forget everything else.

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3Beach Tote

Travelling to Fiji
Beach bags

As the name itself suggests, it is made for beaches. these bags are usually made of canvas, polyester or plastic straws that make them heat, sun, and sand resistants. They come in big sizes so if you want to carry enough things with you including your clothes, your skin care regimen with you on the beach, grab the bag girl!

4Canvas tote

Canvas beach bag

These bags are the most colourful bags that come in different designs and prints. These are the most commonly used totes or for that matter the most common ones taken on the vacation. Majorly because of the colours they are available in and the easiness they provide to the outfit.

5Cotton tote

Cotton canvas bag

The most useful and durable tote of all times. Since cotton is light in weight and is washable and reusable you can always prefer it over every other bag. More than just travel, it can be used for many other purposes.

You can always prefer it over plastic bags for grocery shopping.

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6Denim totes

Denim tote bag

These totes are made from types of denim as the name suggests itself. The trend these days highlights these bags and gives your attire a rough look that makes it look more casual and cool. These denim totes are often found in blue colour.

Nowadays they come in graphic designs to make it look more attractive.

7Small totes

Small tote bags

These tote bags come in a much smaller size than the normal ones. Since they are small in size they are provided with small handle straps and a longer one to make it easier for you to port and make your hands free. These are used to carry smaller items that are necessary, like your mobile phone or sunscreen lotion and you want to be hands-free of everything. They don’t come in many compartments but since they are small in size they are filled with cute graphics and colourful handles to make them attractive.


Travel Backpack for beaches
Backpacks for everything

Some people prefer to have their hands free so that they can indulge in some other beach activities. A backpack is that kind of a bag that you would want to prefer. It is compact, yet spacious enough to accommodate every useful item you want on the beach. Apart from this, you don’t need to worry about the outfit that it will go with. These bags are the most comfortable ones. Just wear them and forget about the rest. They have different sizes available in the market. Choose your style and slay all day.

How to pick a beach bag for your vacation

To carry a beach bag with you to the beach you should know how to pick one. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when looking for beach bags.


The material of the beach bag is to be checked and seen properly. Most commonly used beach bags are cotton-made as its easy to wash and reuse. See if you want that or you would prefer a machine wash material and even if you want a material that if beyond washing, that too is available in the market.

Sand and waterproof beach bags are a choice for you if you don’t want to get into washing.

Compartments and capacity

People who are more organised than is normal have a habit of specifying compartments for almost everything. If you are one of those, go for compartment checking too and see if the bag is spacious enough to fit in all your stuff according to your requirements.

Or you can opt to get many of the small tote bags mentioned above that can work as individual compartments within a bigger bag.


There are so many ways a bag is decorated these days. See if you want any of those. Accessories like pom poms, or some useful item such as key holder or chain straps. Check if require any of those or are you attracted to any of those for your beach bag.


Bags contain your personal items that you are not supposed to lose. Bag closures come in different ways. Some prefer magnetic buttons or those that are just open. Prefer to buy a beach bag that has a zip closure to ensure that you don’t drop anything important while having a good time.

If you are good in craft, you can always

reuse your old towels and make beautiful bags

out of them that can be easily washed and reused again. Plenty of DIY videos are available on the internet today that can help you do so. Watch the video below!

6 ways to reuse old towels

6 unique and handy things you can make from old towels. ? bit.ly/2vlCK4I

5-Minute Crafts यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, १० ऑगस्ट, २०१७

These were few tips and a few styles of beach bags that you should not miss when planning to hit the beach.

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Let us know in the comments below if you have any other suggestion for a beach bag.


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