Beach vacation is that time of the year when you get to flaunt your best beach outfit. The time where the sun seems nice to you and the cola feels like heaven. Beach vacation gives you a chance to skip your daily schedules and style up a little, relax a little and loosen your hair in the air (well, not much because tangled hair hurts bad).

If you are planning a beach vacation and you think you need help with the styling ideas and beach outfits, here are a few styling tips for you. These will help you pack the best beach outfit for you when heading towards a beach on a vacation. These beach outfits will not only help you look drop dead gorgeous but also are amazingly comfortable.

15 Beach outfit ideas for girls that are trendy and comfortable (win-win!)

15Swimsuits with denim shorts

Beach outfit ideas
Swimsuit with denim shorts and hats

Give your beach outfit a little twist. One piece swimsuit with a pair of shorts or denim shorts specifically will give your beach outfit a completely different look. You can pair it with a long shrug and a hat to go with it, and you can always use flip flops instead if shoes or sandals.

With flip-flops, you will be comfortable in walking on the sand and it will give your outfit an easy-breezy look. Or if you like shoes, go for sneakers. Sneakers will give your beach outfit a different look. This beach outfit you might have to buy separately but that will give you the chance to experiment girl!

14Shorts with crop tops

Comfortable beach outfit ideas
Crop top and shorts for beach outfits

Paring a cute bikini top with your favourite shorts is another way of carrying a very comfortable and beach friendly outfit. You can always keep some space for add-ons which might include visor hats or a pair of sandals matching your accessories to go with it. And done! This is your beach-ready outfit for the day.

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13Button down shirt with shorts or bikini bottoms

Button down shirt with shorts for beach outfit ideas
Button down shirt with shorts

You want to go easy on yourself, get this look. Nothing can be as comfortable as a button down shirt and a pair of ripped shorts. This attire is the coolest and the most comfortable. The girls who are not very much interested in getting all decked up, this look is for you. Carry a hat with you and you are good to go.

12Flowy printed maxi dress with heels

Flowy dresses for beach outfits
Woman with a long pink flowy dress

The very much soft and elegant yet breathtaking look will comprise of a flowy flower print maxi dress. This item is a must if you are going for a beach vacation. This amazingly comfortable piece of clothing is a show stealer for your beach. Matching platform heels or a comfortable pair of flip flops will make your attire beyond perfection.


Sarong Beach outfit
Orange sarong worn as a cover up dress.

Sarong skirts are the first attires that come to your mind when you think about summers on beaches. This piece of cloth in itself is a style icon. A crop top or a bikini top with sarongs is just perfect for beaches and if not that, you have sarong dresses available in the market in different colours and styles. The frilly fabric lets your skin breathe and makes you comfortable for a picture perfect day. Gladiator shoes will just complete your beach outfit beautifully.

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10Boho styling

Boho outfit for beaches.
A woman on a beach wearing a boho outfit

Boho styling came from Bohemia, situated along the South Shore of Long Island. This makes it an obvious attire for your beach day. The loud prints give a beach vibe already; grab a hat and a sunglass and a sunscreen. This is all you need for a beach holiday.

9Printed shorts

Printed shorts for beach outfit
Printed shorts with a plain top

Believe it or not, printed shorts are as trendy and as flawless as you can imagine. Imagine yourself wearing a printed tank top with printed shorts and a denim jacket over it, to add on to this, take a casual bag with you. A hat will do its magic and you are ready to set the stage on fire.

8Swim cover-up

Swim cover up outfits
Girl with dark hair in red swim cover-up.

Swim cover-up is an attire where you flaunt everything you got. A light coloured cover-up inside which is a neon coloured bikini (if the cover up is a transparent one or else it depends on your mood) not only gives you a beach ready look but also gives you a liberty to experiment with it.

You have every option in the world to wear it like a caftan or a long t-shirt with a head wrap around and a side bag that just compliments the look. I like the look that is raw. But if you want to do more than that to your attire, this is a place where you experiment.

7Wrap around

wrap around skirt, beach outfit
wrap around skirt

Wrap around skirts are the next level skirts where you do not put on the skirt, you wrap it around your waist. Not only this, you can have dresses that can be wrapped around. This looks just like any other dress or skirt and you can easily take it along with you if you feel there can be a malfunction. Attire with a tank top and a wrap around skirt will make your day and bring you all the possible compliments.

6Trousers with crop tops

Crop top for beach outfit
Crop top with trouser

Earlier I mentioned about a raw look, this is that look. Trousers with crop tops and sneakers are for the girls who like to dress up but not deck up. It is an easy to go, ready to leave and super comfortable outfit and if this doesn’t make you feel better about yourself, nothing will.

5Dressy one

comfortable beach outfits
dress for beach wear

An off-shoulder dress or jumpsuit with a hat and a scarf or a shirt dress with a hat and sunglasses are some attires for you to feel comfortable yet beautiful. These dresses are for the ones who are more than just holiday addicts, who are the picture perfect ones and love to dress up for their selves.

4Go crochet

Crochet dress for beaches, Cook Islands
Crochet dress for beaches

A crochet halter neck dress or a crochet skirt with a one-shoulder top is an attire which is less explored but amazingly beautiful. Long crochet skirt with a slit is designed for the beaches only. This skirt is not only beach oriented, but you can also always match it with a tank top or an off-shoulder top to enhance your attire more than just casual. A pair of heels on the not-beach day and a platform heel on the beach specific day is just the look you want on your beach days.

3Off shoulder top

Beach outfit
Dress up a little with an off-shoulder top

I don’t know if there is any bottom that does not go with this top. An off-shoulder top and an A-line skirt, an off shoulder top and denim shorts, an off shoulder top and denim jeans and the list just goes on. Pack few of these and all the lowers that you want, nothing else can make you happier and beautiful than this beyond-perfect look.

2Ruffled dress

Ruffled skirt for beach outfit
Ruffled outfits

Layers and frills never do any harm. This type of dress might be a little frilly but if you don’t like frills, you should try and see how different it is from all other dresses of yours and if you are already a lover for this, pack them and leave for your holiday.

1Kimono outfits

kimono beach outfit
Kimono outfit

Buy a kimono and match it with a tank top and wear denim or shorts with them and carry a hat and relax in the sun, tan yourself and come back happy. This will never fail you and never disappoint you for how you look. Kimono dresses are available online on Myntra (for Indians) and in a wide variety of ranges.

Make yourself feel better about every attire you wear. Make the best of every memory you live. Also let us know in the comments section below, which is your favourite amongst these and which outfit can be added to the list.

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  1. When it comes to swimwear, being confident and able to move around and have fun is what it’s all about. It isn’t about wearing less; it’s about living more.


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