Forgot Valentine’s Day? These Belated Valentine Destinations Might Help You Out

You must have woken up this morning, said a sleepy ‘good morning’ to your partner, only to meet a cold stare that would make even Elsa in all her Frozen-ness shiver. You wonder why as you listen to the radio play romantic songs. Everywhere the theme seems to be the colour red. Hawkers at signals are trying to sell you roses and balloons. What is this madness? Then you look at the calendar – yes, you’re the wonder boy or girl who just completely forgot Valentine’s Day existed.

So, if you messed up this year, you have a chance at redemption. We’ve handpicked some of the best destinations for a romantic getaway which might make them forgive you for your shortcomings. The USP – these destinations are visa-friendly for Indian passport holders, so you can even book tickets ASAP and pretend it was a surprise all along!

  1. Maldives

It comes as no surprise that Maldives has always been a go-to destination for couples. It has all the necessary ingredients for romance – clear blue skies in the day and star-studded skies in the night, turquoise waters equally beautiful on surface and underwater, and sandy beaches where you can take long walks. A good reason to visit immediately – rising sea levels and surface erosion might cause Maldives to become uninhabitable in a couple of years. So visit before it stops existing, just like your love life.

Couple on a tropical beach jetty at Maldives
  1. Macau

This autonomous region in the South Coast of China was formerly a Portuguese colony. This makes for an interesting combination of European and Asian influences. And let’s not forget that you can shop in the glitzy malls and visit luxurious casinos. This is one of the few places where you can flirt with two people and get away with it – your partner and lady luck.

  1. Antarctica

Seems like a bizarre destination to put under romantic getaways? Not quite. Getting into Antarctica takes a lot of effort and fortitude (does that sound familiar?) Few people can boast of having set foot in this continent, and going there with a partner is an experience the two of you won’t easily forget. A bonus? It’s so cold your partner won’t have a choice but to cuddle with you.

  1. Bhutan

This peaceful country with its abundance of natural beauty is the best place for a couple who are a contradictory combination of adventurous and lazy. Take a hike up to the breath-taking Taktsang together one day. On another day laze together by the river in Punakha, listening to nothing but the gushing sounds of water and chirping of birds. Just nature, you, and your partner, doesn’t that sound nice?

View of Paro, Bhutan, taken from Paro Dzong
  1. Indonesia

Made up of thousands of islands this country has everything – beaches, culture, jungles, wildlife – you name it! Its beaches are renowned for romantic sunsets. Maybe you can spy a komodo dragon or two. Or click a fabulous selfie with some friendly monkeys at Ubud. You might even witness the eruption of a distant volcano (and you thought the only eruption you’ll see in your lifetime was your partner that time you missed Valentine’s).

It is possible that you belong to the cult that believes Valentine’s is a scam by huge corporations to make money. You might be right. You have every right to boycott it and stage a protest if you wish. But when your partner gives you the cold shoulder because they believe in it you might want to rethink your stance. Valentine’s or any other day for that matter isn’t about your belief, it is about making that special person in your life feel special. And it goes both ways. Wouldn’t sacrificing just a little be worth it to see your partner beaming at you and showering you with love? Remember, like with most things, on Valentine’s you get as good as you give, get it? 😉


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