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Ten Of The Best Dog Friendly Beaches Around The World


Are you wondering if you should head to a beach? What is that is stopping you to plan a beach vacation? If it’s your pet, forget about keeping them back home and take them along to these amazing dog friendly beaches. Make sure you take all the essentials with you that your pet needs to keep the furry guy happy and safe. You no more need to stay away from the furball. Take him along with you and have fun!

Best Dog Friendly Beaches

1. Montrose Dog Beach, Chicago

Montrose Dog Beach is located in the northwest corner of Montrose Beach on Lake Michigan. The beach opens from dawn and is open till 9 PM. There is a dog-wash available. You can clean all the sand properly and later can shampoo and condition them. There also is a dog-food truck that serves do cookies and treats. You need to buy a tag for your pet worth $5 and also a vet clearance to get in the dog-friendly areas. Prepare before you head to the beach.

dog friendly beaches
Chihuahua chilling

2. Dog Beach, Fort Myers Beach, Florida

From dawn to dusk, the beach is open for dogs. The beach has a dog shower station to wash off the sand and dirt. Owners are requested to clean before they leave. Parking is free but alcohol is not allowed on the beach. The beach is designated for dogs and their owners. Maybe its time to take your pooch to a location where he can run freely and have fun.

3. Block Island, Rhode Island

You can reach Block Island by ferry or by plane. The beach is perfect for your friend. Dogs can even ride a ferry with their owners for free. There are slow boats as well ad high-speed ferries that the canines can enjoy. There might be time restrictions that you can ask from the locals. But the beach is clean and perfect for a dog vacation.


  1. These are outstanding! I usually go to Savannah with my two dogs and enjoy early beach walks, so I was extremely interested in learning more about pet-friendly beaches.


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