As you know, Durga Puja is around the corner and for a foodie, what’s a better time than this with plenty of mouth-watering dishes to savor? While Durga Puja is etched close to each Bengali’s heart, the cuisine itself has something to offer all food enthusiasts, from snacks to sweet dishes. Here are some of the best Durga Puja Delicacies that you cannot afford to miss this season:


Durga Pooja Delicacies
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If explained simply, these are Puris with a twist! Instead of wheat flour, Luchis are prepared with Maida and then, deep-fried in refined oil. These light and plump puris have a light golden texture and are usually paired with Cholar Dal (channa dal) or Aloor Dum.

2Baigan Bhaja

Durga Pooja Delicacies

Snack to this classic Bengali dish that consists of marinated aubergines or eggplants (brinjals) which are usually served as a side dish with rice or Khichuri. Once you start eating these crisp fried brinjals with some chaat masala or salt, it’s almost impossible to stop. Garnished with chopped onions, they can also be served with curd.

3Kosha Mangsho

Durga Pooja Delicacies
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This unique mutton dish and can also be enjoyed with both ‘lucchi’ and ‘bhaat’. Prepared with onions, potatoes, mustard oil, chilies and lots of spices, Kosha Mangsho will surely take your food experience up by a notch! Make sure to marinate the meat well before cooking.


Durga Pooja Delicacies

This authentic Bengali dish is a healthy, wholesome dish prepared with all the vegetables mixed to offer the best taste. The vegetables might include soft brinjals, bitter gourd, sweet potatoes, crunchy drumsticks and bori- making it nutritious as well as tasty. These vegetables are cooked with freshly grounded spices and milk giving it a thick texture to the pasty gravy. It is then garnished with curry leaves and served hot with Khichri.

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5Aloo Poshto

Durga Pooja Delicacies
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This delicacy is an all-age favorite during the Pooja. It can be quickly made and is usually had for lunch with Khichdi or puri. Prepared from potatoes, mustard oil, and poppy seeds, Aloo Poshto will make you drool with happiness!

6Ilish Bhapa

Durga Pooja Delicacies
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Literally translating to ‘steamed hilsa fish’, this dish is one of the most craved for during the Pooja! For this dish, the marinade is prepared in mustard sauce and is steamed, which gives this dish a special taste and a warming aroma. It can be cooked in a steamer, pressure cooker or even an oven and is best enjoyed with steamed white rice.

7Mutton Biryani

Durga Pooja Delicacies types of biryani

Can we ever go wrong with Biryani? Nope. I don’t think so. But, to complete Saptami Lunch, you really must have a large plate of authentic Kolkata style Mutton Biryani. Containing an equal mix of white and yellow basmati rice, two or three pieces of Mutton or Chicken, one or a half slice of a boiled egg and a big piece of fried potato, makes it an undefeatable best during the Pooja!


Sandesh A Bengali sweet dish, Durga Pooja Delicacies

Durga Pooja or not, Shondesh isn’t something that should be taken lightly. This typical Bengali dessert is prepared with milk, sugar and curdled milk (Paneer or Chenna), and is garnished with pistachios, almonds and saffron strands. It is so soft that it simply melts in your mouth while the dry fruits give the soft mithai a crunchiness.

Have we missed any of your favourite Durga Pooja Delicacies? Tell us in the comments below!


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