Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a popular destination for those who want to get away from the mad rush of the cities and seek peace and tranquillity. It is a great option for people from Bangalore and other nearby cities. And there are lots to be found in the homestays in Coorg. The lush green paddy fields, the fragrant coffee plantations, and the mountains of the Western Ghats will relax your mind and soothe your soul. You can visit well-known natural sites like Abbey Falls and Nagarhole National Park. The only noise one will hear is the buzzing of bees and the chirping of crickets and birds. This little hill station tucked away in the hills of the Western Ghats with pleasant weather is a great place to visit all year round. 

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It’s even more special during the monsoons when nature seems to come alive and put up an orchestra for visitors. The pitter-patter of raindrops, the moaning of cold winds, and the croaking frogs are music to one’s ears. The heavenly respite that these sounds bring to our minds that is usually used to the urban cacophony is an indescribable feeling. The crisp, cold air from misty mornings will clear out your sinuses and the beautiful views of the rain-drenched surroundings will clear your head. 

A trip to Coorg is a must if rest and relaxation are what you are looking for but also if you are looking for things to do in the lap of nature. So why not leave the urban jungle for a few days to spend unwinding in an actual green jungle? Having decided where to go is just one hurdle crossed. The next hurdle is to decide where to stay. Being a popular tourist destination there are many resorts in Coorg and it also has thousands of homestays.

For an authentic experience, Coorg is the way to go. But which one should you pick? Should you stay closer to town, or choose a homestay in the middle of the plantation? Should you stay in North Coorg or venture into the south? So many questions and we have the answers. We’ll give you a guide to the best homestays in Coorg, both in the north and south of Coorg, along with all they have to offer.

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The capital city of Coorg has much to offer its visitors. While it’s called a city, it’s fairly small and has none of the noise or pollution, or traffic usually associated with cities. It’s surrounded by the mountains of the Western Ghats and lush green coffee estates. The city is also home to several tourist spots. So if sightseeing is your goal for this trip, this is the right place to be. Madikeri Fort, which used to be the home of the Haleri Kings who ruled Kodagu from 1600-1834 CE is also located here. 

The Omkareshwara Temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva with a beautiful pond, lies in the centre of the city. Gaddige, the tomb of the kings and queens of Coorg, is in the northern part of the city. Raja Seat, the beautiful garden from where the Kings of Coorg supposedly sat down to watch the sunset, offers panoramic views of the valley down below. All these places are popular tourist spots in Madikeri and are definitely worth a visit when you’re in Coorg. If you don’t mind a short drive, drive up to Talakaveri, the birthplace of the river Kaveri which is just 42 km from Madikeri. The beautiful Abbey Falls in Madikeri with its white cascading waters right in the middle of a lovely coffee plantation is a sight that should not be missed.

Homestays In Coorg Near Madikeri

1. A Home Stay For Families: Depot Estate

Depot Estate is a homestay in Coorg near Madikeri. It’s one of the homestays in Coorg, where the property is set in the middle of a plantation. If you want to have bright city lights close by, yet crave some peace and quiet, this is the perfect place for you. The homestay lies merely 4-5 km from the city of Madikeri. But it’s far enough away that you’ll hear more birdsong than the dull drone of vehicles.

The bungalow, which was built in 1968 is in the middle of a lush coffee and cardamom plantation. The double-storied house has four bedrooms with attached bathrooms available, a huge ten-seater table in the dining hall, and a well-equipped kitchen. The terrace on the first floor is the perfect place to unwind with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a book. And if you put on your adventure boots and venture into the plantation, you’ll come across a charming pond. The bench on its banks makes for the perfect spot to relax in the company of geese. 

And if you miss the city lights a little too much, go for a walk towards Sudarshan Circle (Field Marshall Cariappa Circle) in the evening. Just before you reach the circle, you’ll see all the lights of mist-covered Madikeri town twinkling at you from the valley below.

Services And Facilities: Depot Estate offers three bedrooms with attached bathrooms on a twin-sharing basis. They also offer a complimentary breakfast to the guests. The house has a maid and manservant, who will ensure that the rooms are kept clean and provide food for the guests. They do provide lunch and dinner at an extra cost but will need to be notified at least 4 hours in advance. They do serve traditional Kodava cuisine, but it is only available on request. 

It also offers other services and facilities like taxi booking, trekking, rafting, bonfire, and car wash. All these services can be availed at an extra cost but are subject to availability.

Tariff: You can avail of the rooms for either double occupancy or single occupancy. For double occupancy, the homestay charges INR 2800/- per night with complimentary breakfast for two people. For single occupancy, they charge INR 2000/- per night with complimentary breakfast for one person.

How To Reach: Depot Estate is just a short car ride or about a 12-18 min walk (0.5km) from Madikeri Town.

2. Affordable Exotic Homestay: Ibbanicadu Homestay

Ibbanicadu, which translates to “dewy forest”, lies just 6 km away from the city. Tucked inside a beautiful coffee plantation, this is perfect as far as homestays in Coorg are concerned. It’s great for travellers looking for a place that’s not too close to the city. Yet, the city’s attractions and all the sightseeing spots are not so far away that it makes for too long a drive. This homestay, which is at an altitude of 3770 ft above sea level offers its guests an unparalleled view of the Western Ghats. 

For nature lovers, this homestay and the plantation which has coffee, pepper, cardamom, and orange trees is a visual and sensory delight. One of the best parts of staying in this homestay is the early morning view of the mist floating over the mountains. And in monsoon, the view is just magical and will ensure your trip to Coorg is a memorable one. The plantation also has a stream flowing through along with several lakes, which are perfect picnic spots.

Services And Facilities: Ibbanicadu homestay has 5 fully equipped suites with two king-size beds and offers a complimentary breakfast to its guests. Each room can accommodate a maximum of 4 people and comes with a private balcony. It also has a treehouse with great views of the coffee estate.

The guests can also enjoy plantation walks and nature trails, as well as a campfire at night. They provide authentic Kodava food but also have a standard multi-cuisine meal. The homestay also offers a pickup and drop facility from the Madikeri bus stand. 

Tariff: Charges for this property in Coorg are INR 4000+12% GST for 1-2 adults, for a room per night. They charge INR 6000+12% GST for 3-4 adults, for a room per night. For children above 5 years and less than 12 years of age, the homestay charges INR 800/- per child.

How To Reach: Ibbanicadu can be easily accessed by road 6 kilometres prior to Madikeri on Mysore Road.

3. With Panoramic Views Of Green: Silverbrook Estate Homestay

Silverbrook Estate Homestay in Kadagadal village is a gem hidden away just 7 km from Madikeri. This homestay is set amidst a lush green coffee and pepper plantation. 

This award-winning homestay is one of the few homestays in Coorg that has taken up an eco-tourism initiative. The host, Yogesh Krishnamoorthy, has previously worked at The Indian Hotels Company (the Taj Hotels) before starting Silverbrook Estate Homestay. According to their website, the doors and windows used in the building of the house were sourced from old, broken-down homes across India. These old pieces were then restored and used in the building.

For nature enthusiasts, this lovely homestay in Coorg with a perennial babbling brook in the plantation will be a paradise. The plantation is also a haven for butterflies and exotic birds. For those of you looking for a peaceful getaway to Coorg, you don’t have to look any further. The fresh air, the flowing stream, and the beautiful home with vintage doors, windows, and pillars will soothe your soul.

Services And Facilities: Silverbrook Homestay offers three kinds of accommodation to its guests: 2 Superior executive rooms, 2 executive rooms, and 1 special executive room. The two superior executive rooms are part of the main bungalow. The executive rooms and the special executive rooms are separate units.

Silverbrook also offers guests a choice of a complete meal of local Kodava cuisine or a choice between a continental or Indian meal. It also provides an outdoor bonfire to ward away chilly evenings at an extra cost. The homestay also provides guests with hammocks and indoor board games.

Tariff: Silverbrook Estate homestay is currently running a special package for the monsoon. For 3-8 nights, they charge INR 3999/- per night for a couple and this rate is inclusive of breakfast and dinner. For a longer stay of more than 8 days, the charges are INR 3200/- per night with breakfast and dinner.

How To Reach: Silverbrook Estate Homestay is 8 km away from Madikeri Bus Station and just 130 km from Mysore Railway Station.

4. A Serene Cottage-style Hotel: Serene Woods

Serene Woods in Ibnivalavadi village is on the Mangalore-Mysore highway and is just 3.8 km away from Madikeri. Serene Woods offers its guests luxurious cottages that are nestled amid the scenic surroundings of a coffee and pepper plantation. If you’re a nature lover looking for a tranquil getaway, then Serene Woods is the perfect place for you. 

Like many of the homestays in Coorg, nature itself comes alive here and offers guests an orchestra of birdsong, leaves rustling pleasantly in the soft breeze, and chirping insects. Add to this the miles and miles of beautiful landscape for your eyes to feast on, which will leave you spellbound. The plantation and homestay are surrounded by the Reserve Forest in three different directions. If you’re really lucky, you might get a glimpse of some wildlife and leave with some unforgettable memories of your Coorg trip. The estate also has a private waterfall, which is at its best in the monsoon.

Services And Facilities: Serene Woods offers 5 private cottage cabins to its guests. The cottages are well furnished and have a private balcony and each of them has a unique viewpoint. 

The homestay has a common dining area for all the guests, where the meals are served. They have a professional chef who prepares Indian meals. Guests can also cook small meals for themselves using a shared kitchen space. They also have several board games, darts, mini table tennis, frisbees, and a foosball table. The guests can go on plantation walks and nature trails. This cosy homestay also offers an evening bonfire on request, but it’s seasonal and subject to availability.  

Tariff: Serene Woods charges INR 6000/- for a room per night on a double occupancy basis.

How To Reach: Serene Woods is located an 8-minute walk from St. Cajetan’s Church and the nearest airport is Dabolim, 27 miles from the property.


If Madikeri is the cultural capital of Coorg, Kushalnagar is the business district. But it does have its fair share of culture, nature, and sightseeing. Bylakuppe, a town on the outskirts of Kushalnagar is home to the largest Tibetan settlement in the world, after Dharamshala. No trip to Coorg can be complete without a visit to the Namdroling Monastery, also called the Golden Temple. Foreign nationals who wish to stay in the area must have a Protected Area Permit (PAP). For those fond of Tibetan food, especially momos, you’ll find several restaurants in the area serving authentic Tibetan cuisine. The camp also has several souvenir stores selling Tibetan and Chinese handicrafts, decorative and religious items. 

Nisargadhama is a delta formed by the river Kaveri, 3 km away from Kushalnagar. The island, as the locals call it, is 64 acres of beautiful bamboo groves interspersed with sandalwood and teak trees. The island is connected to the mainland by a hanging rope bridge, which is one of the main attractions, along with an orchidarium and deer park. Visitors can play in the water, in the shallow and safe points of the river, or go on elephant rides or boat rides on the river. 

Dubare elephant camp is a must-visit for those who love pachyderms. If you’ve ever dreamt of getting up close and personal with an elephant, Dubare is the place for you. The camp where the gentle giants were trained for the famous Mysore Dasara, allows visitors to hang out with elephants in the camp, learn more about them, bathe, and feed them. And if you want something more adventurous, there’s always river rafting to give you an adrenaline boost. 

The Harangi Dam in Hudgur Village, 9 km from Kushalnagar, is a sight to behold in the monsoons. The dam is built across River Harangi, a tributary of the river Kaveri. The cascade of white water gushing out of the dam fills the reservoir in the monsoons, creating a picture-perfect scene. If crowds are not your thing and you just want to spend time in an idyllic setting, there’s no better place than Chiklihole Reservoir. The reservoir, 15 km away from Kushalnagar, is set amidst a lush green forest with beautiful green pastures in the front. The only company you’ll find there are peacefully grazing cows and birds.

Homestays In Coorg Near Kushalnagar

1. Tranquil Elegant Forest Lodge: Old Kent

Old Kent, which gets its name from the ‘Kent’ variety of coffee grown on the plantation, is a great mix of old-world charm and modern amenities. 

Established by a British planter in the 1800s, the heritage property is made up of 200 acres of coffee plantation and a bungalow. The elegant forest lodge with an old-world vibe will give its visitor a taste of the British Raj. If old-world grandeur in today’s modern world is what you’re looking for, Old Kent is one of the best homestays in Coorg for you. 

Services And Facilities: Old Kent offers its guests upscale private cottages that are designed for ultimate luxury and comfort. Each cottage has a cosy suite, a spacious bathroom with sky roofs, and a private garden with outdoor seating. 

Guests can explore the plantation trails set by a world-renowned mountaineer. Old Kent offers a great culinary experience in both their restaurants, where they serve local and seasonal cuisines along with Indian and continental delicacies. They also offer a barbecue at night on request. The bungalow also has a billiards table and foosball, which the guests can use.

Tariff: Old Kent charges INR 10,000/- per night per cottage.

How To Reach: Old Kent is about 8.7 mi from Mercara (Madikeri) and the property is a two-hour drive from the Mysore. It is 24 km from Kushalnagar.

2. Secluded Homestay In Coorg: Nakoor Volkot

Nakoor Volkot gets its name from the surname of the two Swiss coffee trader brothers, who owned the property in pre-independent India. The homestay in Coorg is nestled amidst a beautiful coffee and pepper plantation with a small lake just 18 km from Kushalnagar. But the icing on top of the cake is the view of the Harangi Reservoir’s backwaters from the front porch. If you are looking to witness views that are sheer magic then this is one of the best homestays in Coorg for you. In the monsoons, all you will see around you are rain-drenched trees and pristine blue waters for miles and miles at this homestay.

Services And Facilities: The homestay offers two rooms on a double occupancy basis with a complimentary breakfast. 

The meals are served in the common dining area while guests can relax in the drawing room. Dinner or authentic local cuisine can be provided only upon request. This Coorg homestay offers plantation walks and guidance for local sightseeing or trekking. Guests can also avail taxi services for pick-ups and drops or sightseeing at an additional cost.

Tariff: Charges are INR 2500/- for a room per night on a double occupancy basis. 

How To Reach: This homestay is situated at a distance of 21 km from KSRTC Bus Station. It is about 10 km away from Kotebetta (Fort Hill) at Coorg.

3. One Of The Best Luxury Homestays In Coorg: Riyavar Homestay

Riyavar Homestay is among the luxury homestays in Coorg. It’s situated in Nellihudikeri, about 26 km from Kushalnagar. The beautifully designed bungalow with tastefully done interiors and manicured gardens are a visual treat. Located in an 85-acre coffee plantation with a river nearby, Riyavar offers a tranquil getaway in Coorg amid beautiful surroundings.

Services And Facilities: Riyavar Homestay offers several different types of accommodation, that the guests can choose from. Each room offers the guests a unique view. 

The homestay offers a jeep ride into the coffee estate and to the nearby river. They provide authentic local cuisine and barbecue on request.

Tariff: Riyavar Homestay charges INR 6000/- for their deluxe queen suite and INR 13,000/- for their Presidential Suite.

How To Reach: Riyavar Homestay is 21 km from Madikeri Town and 83 km from the nearest airport Kannur International Airport.


The south of Coorg is a nature lover’s paradise. Gonikoppa, in Virajpet taluk, is one of the biggest towns in south Coorg and is also the commercial hub of Kodagu. The main attraction in South Coorg is the Nagarahole National Park. The National Park is one of the premier tiger reserves in India. Earlier, the Royal family of Mysore used the park as their exclusive hunting grounds. The tiger reserve is also home to Asian elephants, the Indian leopard, the striped hyena, the sloth bear, and several species of deer, birds, and snakes. The park has a jungle safari that’ll take you into the forest to catch a glimpse of the wildlife in their home. 

The Glenlorna tea plantations in Hudikeri, with tea shrubs covering whole mountains, and the beautiful Barapole flowing through, are a sight that should not be missed. Visitors can even go rafting on the Barapole River, but this is seasonal. 

The most important tourist attraction around these parts that no nature lover should miss is the Iruppu Falls. According to legend, Rama and his brother Lakshmana on their search for Sita were passing by the Brahmagiri range, when Rama felt thirsty. Lakshmana shot an arrow into the Brahmagiri hills and this gave birth to the Lakshmana Theertha river. The Rameshwara temple, dedicated to Shiva, is believed to have been established by Rama on the banks of the river. The trek through the beautiful forest to reach the falls is as beautiful as the falls. The sight of the Lakshmana Theertha river cascading down the rocks will leave visitors with some indelible memories of their holiday in Coorg.

Homestays In Coorg Near Gonikoppal

1. Grace And Grandeur Of Bygone Era: Cottabetta Bungalow

The beautiful Cottabetta Bungalow in Pollibetta is just 7 km from Gonikoppal. If your desire is to live in a heritage bungalow then this is one of the homestays in Coorg for you. The bungalow is part of the AMA Plantation Trails, which was formerly known as Tata Coffee Plantation Trails. The heritage bungalow with wooden columns and roof frames is perched on top of a hill and has a spacious courtyard and a beautiful garden. The sprawling rooms are furnished with Victorian furniture. 

The view of the surrounding coffee plantations from the hill will be a welcome respite to eyes and minds that are used to city life. For a golf enthusiast, TATA Coffee’s 9-hole golf course punctuated by fairways, large greens, and steep slopes surrounded by coffee shrubs and flowering trees will ensure their trip to Coorg is an unforgettable one. And if your stars are aligned right and you’re lucky, you might hear or see a stray wild elephant or two at night.

Services And Facilities: The Cottabetta Bungalow has 5 rooms along with common dining and living areas and a traditional courtyard. 

This Coorg homestay offers an early morning walk in the company of a local nature expert, who will help guests identify plants and birds on their walk. Their “bean-to-cup” safari will take the guests through the plantation in a customised vehicle allowing the guests to experience a small slice of plantation life. The homestay has a bonfire area where the guests can ward off the evening chill with some snacks or dinner. The snacks or dinner will be available at an extra cost. The homestay offers visitors local cuisine along with north Indian, Jain, or continental cuisine.

Tariff: Guests can book the entire bungalow for INR 18,400/- per night or book individual rooms. The Heritage rooms start at INR 5200/- per night and can go up to INR 6500/- per night. The Veranda room costs INR 5600/- per night. All the rates are inclusive of breakfast.

How To Reach: The nearest airport- Kannur International Airport is 145 km away. Cottabetta Bungalow is just 48 km away from Hassan railway station.

2. Heritage Homestay In Coorg: Jade Homestay

Deep in the south of Coorg is a 180-year-old bungalow in the middle of verdant forests and fragrant coffee plantations. It’s another one among the heritage homestays in Coorg. Nestled in the valley of the Brahmagiri hills it offers its visitors a panoramic vista in the form of lush paddy fields, a gurgling stream and lots of beautiful birds. The hazy outline of the hills in the distance offers the perfect backdrop making it a picture-perfect setting for the perfect vacation in Coorg. 

The 180-year-old Kodava home has been beautifully preserved so that it hasn’t lost any of its old-world charm and regality. But it also ensures that it offers the utmost comfort to its guests. The beautiful gardens and gazebo on the grounds are the perfect places for some soul-searching or relaxing.

Services And Facilities: The heritage homestay offers 5 rooms that have great views, overlooking manicured gardens. Guests can play in the river that flows through the property or relax in the bamboo groves near it. They also offer an option of fishing in the river using traditional nets. Guests can also go for nature walks or a plantation visit. The homestay has a play area for kids and a yard for those who want to indulge in more energetic games like football or volleyball or badminton. They also provide a bonfire in the evening. They can also organise other activities such as rafting, microlight flight, safari, trekking, and birdwatching for an extra cost.

Tariff: Jade Homestay charges INR 1850/- per person per night and the cost is inclusive of breakfast and dinner. 

How To Reach: This heritage homestay gives you instructions to follow while taking the road from Bangalore. Click here for the route map.

3. Experience Simple Pleasures Of Country Living: School Estate

The grand old plantation bungalow of School Estate has a history of over 150 years. Earlier the home of a German missionary called Rev. Richter, it is now a boutique homestay with beautiful gardens and a lush green plantation surrounding it. The bungalow built in 1878 with subtle German architectural influences has been well preserved by the current owners and hosts, the Aiyapas. 

The family has even preserved several artefacts from the reverend’s time, like a beautiful old school bell made of iron, and a pool table, which now serves as the dining table. The beautiful old plantation bungalow and its cottages all have great views of the surroundings. 

Services And Facilities: The homestay offers two detached cottages, a large family room, and two other rooms to visitors. All the rooms are well furnished with several chairs and comfy couches, where guests can curl up and relax. They even have a hammock under a tree, which offers a beautiful view of the garden. 

The homestay offers al fresco breakfast under a bottle brush tree and guests can enjoy coffee and cake in a sunken garden. All the produce used in the cooking is sourced from their plantation.

Guests can explore the 200-acre coffee plantation pick coffee berries, and learn how they are dried, processed, and roasted before ending up in a cup. Golf enthusiasts can tee off at Coorg Golf Links, a picturesque 18-hole course with world-class greenways and fairways that weave through the hills and marshland. Guests can use the clubhouse which is part of the golf course.

Tariff: School Estate charges INR 12,000/- per night. 

How To Reach: School Estate is located at a distance of five km from the nearest bus station- Madikeri station.

Lose Yourself For A Few Days In The Lap Of Nature

The most beautiful thing about travel is that it opens your eyes to different places as well as their cultures and flavours. Also, there’s no better opportunity to learn more about the local culture and history than by staying with a local in their homestay. Only a local can tell you stories and help you explore the hidden spots that aren’t part of any guidebook. And Coorg is one of those places, which has a lot of hidden spots yet to be discovered by tourists.

Let this serene place weave its magic around you as you relax in one of the many beautiful homestays in Coorg. But also be mindful about leaving a bit of magic for everyone else to experience. As travellers, it is our responsibility to ensure we don’t burden the environment any more than we have to. We need to respect the ecology and wildlife of the place and the culture of its people and ensure we preserve it for future generations to experience. In these strange times, we should ensure our own safety as well as those of the hosts and the people of the land. Travelling responsibly and safely will ensure a pleasant memory for everyone. Let’s take only wonderful memories from the experience and leave behind less of a carbon footprint. Let us know if you’ve experienced any of these lovely homestays in Coorg in the comments below.

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What are the best luxury homestays in Coorg?

Serene Woods is one of the best luxury homestays in Coorg but you can also visit Riyavar Luxury Homestay and Gowri Nivas.

What are the best homestays in Coorg for couples?

The best homestays for couples are Ashraya Homestay, Kedakal Estate, Chilipili Estate Homestay, Ajantha Homestay, and many more.

What are the Lowest & Highest Price Homestays in Coorg?

The homestays in Coorg begin at a price of INR 500 and can go as high as INR 15000-16000.

Are homestays safe in Coorg?

Yes, homestays are safe in Coorg. They are run by locals who live there and they are knowledgeable about the area.

What can I buy in Coorg?

You can buy coffee, organic spices, handmade chocolates, silk sarees, and Coorg wine.

Are Madikeri and Coorg same?

No, Madikeri is the capital city of Coorg.


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