Best Online Language Courses For Any Level

Even if you can't travel abroad for a while, you can take the first step in the process with these amazing online language courses.

If you’re stuck at home right now,  wondering how to spend your time, why not do something constructive and learn a new language? Even if you can’t travel abroad for a while, you can take the first step towards it, and in the process ensure that when you DO get to visit you’ll be well up on the local lingo with these amazing online language courses. 

But, what distinguishes an online course from the thousands of other resources online? Well, in general, it’s a course that contains lessons, modules, or quizzes – all ensuring a structure to your learning process, so that newbies can place the language into context. So, whether you’re a pro or on a shoestring budget, here are some of the best online language courses:

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Here Are Some Excellent Ways To Learn A Language


Duolingo app logo

Probably one of the most famous language learning apps, Duolingo is designed more like a game than a course. It’s a fun way to squeeze in language learning on your lunch breaks. It also focuses on making language learning intuitive. You can even connect with friends and family on Facebook and make it a competition!


Bebbel app logo

Another app that’s perfect for those looking for a fun, game-like structure to language learning. Babbel currently has 14 languages, as part of its free online language course. It also features a “learner’s community” that can help make your adventure a little more social.


LingQ app logo

This web-based language-learning system was founded by YouTube sensation Steve Kaufmann. It has a massive database of lessons composed of text documents accompanied by audio, as well as community learning features. Premium access will grant you even more features, such as one-on-one English conversations, group conversations, and writing corrections.


Fluent U app logo

This unique online language learning site focuses on language immersion, with real-world media like music videos, movie trailers, news bits and inspiring talks turned into learning lessons. This way you can sing along to “Let It Go” in German. 

Internet Polyglot

Internet Polygot logo

Another unique service, the Internet Polyglot contains a feature that most other online courses don’t. It lets you translate lessons to and from any language they have available. So, if you need to learn French through Spanish, or Dutch through Norwegian, it’s not a problem. 


Live mocha logo, online language courses

This massive language-learning community has instructions available in 38 different languages. Unusually, instead of relying on a program to assess users, it has native speakers of the language you’re learning (as well as other online learners) rate your skills. 

Living Language

Living language logo, online language courses

A comprehensive mix of online learning, smartphone apps, and e-tutoring sessions, this online resource is well worth the access fee. With its roster of knowledgeable and professional teachers, you’ll get the chance to learn one-on-one or in small groups. 

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta stone logo, online language courses

This excellent integrated online learning platform includes online classes, games, mobile apps, and much more. It’s perfect for those looking for a long-term course (rather than quick phrase-building) and is available in lots of languages – though the primary focus is on Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. 

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT open courseware logo, online language courses

Have you always wanted an education at MIT? Well, thanks to MIT OpenCourseWare, you can now get one. Just download the syllabus and course material in the language class of your choice and follow the set program. Find out how you can do it here. 

So, Which Of These Online Language Courses Is For You?

So, if you’re getting ready to take an online language course, now’s the best time to choose one (or several!) and get started. There are also tons of courses on general online learning platforms such as Udemy, exX, and Coursera. Remember, the best courses have a mix of vocabulary exercises and native material (ie videos, music, podcasts, books, etc in the language you want to learn) so that learners can place the language into context.


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