The nightlife of the city and its party culture make for a fun and exciting trip. Party cities that can make you groove to its beats make sure you have memorable times there. As the sun sets and the party animals of the concrete jungles emerge, some cities transform their characters. With epic music, themed interiors, and delicious cocktails, here’s a rundown of the crowd favourites that lay claim to being the best party cities in the world.

Top Party Cities In The World

1. Night Cafes And Techno Nights: Amsterdam

Red-light district in Amsterdam, one of the best cities to party at
Red-light district in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is renowned as one of the best places to party in the world. The city is popularly known for its red-light districts but has a lot more to offer. With its constant roster of international DJs, buzzing clubs, and dance festivals, Amsterdam offers you a fantastic party world. You can pick your scene from the diverse menu—cosy jazz clubs, heart-pumping live rock bands, or the ever-favourite electro beats. Clubs and bars stay open from 1 AM to 3 AM, depending on the day of the week. For night owls, Amsterdam has arranged nacht cafes (night cafes) that stay open from 4 AM to 5 AM. Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein are the main centres of the city’s nightlife.

Amsterdam’s Zuidoost is home to the city’s largest entertainment zone, and they’ve hosted artists like Lady Gaga, One Direction, Pearl Jam, and more, rightfully earning the title of being one of the best party places in the world. You can also purchase the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket which lasts between 2-7 days and gives holders free entry, welcome drinks, and cocktails across different pubs in the city. To get a taste of some authentic Dutch liquor you can visit Wynand or party at Westergas where techno and acid nights take place in a former industrial hall.

2. Street Performances And Flamenco Nights: Barcelona

Flamenco dancer dances for tourists in St. Nicolas viewpoint, Barcelona a great party city
Flamenco dancer dances for tourists, in Spain

As rich as Barcelona is in culture and architecture, it is equally known for being one of the best party cities in the world. The Gothic Quarter is filled with well-known clubs like Milk Bar, Sugar, Flaherty, and a wide array of Irish and British pubs. When in Barcelona you get a chance to engage with the culture in the form of nightlife. Visit clubs like Jamboree and Sidecar that host lively Tapas and Flamenco nights at the Plaza Real. Las Ramblas is where amateurs start. The streets are bustling with vendors and people in the morning. But as the sun goes down, performers step out onto the streets, competing with the clubs in the area. For the sophisticated crowd, there is the El Born area and clubs like Clubhaus and Miramelindo. For those who crave more rustic vibes, visit Moog and Sala Apolo at Raval.

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3. When In Rome, You Party: Rome

nightlife in Rome

We cannot talk about party cities without mentioning the Eternal City. Rome is known for tourism revolving around history, art, and culture but it also hosts some of the best parties in Italy. Roman parties start late and build through the night. Weekends are the best times to step into the night and Rome is one of the party cities where the parties go on till 5 AM. Themed nights, dive bars, gay bars and clubs, tropical restaurants and more is just some of what the city offers. Additionally, clubs like Alcazar offer an entire cultural experience of Rome’s nightlife with live performances, cinema screenings, and art exhibitions.

Deemed one of the best places to party in the world, the city’s party culture also includes its treasured wines and extraordinary food experiences. To check out the queer culture you can visit Gay Village, colourful carnivals and outdoor performances, ShariVari Play House, for a classy ambience, Voodoo Bar, Latin America-style outdoor clubs, and Vinile for intimate jazz and swing.

4. All About Beer: Prague

Craft beer being poured.

Czech’s capital city is famous for its party culture. Prague is one of the party cities where huge dance clubs with techno beats are as popular as cosy jazz bars. Beer is very cheap in the country, making it the prime location for late-night parties. The city’s nightlife is affordable and a backpacker’s delight. A massive variety of craft beers makes the city one of the best party places in the world. Prague has a large number of underground cellar bars, but if that seems uncomfortable you can always visit clubs like Karlovy Lazne that have multiple floors. Cellar bars like U Sudu and Double Trouble are interesting places to visit. If karaoke is your thing, head to Déjà Vu on Wednesdays. 

5. Faces Smeared With Glow Paint On The Beach: Rio de Janeiro 

New Year Fireworks in Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro one of the best cities to party
New Year Fireworks in Copacabana

Different kinds of party neighbourhoods make Rio de Janeiro one of the most thriving party cities. Underground samba shows and more authentic culture infused in the nightlife make the city unique. The main destination for nightclubs and bars in Lapa. The place is crowded and filled with tourists and locals. The neighbourhood offers samba clubs like Lapa 40 Graus and Carioca da Gema and hosts Brazilian performances at clubs like Circo Voador apart from regular clubs and bars. If you want to party out in the open, then you must visit Centro.

Copacabana with its beaches gives the crowd some of the best drag queens performances, glow parties, and rooftop bars. If you are looking for oddly themed party venues, then Botafogo is the neighbourhood you should visit. Underground clubs like Bar Bukowski are famous here. Neighbourhoods like Santa Teresa, Ipanema, Barra da Tijuca, and Leblon should also be visited for a fun night.

6. Tango, Jazz and Drag Shows: Buenos Aires

Night in Buenos Aires

Party cities with a good underground scene, bars, speakeasies and queer culture are rare, but Buenos Aires is one of them. The city is famous for late-night parties and when we say late, we mean the parties start at 2 AM. San Telmo, the oldest area in the city, offers a variety of chilled-out and laid-back bars. But ground zero for nightlife in Buenos Aires is Palermo with clubs like Verne Club and Sitges. From exclusive clubs to unique tango clubs, the city celebrates them all. Buenos Aires also has a buzzing live music scene with venues like the Velvet Club hosting cabaret and tango performances. Clubs like Cenas Pasionarias offer a retro vibe with traditional jazz music, vintage posters, and mannequins. San Nicolas, Puerto Madero, Montserrat, Recoleta, and Retiro are also famous for their party scenes.

7. Sin City Calls You: Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip showing Circus Circus hotel and Casino one of the best party cities
Las Vegas Strip showing Circus Circus Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas is a crowd favourite and one of the best places to party in the world by popular demand. There is no introduction required for the city with its casinos, nightclubs, pool clubs, strip clubs, and much more. The city is famed for its wild and unpredictable nights. With strict dress codes, the city parties in style. Clubs like Jewel and Hyde Bellagio at The Strip are on the higher end and host international artists like Paris Hilton, Drake, and Steve Aoki. Downtown, quirky clubs like the Beauty Bar and Insert Coin(s) are equally memorable.

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8. Youngblood And Young Nights: Montreal

Montreal in night

Famous for mixology, Montreal throws some of the best parties in the world. Since Quebec’s legal drinking age is 18 and above, the city is filled with a younger crowd, especially in areas like Rue Crescent. Downton shines with a happening nightlife. The area presents different nightclubs, bars, strip clubs, restaurants, and cafes. It also is the centre for huge festivals. The historic area of the city is as popular as downtown. Old Montreal is home to fine dining, classy lounges, and bars. Canada is the second safest country in the world for LGBTQIA+ travellers.

Montreal is also a safe and entertaining destination for queer travellers. The Gay Village offers more bar and club options than the rest of the city. To ensure safety, the street is used only by pedestrians, and no vehicles are allowed from May to September every year. Boulevard St Laurent is also a hub for nightlife with the stretch filled with bars and clubs that cater to nearby Airbnbs and hostels. More areas like Rue St. Jacques, Monkland Village, and Little Italy are must-visits for microbreweries and excellent Italian fare.

Different Hosts, Different Parties

Party culture throughout the world is very unique. Every city mixes a little of their own culture that helps tourists enjoy the nightlife. Different party cities offer a variety of nightlife experiences, ranging from underground bars to cabaret shows. So make a choice based on your interests. Most of the above-mentioned cities offer relaxed sipping wine or beer settings if you are up for a sundowner.


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