India has abundant of vast plains, high hills and bottomless water bodies to satisfy the pangs of any adventure lover. Name a sport, and it is there! Skiing, water rafting, zip line, paragliding, parasailing, ice-climbing, skydiving, snorkelling, speed boat, banana boat, hang gliding, water scooty are names of only a few adventure sports in India.

You get adventures that are suitable for all ages and skills; for both beginners and experts, and for children and adults. Here are five places which have their own adventure sports in India and are a major lure for adventure loving nomads.

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1Auli: Skiing

adventure sports in india skiing

Best time to experience: November to January

Located at an altitude of two thousand meters in the state of Uttarakhand, Auli has some of the best skiing experience in India. Auli has magnificent views of the snow-capped Garhwal peaks that include Nanda Devi and Dunagiri. There are also various skiing schools here that provide enough information and guidance to visitors before hitting the snow. There are provisions for beginners, intermediate skiers, and experts. The skiing equipment is made available on rent and the prices vary as per their category. Besides skiing, cable car rides and rope lifts are other major activities that one can take up in Auli.

2Rishikesh: Water Rafting


Best time to experience: Any time of the year, except July to mid-September when this activity remains closed.

The whirling cold waves of the River Ganga at Rishikesh is one of the most popular river rafting zones in the entire country. Labels from grade one to five classify the difficulty levels of the waves and the passages through which the raft pass. Any inexperienced visitor can go up to level three, but beyond that fitness and strength play a major role. Water flow gets more irregular and rapid as the difficulty level increases and there is a high chance of the raft getting toppled. The view of the giant Himalayan foothills combined with the extreme exhilaration of rafting renders this the perfect adventure for anyone. Apart from river rafting, travellers can camp along the banks, as well as go bungee jumping and cliff jumping.

3Kasauli: Hang Gliding

Hang Gliding

Best time to experience: All throughout a year but the flight depends highly on right air pressure.

Hang-gliding is often compared to the flight of a bird. The complexity of hang-gliding is much more than in parasailing or paragliding, but you needn’t worry! You just need to stick to your pilot and enjoy the height! Some parts of Himachal Pradesh including Kasauli have spectacular views of green valleys and basins and hang-gliding is often the best option to see these. The technique of hang-gliding is improving over time with provisions of a small seat and engine over the physical power of air pressure that was earlier used as the main drifting force. There is no classification of difficulty levels and the adventure is open to all.

4Gulmarg: Ice Climbing

Best time to experience: December to January

This beautiful hill station in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is a paradise for both adventure loving wanderers and everyone else. Ice climbing in Gulmarg is one of the most challenging experiences, where trekkers have to trek a long distance while tramping over a thick bed of snow. The freezing temperature and disturbing winds are the added difficulties in snow climbing. Snow climbing is a unique daring activity that needs both guts and patience. But the memory of accomplishing a new height is always a unique experience to boast about. There are many mountaineering and ice-climbing schools in Gulmarg that train for the ice climbing sessions and other mountain adventures.

5Mysore: Sky Diving

Four skydivers in freefall over clouds

Best time to experience: All year round 

This popular city in the state of Karnataka gifts an adventure lover the best of the lot; a sky diving experience. Remember the scene from the film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara where the three friends jumped out of a plane? That’s sky diving! Imagine the thrill and anticipation of free-flying, that too from an enormous height. Additionally, it is absolutely safe as the entire activity is supervised by officials who have years of experience.  Visitors are trained for one and a half days before taking on the experience. The experience of hanging in the air is wordless and is definitely a once in a lifetime thing.

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These are only some of the places where these particular adventures can be enjoyed the best. There are many other places for adventure sports in India. And in my opinion, every traveller must try to take on at least one of these adventure activities once in their life. And believe me, the wonder of it will keep them coming again and again. The moment’s thrill and exhilaration are beyond words that will definitely leave you with an experience of a lifetime.


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