Bangalore is more of a concrete jungle with its inclination towards the tech side. It however has a much vibrant cultural heritage with a fast-paced rhythm of modernity. What makes the city even more attractive despite the cumbersome traffic jams is the ever so pleasant climate. Yes, you heard it again. Everyone who stays in the city or has visited once always talks about: ‘Weather in Bangalore’ – lush greenery, and diverse attractions that cater to a wide range of interests. The city has been designed around trees and also called the ‘Green City’ making it pleasant to the eye and to the heart.

However, just like any other destination, for those that do not live in Bangalore but want to time their visit exactly around the perfect season, we got you covered! The timing of your visit can significantly impact your experience and we are here to break it down season wise to help you choose the best time to visit Bangalore.

Best Time To Visit Bangalore: A Climate Overview 

To understand Bangalore weather, the most crucial factor is to understand the geography of the city. Bangalore is located on the Deccan Plateau enjoying a moderate temperature throughout the year but the city does experience three primary seasons: Summer, Monsoon and Winter. We give you a breakup of all the seasons to help you decide the best time to visit Bangalore to get the perfect blend for your visit.

Summer (March to June): 

weather in bangalore is always great
Bangalore Summers are the best time to go to the hill stations.

Summer may not be the first preference for many people but people living in Bangalore know that the summers in Bangalore are a cheerful one, the temperatures boast between the range of 25°C to 35°C and it’s the perfect time to explore around if you like to step out in warmer climates, the summers in Bangalore are a far cry from the scorching heat found in most of the cities. You can grab that sunny dress regardless of the heat and unleash the inner adventurer who loves to dive into outdoor activities because the temperatures never feel irritating here.

Best thing to do: Travel to hill stations: Summer is the best time to go galavanting into the hill stations with no interruptions, you can choose nearby attractions like Coorg or Ooty as the climate here is comparatively cooler. 

Monsoon (June to September): 

temperature in bangalore comes down during the monsoon season
Sweet aromas of the wet earth during the monsoons.

Now, Monsoon in Bangalore is our personal favorite, the temperatures take a pleasant dip, offering a sweet spot between 20°C to 28°C, it’s possibly is the perfect temperature in Bangalore, we cannot stress enough about how beautiful the rains in this city are, the raindrops caress the city’s surface like gentle confessions and you are lucky to witness the sweet aromas of the wet earth and the absolute lush paradise it turns into. It’s a blessing to watch the city that once was bathed in the warm hues of everyday life turn into a cool, misty love affair. Also Bangalore rains are unpredictable so keep that umbrella handy and prepare yourself to be dazzled by the monsoon here.

Best thing to do: Taking a day trip to the biological parks is a must, the blooming flowers are at their best and you can almost feel them all smiling and swinging as they are being showered by the grace of the beautiful rains.

Winter (October to February): 

best time to visit vineyards in bangalore
Hot cup of coffee during the cold weather.

Winter in Bangalore is like a snug embrace by mother nature, the abundance of trees act like a security blanket turning the most mundane activities like leisurely walks through the city’s iconic parks into an exciting activity. The temperatures are brewing at a blend of coziness and thrilling, ranging from 14°C to 28°C.  During winter, you can explore Bangalore’s numerous parks, botanical garden and Cubbon Park that come alive with blooming flowers and enthralling hues. The pleasant chill also enhances the experience of visiting such places. You could also go to LalBagh for a similar blooming visual.

Winters in Bangalore are the ideal backdrop for your long bike ride escapades just to savor the piping hot chai at a roadside kiosk. So keep those jackets and warmers in check and come prepared for a fuzzy season.

Best thing to do: Take a day trip to Nandi Hills, the ride is chilly and as the sun rises and the gleeful sun rays hit your face, you will feel like you have reached a whole different world.

If that is too much then you must consider visiting the vineyards post monsoon as the harvest usually happens from late November to early January. This is the best time to visit vineyards in Bangalore. Some of the vineyards also organize events to showcase wine making during this time.

Special Considerations

bangalore weather is great through out the year.
Clear skies in Bangalore during Diwali.

Festivals And Events

Taking into consideration that Bangalore has a lot of great ways to celebrate festivals and events, one must base their visit around the perfect time. Diwali is celebrated with a lot of energy here in October and November, depending on the lunar calendar. The city literally lights up with colorful decorations and fervor allowing you a glimpse of the joyous occasions.

Bengaluru International Film Festival is also held in February attracting film enthusiasts from around the world, if you have a penchant for cinema, this event offers a unique opportunity to explore a diverse range of films where you can also engage and interact with filmmakers and industry professionals.

Local Holidays And Vacation Period

Be very mindful of the local and national holidays while planning your visit to Bangalore, as these can have a great impact on the overall experience. Most of the local transport facilities and attractions are not operational during such days while some places may experience a large crowd during major holidays. Summer vacation periods impact the number of families that visit various attractions around town.

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Best time to visit Bangalore really depends on your personal preference when you would ideally like to visit the city, regardless of you being an outdoorsy person who loves to explore the unknown and would not like it if the climate wreaked havoc on your plans or you being an indoor person who likes the snug sofa set and a large window to watch the dreamy rainfall from – Bangalore has you all covered with it’s pleasant and inviting climates all year round.


What is the best time to visit Bangalore?

Can one select a flavor of icecream for everyone? No, right? The same way it is not possible to say which time would be the best to visit Bangalore. However, if you are a fan of snug and cozy temperatures then winter is your best bet. If you worship the sunlight and need the strong rays to feel motivated then you can visit the city in Summer.

When is the best time to explore Bangalore?

We love the monsoon season, it’s like the city is getting a refreshing reset and everything is in full bloom, the green shades of trees are brighter and you almost feel like everything around is in high definition.

How is the general climate of Bangalore?

Generally the climate of Bangalore is very pleasant owing to the city’s design that is so carefully kept in the picture. The city goes hand in hand with the ecosystem attracting a fun misty atmosphere.


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