Jaipur city, the town of majestic forts that stand tall towards the sky and bustling markets that burst with shades and aromas, Jaipur is honey to the soul and your senses. Knowing the proper time to set foot in this vibrant town can make all the difference between a mediocre experience and an unforgettable one. From colorful fairs to tranquil hideaways, each season brings its own magic to Jaipur’s streets. So, read along to find the secrets of temperature in jaipur and timing your visit just right. Because with regards to exploring this place, the best time to visit Jaipur will genuinely make a difference!

Seasonal Guide To The Best Time To Visit Jaipur

Jaipur, the radiant gem of Rajasthan, breaks down its charms across 3 seasons: summer season, monsoon, and winter. While wintry weather in Jaipur surely reigns supreme with its pleasant relaxation, each season in Jaipur gives its own unique journey for keen explorers. Let us take you on an adventure in each season and find out the spell binding variety of experiences that Jaipur has to provide

Summer (April to June)

jaipur temperature is very hot during the summers
Jaipur is sizzling hot during Summers.

Jaipur’s sizzling hot season is not a joke, you’ll feel those toasty breezes teasing the city streets, making it look like a massive hair dryer is on full blast. While many tourists may raise an eyebrow at the idea of the summer season in Jaipur, there’s a silver lining you wouldn’t want to overlook.

To give you an idea, With fewer tourists braving the heat waves, you’ll be able to identify price drops faster than you could say “sunscreen.” Hotels, flights, or even those must-see attractions regularly come with a summer season cut price. Plus, much less crowd means greater area to snap that best photo at the iconic Hawa Mahal or take an uninterrupted serene stroll through the City Palace. Basically experience the city and all that Jaipur is famous for, in an exclusive fashion!

But we get it – the warmth can be severe. So, if you’re making plans to take the challenge, mornings and evenings are your best bet. And guess what? Jaipur’s vibrant Gangaur festival falls right in the summer season where the town comes alive with dazzling processions, vibrant Rajasthani performances, and superbly decorated palanquins parading through the streets. Don’t forget to pack the light, breezy cotton clothes, your favorite sun shades, and always keep that water bottle handy. Stay cool, hydrated, and let the summer adventures in Jaipur begin!

Temperature of Jaipur: 44 to 45 degrees

Monsoon (July to September)

 climate of jaipur is very plesanr during the monsoons.
Be ready to enjoy some refreshing downpours during the monsoons.

Ah, monsoons in Jaipur! It’s that magical time while the Pink City trades its blazing sun for dramatic cloud shows and refreshing downpours. Sure, you may ask, “Is Jaipur even a good idea in the wet season?” Well, grab your umbrellas and raincoats, because we are saying a resounding YES!

From July to September, Jaipur Rajasthan gets its share of monsoon love, offering a respite from the damage of the relentless summer. While August is rain-soaked, and September sees the monsoon slowly bidding adieu, each month has its very own attractiveness.

Fewer vacationers visit during this time of the year and you will have the city’s fascinating forts and palaces more to yourself. Plus, airlines and inns sprinkle their costs with generous discounts. Allowing you to be a part of a budget-friendly, crowd-free getaway that lets you relax and indulge in uninterrupted sightseeing in Jaipur.

The monsoon months coincide with the Teej festival, a cultural extravaganza you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s safe to say that monsoon is the season of colorful processions, lush landscapes, and the occasional rainbow – all adding to Jaipur’s royal charm.

While the humidity is probably a tad excessive, the rain cleanses the city thoroughly, leaving behind a clean, mesmerizing atmosphere. The monsoon season guarantees a completely unique and beautiful escape which makes it one of the best time to visit Jaipur.

Temperature of Jaipur: 77 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Winter (October to March)

temperature in jaipur can drop to very lows during the winters.
People enjoying the cool weather during winter season.

The month of wintery iciness is where the real magic happens in Jaipur! With cool breezes and clean skies, the Pink City transforms into a delightful haven from October to March. Imagine sunny days perfect for sightseeing and cold nights that invite relaxed evenings by the bonfire. Jaipur’s winter calendar is jam-packed with vibrant fairs and occasions that celebrate its rich cultural heritage. From the colorful Kite Festival in January to the intellectually stimulating Jaipur Literature Festival, you will not run out of options of activities. If you are someone that craves for the pleasant climate then this season is the Best Time To Visit Jaipur.

Do not miss out on the spellbinding Rajasthani folk performances that come alive during these months. Shopping fanatics are also in for a treat during this season as the chilly evenings create the perfect setting for some retail therapy with brimming markets, colorful artifacts, textiles, and handicrafts that make for ideal presents for loved ones. If you’re fortunate, you might even witness Jaipur’s iconic Elephant Festival or the Jaipur International Film Festival.

Temperature of Jaipur: 50 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 to 27 degrees Celsius.

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Best Time To Visit Jaipur  For That Ultimate Festive Fun!

sightseeing in jaipur is fun if its not very hot.
People soaking in the festive vibes in Jaipur.

Jaipur isn’t always just about its majestic forts and palaces – it is a city that is equipped with a variety of activities, from literature to cinema, from traditional arts to trendy images, Jaipur’s festivals and events are as varied as they’re vibrant. So, if you’re wondering when to visit to catch the city in its festive excellence, here is a fun filled list of things to do in jaipur for you:

Jaipur Literature Festival (January – February)

A sensory stimulant for all the bookworms! The Jaipur Literature Festival is where the literary world comes alive. From well established authors to emerging writers, everyone here celebrates the magic of literature. Don’t miss out if books are your jam!

Jaipur International Film Festival (January – February)

Experience international cinema like never before at the Jaipur International Film Festival. If you’re a movie buff trying to discover cinema of good taste that goes beyond Bollywood, this festival is your golden ticket!

Kite Festival (January – February)

Welcome the spring with colorful kites hovering high in the Jaipur sky. Engage in thrilling kite battles and indulge in the delicious neighborhood treats – it is a festive affair you wouldn’t want to miss if you want to experience Jaipur for its authentic local life.

Jaipur Photo Festival (January – February)

This one is for photography enthusiasts! . Discover beautiful visuals from photographers worldwide and dive into engaging seminars that celebrate the art of photography and visual storytelling.

Elephant Festival (March – April)

Roll out the pink carpet for the mild giants because the Elephant Festival is an impressive affair with elephants, horses, camels, and folk dancers dressed to impress. And yes, you’ll even witness elephants dancing and playing polo – it’s a stunning spectacle!

Gangaur Festival (March – April)

Celebrate the vibrant Gangaur Festival with a 16-day extravaganza honoring Goddess Gauri. Watch Jaipur come alive with colorful processions and traditional merrymaking. This festival is symbolic of the local traditions and practices.

Teej (July – August)

Swing into the monsoon festivities at the Teej festival as locals celebrate the divine union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. From folk songs and dances to beautifully decorated swings hanging from trees, Jaipur transforms into a mesmerizing visual during this joyous event marking it as one of the best places to visit.

So, whether you are a culture vulture, a foodie, or simply trying to soak in the festive vibes, Jaipur’s event calendar guarantees that you have a core culturally immersive experience. 

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Do’s And Don’ts

Best Time to Visit jaipur is after the summer season.
Pleasant weather in Jaipur for some outdoor fun.

Do’s In Jaipur

Dress Respectfully: Adhere to the local culture and customs with the aid of dressing modestly, especially at spiritual sites.

Stay Hydrated: Beat the heat and carry a water bottle at all times, mainly during the summer season.

Bargain Smartly: Engage in friendly bargaining at local markets to get the best offers on handicrafts and textiles.

Respect Local Traditions: Remove your footwear before you enter temples and respect the rituals.

Try Local Cuisine: Dive into Rajasthani dishes like Dal Bati Churma and Ghewar, and appreciate street food carefully.

Don’ts In Jaipur

Avoid PDA: Public displays of love aren’t appreciated and might be frowned upon in public locations.

Don’t Drink Tap Water: Always opt for bottled or filtered water to keep away from an upset stomach.

Be Cautious With Street Food: While tempting, stick with clean food companies to stay safe.

Respect Sacred Spaces: Don’t forget to leave your footwear and make sure you maintain the  decorum when touring spiritual sites.

Avoid Peak Sun Hours: Try to limit outdoor sports at the hottest hours of the day to avoid a heat stroke.


Jaipur, with its majestic forts, vibrant markets, and rich cultural heritage, gives a unique blend of activities during the year. Whether you are a history buff, a culture fanatic, or someone looking to take pleasure in some festive fun, it has something unique for a variety of interests and every season is the Best Time To Visit Jaipur in its own way.

From the sizzling summers that come with extremely good deals and the monsoon season that transforms the city into a lush paradise, to the cool winters that host a wide range of cultural activities and festivals – Jaipur is a metropolis that never fails to amaze.

You could plan to explore the landmarks, splurge on the finest handicrafts, or immerse yourself in the town’s festive spirit. With its eventful calendar and various points of interest, Jaipur promises an unforgettable experience, making it a must-visit vacation spot for every traveler. 


Which month is hottest in Jaipur?

The hottest month in Jaipur is generally May, with temperatures often soaring above 40°C.

What are the popular places to visit in Jaipur?

Popular places to visit in Jaipur include Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, and Nahargarh Fort.

What are the hotels to stay in Jaipur?

Top hotels that you can stay at in Jaipur include the Rambagh Palace, Taj Jai Mahal Palace, Fairmont Jaipur, and Trident Jaipur.

What is so famous about Jaipur?

Jaipur is famous for its majestic forts, vibrant culture, colorful bazaars, and rich Rajasthani heritage. You can time your visit carefully around the festive season to fully appreciate the heritage, customs and rituals.


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