Munnar, a picturesque hill station nested amidst the dense forest of the Western Ghats is an ideal holiday destination because of its pleasant climate. Having said that, when is it really the best time to visit Munnar? Be it the coolness of the winter, warmth of the summer or the dampness of the monsoon, Munnar is as beautiful and thrilling as always. No matter what the time of year it is, Munnar never fails to entice its travelers. To help you understand the seasonal variations, do refer to our guide that tells how the weather looks in each season.

Weather In Munnar At A Glance

munnar best time to visit depends on peoples personal preferences.
Beautiful views of sunrise in Munnar.

The hills of Munnar have three major seasons: summer, monsoon and winter. All the three seasons have their own pros and cons. Here’s our guide to the best time to visit Munnar written keeping all the pros and cons in mind to help you plan better.

Summer In Munnar (March To May)

The month of March marks the beginning of summer in Munnar. Unlike other places in Kerala, the summer season in Munnar is very pleasant and comfortable. During this time of the year, mornings and evenings are cool and comfortable, while the afternoons are warm. Clear skies and the refreshing climate makes Munnar an ideal place to escape from the summer heat. The amicable temperatures during summer season makes it the perfect time for exploring and sight-seeing. 

Temperature: Between 19°C to 32°C

Pros Of Visiting In Summer: Almost all activities are open during this season. 

Cons Of Visiting In Summer: As it is the peak season, be ready for surge in crowd as well as charges.

Places To Visit In Summer: Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty Dam, Echo Point, Tea & Spice Garden

Things To Do In Summer: Tour of tea plantation, Hiking, camping, Trekking, Rock Climbing, Elephant Ride, Scenic Drives.

munnar weather is great throughout the year.
Scenic views of Munnar on bright sunny day.

Monsoon In Munnar (June To September)

Heavy rainfall in Munnar transforms this hill station into a lush paradise during the monsoons. Due to heavy rains the temperature drops providing a cool and refreshing ambiance. It’s perfect weather for people looking to connect with nature. The monsoon season would be one of the best times to visit Munnar as everything from the tea gardens to waterfalls, the rolling hills to the serene landscape gets rejuvenated. To experience the misty look of Munnar, this is the ideal time to visit. 

Temperature: Between 15°C to 20°C

Pros Of Visiting In Monsoon: green gardens and splashing waterfalls, cheaper rates as its off-season.

Cons Of Visiting In Monsoon: canhamper outdoor activities due to heavy rain and landslides.

Places To Visit In Monsoon: Lakkom Waterfalls, Pothamedu Viewpoint, Kundala Lake.

Things To Do In Monsoon: watch theshimmering rain from your cottage, long drives through the forest. 

Winter In Munnar (October To February)

Winter season in Munnar is profoundly special as everything around is truly magical during this time of the year. Winter starts setting in by the end of October and reaches its high by December. The cool and refreshing climate along with fog and mist makes the perfect settings for a romantic getaway. Not just for couples, the cozy weather along with the region’s natural beauty, creates a delightful experience for all. Be it indoors or outdoors, Munnar weather during winter season has all the makings for a perfect holiday.

Temperature: Between 8°C to 15°C

Pros Of Visiting In Winter: As the weather is amazing, it’s ideal for all type of travelers. 

Cons Of Visiting In Winter: Huge crowds, long queues and occasionally the temperature can drop down to sub-zero levels which cannot be tolerated by all.

Places To Visit In Winter: Blossom International Park, Lockhart Tea Factory, Old Train Station, Mount Carmel Church.

Things To Do In Winter: trekking, rock climbing, hiking, sightseeing, camping and rappelling activities.

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Best Time To Visit Munnar For Specific Activities & Occasions

No matter what time of the year it is, Munnar’s pleasant climate and different activities makes it a favorite destination for all. Here we take a look at which is the best season to visit Munnar with respect to certain activities and occasions. 

weather in munnar is very cold during winters.
Aerial view of the misty and cold hill-station down south of India.

For Adventure Activities

Best Time To Visit: March, April, May

Why: Warm and clear weather during these months is ideal for road tripping, trekking, rock climbing, and many other outdoor adventures. With the winters being foggy and rainy season making everything wet, sunny summer months are the best time to visit Munnar Kerala to indulge in adventure activities.

For Tea Plantation & Spice Tours

Best Time To Visit: October – February

Why: Just after monsoons everything looks green and fresh which enhances the overall experience. Walking through the lush tea & spice gardens and learning about them in the cooler months will be much easier than in summer.

For Honeymooners

Best Time To Visit: October – March

Why: Fog and mist during the cold season provides a romantic and serene atmosphere that’s ideal for honeymooners. Munnar also happens to be one of the best destinations for couples to spend quality time alone. 

For Wildlife Spotting

Best Time To Visit: April, May, June

Why: Chances of spotting wildlife is high during the summer months as this is the time animals come out looking for water.

For Experiencing Waterfalls

Best Time To Visit: June – September

Why: Waterfalls look majestic and powerful during the rainy season because of the beautiful sight of water gushing down in its full glory. The lush greenery around also enhances the beauty of the falls.

For Sightseeing & Photography

Best Time To Visit: October, November

Why: Just after monsoons, the whole of Munnar is blooming with flowers and lush greenery. The bright clear skies adds on the whole ambiance, making it perfect for some insta worthy clicks. 

For Festivals & Cultural Experiences

Best Time To Visit: August – January

Why: Kerala festival Onam comes during the month of August, and Tamil festival Pongal comes during the month of January. These months are the best time to catch the rich culture and traditions of the region.

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Final Thoughts 

Regardless of the season, Munnar remains a perfect destination because of its captivating beauty and tranquil ambiance. So, when the hills are calling, without a doubt, choose the best time to visit Munnar purely based on preferences and experiences that you are looking for. Be assured, this picturesque hill station will not disappoint! 


Best Time to Visit Munnar: Summer, Winter, or Monsoon?

Munnar being a popular hill station in Kerala, ideally winter season would be the right time to visit. The weather during this time is very cool and comfortable, which is ideal for sightseeing. However, Munnar best time to visit can also depend on each individual’s preferences.

Which is the hottest month in Munnar?

The summer months of March, April and May are the hottest months in Munnar. Temperature can go up to a high of as much as 32°C.

Which is the coldest month in Munnar?

The coldest month in Munnar is the month of December. Temperature had dropped to as low as 0 °C in the year 2023.

How many days can we spend in Munnar?

To experience the magic of Munnar to its fullest, a stay of 2 days will be ideal. Most of the famous places in Munnar can be covered within these two days.


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