Maybe you have a list for your best travel luggage in your mind and you think they are the best ones. Well, check out the ones mentioned below, before you claim to have the best ones with you. We all have one or two travel luggage in mind but there are many more that are trendy and serve a different purpose and also are spacious and easy to carry. Something that is different from your suitcases and classier than your duffel should be your choice to carry. So we have listed a few pieces of luggage for you that are easy and trendy to carry. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you make a decision to buy one particular luggage. Keep reading!

How to choose the best travel luggage

Firstly know which airlines you will have to board and what is the luggage allowance for them. Luggage allowance is different for different airlines.

You can choose the best travel luggage for yourself on the basis of the things listed below.


Durability is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when buying the best travel luggage for yourself. You definitely do not want to invest into luggage over and over again. As in you can, but why would you want to? Buy one correct luggage and you are done. Durability is one of the key factors to decide what you want to buy. Durability depends on what material is being used to make this luggage. Few materials that are durable are:


The first hard side luggage material choice was aluminium. Aluminium is quite expensive but is very durable. The cons to buying this material is that is is heavier than poly-carbonate and is easily dented or scratched.


Poly-carbonate is the most durable material that is used in the construction of hard sided luggage. Because of being a durable material, it can easily resist rough handling. This material in luggage is available in many patterns.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

ABS constitutes of three plastics and each one has its own characteristics. Acrylonitrile provides fatigue resistance and hardness. Butadiene helps in providing good resistance. Styrene provides heat resistance, processability, colour and hardness. The luggage made from this plastic is light but are not as durable as the ones that are made from polycarbonate.


Polypropylene is the lightest material available in the market for luggage. Luggage made from polypropylene are not as durable and as poly-carbonate ones are.


Operation plays the key factor when it comes to buying the best travel luggage for yourself. The usage of the luggage depends on you. How frequently you need to travel. How hard do you want the sides to be or how many wheels do you want there to be in your luggage? These are a few factors that you need to think before talking to that salesman.

Hard and soft-sided

Soft-sided and hard sided luggage depends on the material they are made of. For soft-sided luggage material used is often Mylon, Cordura and polyester. Undoubtedly the hard-sided luggage offers more durability than soft-sided luggage. Hence, even if it is abused it will stand up for itself, unlike soft-sided luggage.


Some of the luggage have four wheels, others have two. The benefits of travelling with a four-wheeled luggage are that it is easy to carry them and travel with them as they spin and you actually do not feel the need to drag it. The only disadvantage is that when on an inclined surface, your luggage runs away from you. This is where two-wheeled luggage comes into the picture. So swing with the four wheels and if that’s not your plan for a holiday, two-wheeled luggage is what you want to buy.

Types of luggage

Carry on luggage


A satchel is a bag usually with a long strap and is often worn diagonally across the body where the bag hangs on the opposite side hip. It has a flap and is usually rectangle in shape. The sizes may vary according to buyers choice but availability in the market is in large and regular sizes. This bag is perfect for you if you are heading for a business meet and don’t have a long stay in one place. Unlike briefcase, a satchel is soft-sided.

Best travel luggages for carry on
Satchel bags for light travel

Messenger bag

Messenger bags made their way onto the scene in the 1950s in America. The inspiration for messenger bags was taken from Satchel bags. But for your clothes and necessities, this isn’t the right choice. Messenger bags are more like laptop bags. They are compact than satchels. Messenger bags not necessarily have a flap, they might have zips. You can carry them with your formals or your casuals according to your choice and freedom.

best travel luggages for light travel
Messenger bags for travel


A briefcase is a narrow rectangular shaped box. It has a hard side and is usually carried with papers, files or official documents. A briefcase is smaller than an attache hence lighter in weight. If you are headed for a business trip, this is the best travel luggage for you to take for your official documents, not for your clothes and other items.

Briefcases, the best travel luggages
Briefcase for business travel


A backpack has straps that go over your shoulders to your back so that it becomes easy for you to carry your stuff on your back and your hands are free from holding anything. These are the best travel luggage for people who are planning to go on hiking. It is cool enough to carry casually too.

Best travel luggages
Casual backpacks

Checked-in baggage

Upright Spinner

Spinner luggage usually has four wheels that help them rotate 360 degrees. Because of the four wheels on four corners, upright spinner effortlessly glides on smooth surfaces. Spinners stand upright and are pushed. They can even be manoeuvred right beside you. Spinners take pressure off your joints and wrists and make it easy for you to carry your luggage with you.

Spinners are the best travel luggages
Upright spinner luggage for easy travel

Duffel bag

A duffel bag is a bag shaped like a cylinder and made of strong fabric such as canvas or cloth. Most of the duffel bags that are less than 22″ are suitable to carry-on. It is just the right luggage for you if you are heading for a short trip. Duffel bags are usually used for gym purpose but if you do not want to carry a heavy luggage, carrying a duffel is the best thing for you. It is light, stylish and trendy. Plus people might think that you are a gym person ;).

Best travel luggages
Duffel bags


Trunks have always been a great luggage for travel. They had been invisible for a while, but now they are back in trend. Chumbak (for India) and Logicline are the correct places to buy trunks from. They have beautiful designs available and that too according to the sizes you want. The material of the trunk depends on the need of the customer.

Not a chair around to sit? Don’t you worry! You have your trunk with you. Make your own space.

Best travel luggages
Trunk suitcases


Rucksacks are slightly bigger in size than backpacks and are perfect for hikers to carry when hiking. They have a lot of space in it to keep your essentials for hiking. Rucksack has material that is waterproof and strong. Hence pack your rucksack and set off.

Best travel luggages
Rucksacks for hikers

We hope the article helped you to choose your best travel luggage.

Get lost somewhere that you think is a happy place, just pack right for it 🙂

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