Do you judge a book by this cover? Well if we are honest we have all done it at some point in time. In a world ruled by social media and aesthetics, we tend to view things at their face value rather than substance. What if the ability to do that is taken away from you, where you have no way to know what you’re getting yourself into. Would you be willing to take a plunge? Because that’s what the concept of Blind Date With a Book. Let us introduce to you this. 

What Is Blind Date With A Book?

Blind date with a book is a mystery book, wrapped in brown paper, with a few words printed on the cover acting as clues that tell you a little bit of what to expect. You won’t know the title or the name of the author, those few words are all you get to decide if you wish to take the book home or not. Started by Elizabeth’s Bookshops one of Australia’s largest second-hand bookshop operations, the concept has evolved and gained popularity all over the globe. This initially took birth only at their online stores and now the concept has been adopted at books stores and even libraries. 

The concept enables readers to expand their reading repertoires by guiding them towards books that are outside their comfort zones. It aims to encourage readers to explore new genres and authors in an exciting and engaging way. It is a very creative way to capture the imagination of readers of all ages. The reason “blind date with a book” works is because we humans are all curious beings and if there is something in the market that awakens that, our itchy hands would be all over it. It also builds intrigue in readers as they try to understand their reading preferences. The words are written on top of the brown paper act as a guide and make you understand if that’s the kind of genre you prefer or if it’s something you would explore keeping readers on their toes. 

Now you may question that there are concepts like book subscriptions and book of the month clubs which entertain a similar concept. How is the blind date with a book any different? The preliminary difference is in book subscriptions you are given a book at a random or whatever genre the subscription company is catering to that particular month. It is not curated as per your liking and you will not even know what the book will be about. With “blind date with a book” you would be aware of a few things about the book but not the plot. This increases a sense of curiosity and makes you excited and intrigued and even attracts the most reluctant readers. What will have readers on the hook is the idea of having something to unwrap without knowing what it is, making it the purest form of a present for yourself. 

Blind Date With A Book

Places To Experience “Blind date with a book”

Online stores

This was the birthplace of “blind date with a book” with Elizabeth’s book shop being the front runner. They have unfortunately halted their services at the moment and readers are awaiting their return. There are a few other sites that cater to this as well. One Instagram page is theblindbookdate which was established in 2017 in Mumbai. They have been part of events like Spokenfest and Under25. They currently send your book dates home. There are a few online stores that also support a subscription model. 

Book Stores

Imagine a rack of beautifully wrapped books in brown paper tied with string. It’s going to catch any buyer’s eye.  The enticing display, combined with human curiosity and you have a concept that would not fail. If you are an avid reader and wish to sway someone in the most creative way. Take your kids to one of the stores and introduce them to the world of reading and make a day out of it. 

Blind Date With A Book


What other place would be perfect for a “blind date with a book” of course a building filled with books? Libraries in schools and colleges have adopted the concept to make reading fun and encourage the minds of tomorrow. What a brilliant way to instil reading in their lives allowing them the opportunity to peel themselves from their screens. 

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A Trend We Hope Is Here To Stay 

Blind date with a book is one of the most innovative ways to entice existing readers and also encourage non-readers to invest in the same. It works for all age groups and is a versatile concept. It can be adopted by stores, libraries, schools anyplace where books can be displayed. Book lovers can even have a “blind date with a book” themed party, the possibilities are endless. Though the concept in India is comparatively slower than the other trends, we hope to see these trends booming soon and stay.


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