Breakfast With A View: Sunrise Breakfast Experience At Shangri La’s Rasa Ria Resort

The humongous Shangri La Rasa Ria Resort is located in approx. 400 acres area and is surrounded by greenery. While the entire resort is full of some unforgettable experiences, what really caught my fancy was the breakfast with a view activity. We were told that there was a possibility of watching the sun rise from behind the mountains; but we’d have to walk in the dark for around 30 minutes on an uphill climb to get to the lookout. Always interested in nature’s offerings, I immediately said yes for it. But I had not expected the grandeur that was to be presented in front of my eyes! 

In a short paragraph I can say that we were treated to an experience fit for royalty; a wonderful breakfast with one of the most scenic views. The memory is so amazingly unforgettable it surely takes the title of one of the highlights of our entire trip to Sabah, Malaysia.

Starting Out for our breakfast with a view

A few of us had been asked to be in the lobby by 515 am so that we could reach the breakfast place before sunrise. Only time would tell, if it was worth waking up at the ungodly hour of 5 am to hike up to the top of the nature reserve for breakfast! We were driven in a small van to the meeting point at the Nature Centre where we met our friendly guide. He carried a hand-woven traditional Sabah basket to keep our water bottles as we crossed a canopy walk on the way, the path lit up by our torches. 

En route to the view
The sun rising over the hills in Sabah, breakfast with a view
Photo credits: Shubham Mansingka

He led us on the trail, pointing out various interesting trees, as well as the deadly pit viper snake that was snoozing on a branch. The hike took hardly around 30 mins, but I was drowning in sweat by the end of it. In the tropical heat, the humidity in this region is always over 90 percent. Even when its early morning and the breeze is non-existent, it can be a sweaty affair! So when we were greeted by a cool breeze at the top of the viewing deck, it was a much-needed relief. Two tables with an unbelievable view had been laid out for us. 

There we were
sunrise at shangri la rasa ria viewpoint, breakfast with a view
Photo credits: Shubham Mansingka

Upon reaching – It’s still dark and we’ve just climbed a steep hill in the jungle of Shangri-La Rasa Ria, and in the dim light, we have a clear view of Mt Kinabalu, which rises above the morning mist in the distance. This must be one of the most stunning views in all of Malaysian Borneo. To the left was an endless beach; in the middle, a river flowed while being surrounded by a lush green rainforest surrounded by mist and clouds. And to the right, the summit of Mount Kinabalu stood proudly guarding over the landscape. 

The Breakfast
People sitting at an outdoor breakfast table - breakfast with a view
Photo credits: Shubham Mansingka

I started off with orange juice. A light breakfast comprising of fruits and a variety of pastries had been laid out for us, and we sat down to savour it. Imagine the view that we had for company! The majestic Mount Kinabalu stood tall, and the coastline stretching away to the horizon on our left. The aroma of freshly baked pastries with such a wondrous view made me almost insane with delight. For a moment, I wondered if I had been dreaming or was I truly awake!

A spread of breakfast in the open air - breakfast with a view
Photo credits: Shubham Mansingka

After some time, the sunshine filtered through the trees and created a stunning effect. We ate and drank in glee; it was incredibly beautiful to be able to enjoy the stunning scenery in such an exclusive way. When people talk about bucket lists, they surely have to put this experience in their bucket list for sure. Shangri La Rasa Ria officially calls it the ‘Breakfast with View at Ria Lookout’.

Over the course of my travels, I have had quite a few memorable dining experiences. But one thing’s for sure when it comes to unforgettable mornings, this Shangri La Rasa Ria breakfast experience is going to take a lot to catch up to! It is a kind of speechless beauty that we were witness to here; it was something that I can possibly eulogise as ‘a breakfast that dreams are made of!’.

There are a few times in our life that words can’t quite explain the true beauty of nature. And even the camera doesn’t do justice to the experience, and those moments can only be felt in the heart. This ‘breakfast with a view’ was one of those! 

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