Get your feet swept away by the mesmerizing Brindavan Gardens located 12 km from Mysore. Spread over 60 acres this sprawling garden lies adjoining the Krishnarajasagara Dam built across the River Kaveri. The park is laid out on three terraces that contain a variety of flora like, Ficus trees, Duranta, Euphorbia, celosia, marigold, bougainvillea, and many other flowering plants, promising a breathtaking and awe-inspiring sight. Apart from these, the garden also boasts some artistic sculptures and works of topiary that further enhance its attractiveness and look visually stunning! So, pergolas are available in gardens in case someone needs to take a minute of rest in the peaceful and tranquil surroundings of the garden.

brindavan gardens mysore is a top touristy destination
Artistic sculptures and works of topiary in Brindavan Garden.

Brindavan Gardens Timings, Location & Entry Fee

Timings – 6:00 am to 8:00 pm (On weekdays), 6:00 am to 9:00 pm (On Weekends)

Location Muthukuru Village, Annugondanahalli Hobli, Hoskote Taluk

Entry Fee – INR 15 for Adults & INR 5 for Children (Age: 5-10 Yrs)

Best Time To Visit Brindavan Gardens Mysore

The garden is simply stunning from October to February. The weather at these times is warm and at the same time cool, so it is very comfortable to take part in outdoor activities and relaxing strolls around the garden. 

Off-Season Visits

Although this place is beautiful all year long, it has a certain charm during the monsoon season from June to September. The vegetation has its full bloom and the waterfalls and fountains burst with all their power, therefore, making a very enchanting sight. The monsoon season, on the other hand, not only brings heavy rains but also may lead to a short-term closure of the garden. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a watch on the forecast before you plan your trip.

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Activities To Do Here

check official website for brindavan gardens fountain show timings
Most famous fountain show in Mysore.

Musical Fountain Show

The special attraction here is the Musical Fountain Show where you witness water jets moving rhythmically along with musical rhythms, and it’s as if you have time-traveled into a world full of fantasies and fiction. Watching the mesmerizing fountain show, as the water dances along to the enchanting music, is a moment you’ll cherish forever. The Brindavan Garden fountain show timings are from 6.30 PM to 7.30 PM on weekdays and 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM on weekends.

The Light Show

Brindavan Gardens at night is so captivating as they have an audio-visual extravaganza at that time, which is an enchanting and breathtaking light show. This place constitutes beautiful gardens whose stunning architectural features and natural beauty are emphasized with magnificent light effects during the show. The dancing fountains under the open sky amaze the visitors by way of changing colors with songs played, and soulful music tunes to colorful and dynamic lights that are synchronized. The Brindavan Gardens light show timings are from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM and on weekends it’s from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

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Boat Ride

A boat ride on the Kaveri River cannot get any more peaceful and serene than it already is. As you float through and witness the sheer beauty of the gardens, it will be hard for anyone not to feel captivated by the silent allure of the surroundings that would make them experience something special. At the time the sky colors reflect over the water, this is a moment that one can cherish forever.


This place is a photographer’s paradise! Surrounded by beautiful flower beds with a riot of colors, stunning landscapes, and great fountains, there’s always something to capture your moments in the most artistic way possible. No wonder photographers from around the world pour here to arrest the immortal beauty and essence of Brindavan.

Nature Walk

This is the ideal place to put on your walking shoes and soak in the serenity of what nature beholds. Trails span its layout configuration, emanating from tracks covering each division point, right from the Rose Garden to the Bonsai Garden, with fragrances of botanical life wafting around. With every step you take, you are drawn one step further into these exquisite gardens, as a longing for more grows within you.

Food And Shopping

Apart from the musical fountain, there are also food stalls and small shops of souvenirs such as traditional clothes and handicrafts near this place. Taste the local snacks and beverages there and take a little Brindavan Garden souvenir back home to keep your memory fresh forever.

brindavan gardens at night is a sight to behold
Musical fountain with lights at Brindavan Gardens.

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Final Thoughts

After reading our guide we hope to have kindled enough interest in you to visit these enchanting gardens. From fountains cascading down with so much fervor, even the entire flowerbeds: just the sight is a delightful addition, which makes this musical rhythm and water jet show captivating. Whether one wants to come for tranquil nature walks or just engage in fun activities like boat rides and photography, Brindavan Gardens offers it all. Come now and indulge in this abode of one of the most alluring gardens of India.


How to Reach Brindavan Gardens?

By Road: You can reach Mysore and hire a cab or come from the local bus of Mysore city. The gardens are approx. 12 km from the gardens so the journey might take 30 – 45 minutes.
By Railways: You can take a train and alight at the Mysuru junction railway station and hire a taxi or take a local bus from there to reach Brindavan.
By Air: If you’re coming from far away, you can take a flight to Bangalore International Airport and hire a cab/taxi to come to the Gardens which is approx. 190 km from Bangalore.

Is Brindavan Gardens and KRS Dam the same?

Brindavan Gardens and KRS Dam are two separate attractions. KRS Dam on the River Kaveri is a renowned reservoir, the garden sits adjoining the KRS Dam.


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