If you’ve missed the sakura season in Japan, worry no more! Because you can celebrate spring at the Yuantouzhu International Cherry Blossom Festival which is held at Yuantouzhu Island, China where more than 30,000 cherry trees dot the verdant island and turn it into a pink wonderland!

Situated just two hours outside Shanghai, this tiny peninsula in Wuxi is submerged with the sea of cherry blossoms every year from March to April.  Yuantouzhu Island is also called Turtle Head Island because of its unique topographic features: a land surrounded by water on three sides, resembling the head of a huge swimming turtle tossing its head. Let’s not forget that this famous isle is located at the northwest side of the magnificent Taihu Lake which is the third-largest freshwater lake in China.

Cherry blossoms lush season in the lakefront at sunset, Jiangsu Province, Yuantouzhu Island
Wuxi Taihu Lake Changchun Bridge with Cherry Blossom Trees blooming, Yuantouzhu Island

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During March to April, at least 70 types of cherry flowers are in full bloom covering an area of 0.65 sq km. An island rich with history, culture and natural beauty, it attracts travellers from all over the world; especially during the spring season. At this time, a wonderful display of cherry blossoms can be seen along the shores of the lake; set against a backdrop of classic Jiangnan-style architecture.

Yuantouzhu Island, A Cherry Blossom Heaven

The best places to appreciate cherry blossoms in Yuantouzhu include Sakura Valley, Lovers’ Valley, Changchun Bridge, the Sino-Japanese Friendship Oriental Cherry Plantation, Renjie Garden, Ten-mile Fragrant Lane, and the Yuantouzhu Park. Indulge yourself in the beautiful corner of Taihu Lake: The Yuantouzhu Park. A gift endowed by nature, here you may enjoy the beauty and magnificence of Taihu Lake. There are sakura flowers in full bloom in spring; vast green waves in summer; and beautiful fallen leaves in autumn. Pamper yourself in the green hills and crystal-clear water; where the light of the setting sun and the fishermen’s songs at night always create a poetic atmosphere.

Cherry Blossom Valley, Yuantouzhu Island
(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

You can take a walk on the tranquil path under these cherry blossom trees. Take a traditional boat on Taihu Lake; or climb up to the Luding Hill to have a panoramic view of the pink and white flowers. Moreover, the attraction is also open for the tourists to enjoy the flowers decorated by lights at night. Every year from mid-March to early May, Yuantouzhu International Cherry Blossom Festival is held to bring people from all over the world to enjoy the flowers. Take part in the activities and enjoy the grand festival of cherry blossoms!

Important Tip: During your visit, don’t miss the Changchung Bridge; it is surrounded by cherry trees donated by the Japanese in order to encourage the Sino-Japanese friendship.


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