During this time of uncertainty, one excellent way to cope is to turn to comfort food recipes. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are relying on home-cooked meals to take the place of our regular quota of takeout food. But, if you’re tired of making your regular rotation of dishes, why not branch out and explore what other countries around the world consider to be comfort food? 

From frikandel (fried sausage) and omurice (omelette with rice), these delicious comfort foods from around the world are sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Sometimes a dish just knows how to convey so much more than words ever could. Here are 14 comfort food recipes you can try tonight.

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Here Are 14 Easy Comfort Food Recipes From Around The World

2Serbia: Prebranac (Baked Beans)

A popular comfort food in the Balkans, prebranac (also known as pasulj or grah), is a  baked-bean soup made of white beans or pinto beans. You can also add smoked bacon, sausage or Han to make it a more hearty meal. See how to make it here

3Czech Republic: Smažený Sýr (Fried Cheese)

Smažený sýr—meaning “fried cheese”—is a Czech cheese-based dish that is widely consumed as a comfort food. A thick slice of Gruyère or Edam is breaded with flour, egg, and bread crumbs, deep-fried and then served with tartar sauce and a side salad. It’s also a common street food in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Get the recipe here

4Denmark: Biksemad (Hash)

Biksemad (which is also called pyttipanna in Norway and Sweden) is a simple hash of meat and veggies that lets you use up all your leftovers. It usually includes pork or sausages, onions, carrots, and potatoes, and is often topped with an egg. See how to make this easy recipe yourself here

5Netherlands: Frikandel (Fried Sausage)

This traditional Dutch snack originated from the “Low Countries” (Netherlands, Belgium, and the north of France) and includes a fried, skinless sausage served with mayonnaise or ketchup. The sausage can also cut like a hot dog bun and stuffed with chopped onions. You can make it here

6Germany: Käsespätzle (Cheese Noodles)

Literally translating to “spätzle with cheese”, this German comfort food is incredibly similar to mac ‘n’ cheese. It consists of spätzle (or egg noodles) layered with grated cheese and finally topped with fried onions of sauerkraut. Check out the comfort food recipe here

7Italy: Minestrone (Vegetable Soup)

A hearty Italian soup that’s made with vegetables and pasta, and garnished with tons of Parmigiano-Reggiano. It’s filling enough to have as a main course and can be everything from vegan to full of meat. There’s no set recipe, as you’re supposed to tailor the ingredients to your taste, but you can find out how to make it here.  

8Nigeria: Puff-Puff (Deep-Fried Dough)

This Nigerian snack consists of pillowy and chewy, deep-fried dough that is deep-fried until golden brown. They can be topped with powdered sugar (like French beignets), or rolled in other spices/flavouring such as cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg. They’re often served with fruit dips and coffee. Find out how to make this easy comfort food here

10Sri Lanka: Kottu Roti (Shredded Flatbread)

Kottu roti (which means “chopped roti”) is a delicious Sri Lankan comfort food made with roti (or chewy flatbread) that’s chopped up and cooked with spices, vegetables, egg and sometimes meat. It’s pretty impossible not to fall in love with this delicious dish. See the recipe here.

14US: Grilled Cheese

The Americans have figured out what is probably the ultimate comfort food. Grilled cheese sandwiches are made with two pieces of bread and a layer of gooey cheese, grilled on a pan with butter until crispy. There are tons of variations to play around with, but the plain version is a classic for a reason. See the recipe here

So, What Comfort Food Are You Planning To Try?

Of course, there are tons of other comfort foods from around the globe, such as French onion soup, shakshuka from Morocco, and pierogies from Poland. But whatever you choose, these international comfort foods are sure to do what comfort food is meant to do – cheer you up, keep you warm on cold winter days, and remind us of wonderfully simpler times. Let us know in the comments which of these food recipes you’ve tried.


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