Are you one of those girls who wish to wear their pyjamas to work or when you travel? Understandable! We don’t judge. We like you the way you are. And we understand why you love pyjamas. Comfort is above everything when it comes to sleep, also… travelling. What if we tell you there are lots of comfortable travel outfits for women that are as cosy as pyjamas? Yeah! You heard that right! Let’s begin, shall we?

First of all, whenever you plan a trip and think about comfortable clothes, always keep the fabric in mind. There are fabrics that are breathable and perfect for travelling.

Happy girl at clothing storeMerino wool

Your winter travel should not start without Merino wool outfits on your packing list. Merino wool is warm and soft to the touch. The best part about merino wool fabric is that it is not harsh on your skin and will not itch like other wools.


Rayon is the perfect fabric for summer or humid weather conditions. This material is just like cotton, but a little more wrinkle-resistant. Rayon is an absorbent fabric and is a good conductor of heat thus making it better summer wear.


For summer travel, cotton is the most wanted fabric. Whenever you think about comfortable travel outfits for women, cotton is the first thing that comes to your mind. It’s a quick-dry fabric. So your summers can be stress-free. You can carry less and then wash and reuse your clothes.


Another summer outfit fabric is Linen. It dries quickly and is very absorbent. The only issue you can face with linen is that it gets wrinkled easily. It’s better if linen is taken with a blend.


Wrinkle-resistant and quick dry are the key characteristics of a polyester fabric which is awesome for lazy travellers. Polyester is not sweat-absorbent so it can get humid in summer destination. For pleasant weather or winters, polyester is a great choice.


Another wrinkle-resistant fabric is Lycra. Lycra dries quickly and is not as bad as polyester in summer.

Enough about the fabrics, let’s begin with the comfortable travel outfits for women.


Pretty blonde young woman wearing a sunglasses and yellow t-shirt in the city, street fashion

T-shirts, the evergreen T-shirts! They will never die. T-shirts are number one on the list of comfortable travel outfits for women. Reasons for that are there is no need to CARRY a t-shirt, put it on and forget about it. A loose T-shirt with slim-fit jeans is the coolest combination. Pairing them with sneakers is a good idea and slaying in them is a great one.


Beautiful young brunette woman in white beret and black woolen sweater smiling at camera with blur street background. Outdoor fashion portrait of glamour young Chinese cheerful stylish lady.A cardigan is the best way to stay warm in winter. You can always wear layers beneath them if the winters are chilly, and if one cardigan is not enough to keep you warm and cosy. Cardigans can be the most comfortable travel outfits for women in winter. Cardigan with a slim-fit jeans is more than perfect for your winter travel.

Fitted Jeans/Jeggings

Comfortable travel outfits for women, Stretchable Slim fit jeans

Fitted jeans are comfortable travel outfits for women until they are not too tight to breathe. If your slim-fit jeans are stretchable, you will be more than comfortable in them. If you are not a jeans person you can always switch to jeggings. Jeggings are denim leggings that have a softer fabric than jeans.

Tailored Joggers

Young woman in black sport clothes walking with backpack and shoes in the hand on the wooden footpath on the sandy beach.Joggers (or even yoga pants) can be one of the most comfortable travel outfits for women. They are stretchable, breathable and are available in different colours and patterns. A plain-coloured jogger can be matched with a tank top or a loose T-shirt. Wear a denim jacket over this and give it a casual but very comfortable look. It’s like being in your pyjamas but still looking stylish.

Tank Top with a Scarf

Comfortable clothes for travel

Spending summer in a tank top is an amazing idea. But just a tank top might make you look boring. Pair it with a scarf and a pair of boyfriend jeans. You are summer-ready after this. A good scarf can just steal the show for you. Accessorize your look with a good pair of earrings. Winter scarves will provide you with the correct amount of warmth needed and summer scarves will save you from the dust and the city pollution. Scarves are in!

Turtleneck with Relaxed Fit Pants

A turtleneck top is usually worn in the winter. The collar of the turtleneck top is rolled over and is round. Turtlenecks are called polo tops in the UK. The high part of the top is similar to the collar that folds over and covers the neck. It is great to wear for winter travel since it covers your neck area. Sneakers or canvas shoes will be the correct choice to add to the list of comfortable travel outfits for women.

Fun Fact about turtleneck tops: Turtleneck tops were popularized in the late 19th century. They were originally worn by officers and navy sailors but later in the 20th century, they became a great attire for intellectuals, artists and philosophers.

Classic Stripes

Comfortable travel outfits for women

Go for stripes, they never disappoint!

First Step: Grab a striped T-shirt.

Second Step: Pick your favourite boyfriend’s jeans đŸ˜‰

Third Step: Grab a white sneaker or an ankle-length boot

Fourth Step: Be irresistible!


Comfortable travel outfits for women

Shrugs are not only for summers but also for winters. Woollen shrugs provide you with the required amount of warmth and at the same time look cool and comfortable. Shrugs are definitely not meant for those chilly winters which make you pee frequently. Shrugs are meant for not-so-warm weather. Perfect shrugs are not hard to find. They are widely available in the market.


Vintage toned portrait of a young fashionable brunette relaxing by the sea in Rovigno, Istria, Croatia. She is resting in the hot summer day, wearing a dark grey top, jeans shorts, carrying a tote bag and a hat, walking by the sea. Shot in letterbox image ratio for more horizontal copy space with film emulation color grading.If you are not a pant girl, you will relate to this. Let’s experiment, girls! Can you tell me one place where shorts are not perfect to wear? Think! Take your time!
Of course, there isn’t one place on this planet where shorts don’t go perfectly. Not one. Shorts are the most comfortable travel outfits for women and even for men. If you have got an oversized t-shirt or an oversized shirt, tie it from the front and you are good to go.


Collection of female shoes on wooden floor. Fashion backgroundWhen you are on the go, your feet might want a little more attention. Heels might not be the right footwear for travel. Choose footwear that is more than comfortable for your travel. Sneakers, trainers, and canvas shoes are the ones that will not hurt your heels and will keep you happy throughout the journey.

Want to know more? Read about types of shoes for women.

Fashion is every attire that you can carry comfortably. So pack your bags girls and put on your socks!

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Let us know in the comments section below about your favourite travel attire. We would love to know that.


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