There are n numbers of travel outfits for women and also just a few types of women to wear them. Different people have different outfit choices. But there are a few basic and non-expensive outfits that every girl has in her travel wardrobe and the ones who don’t have them, check this list and grab them now. They are saviours. Here is a list of a few travel outfits for women that will make your day or trip or wardrobe.

Top 6 Travel Outfits for Women to Have in their travel wardrobe 

 6  Long Sleeve Tops

There is always that one top in your wardrobe that you have kept for all the lazy days when you boldly refuse to bear the pain of waxing, that one top which is a match to every bottom that you have in your wardrobe. Apart from this perspective, it looks classy and is available online or in showrooms at different price ranges and colours. You can blindly choose this travel outfit with a pair of jeans and boots or sneakers and your cute casual travel outfit is ready. As far as travel outfits for women go, this is pretty much essential.

Just FYI, if you think there is no variety in long sleeve tops, check out the types below.

Batwing tops

These tops have a very different fitting which makes them stand out. It is loose from the top and has a good grip on the waist and sleeves. On the waist, you get a good crease. The sleeves and the back are made attractive.

Pair it with: You can pair batwing tops with jeans or shorts or leggings, which will make your attire look beyond perfect.

Where to wear them: Batwing tops are best worn for site seeing at a destination.

Off-shoulder tops

Off-shoulder top with white jeans - travel outfits for women
Off-shoulder top with white jeans
These tops are given broader necks and a drop on one shoulder or two, that depends on the choice of the buyer.

Pair it with: Off-shoulder tops look amazing with a good pair of high-waist shorts or slim-fit jeans or even with an A-line skirt.

Where to wear them: Off-shoulder tops are perfect beachwear.

Boat neck tops

These tops have a wide neckline and the line runs from shoulder to shoulder. The neckline runs across the collarbone and a little wider at the back.

Pair it with: Boat necks look beautiful with frilled skirts and shorts.

Where to wear them: You can slay on the beach with these boat neck tops.

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Sheer Tops

If you like a clumsy appearance, this is what you will need. It is made out of cotton and sheer material that gives a raw look to the attire. These are slightly transparent so you get the liberty to mix them with different coloured inners. Make sure you buy a perfect size because sheer tops do not shrink after washing.

Pair it with: Sheer tops will look amazing with A-line skirts and high heels.

Where to wear them: For evenings or nights out, sheer tops will make you look great!

Sheer tops - travel outfits for women
Sheer top

Sweater top

At that point of time when the weather is not freezing but has started getting a bit cold, sweater tops come into the picture to save the day. These keep you warm when the cold wind blows. These travel outfits may be for slight winters but if you have them in your travel wardrobe you have the choice to match them with overcoats or scarves and winter caps. Having enough of them in different colours and designs make you, season ready.

Pair it with: They go great with jeans or slacks, you can even pair a slightly oversized sweater top with sexy yoga pants or leggings. Add a knit beanie to complete this travel outfit for a casual yet chic look.

Where to wear them: On a casual day out or for a stroll down the streets.

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Sweater tops for not so cold weather - travel outfits for women
Sweater tops for not-so-cold weather

 5  Tunics

Tunics are the most comfortable and most often worn outfit amongst travel outfits for women. Slightly longer than the usual tops and shorter than the dresses. Make sure when you go out to select a tunic for yourself, you buy skinny or straight jeans for yourself. Shorts also look great with tunics, just make sure that shorts are visible beneath the tunic. This travel-friendly piece lets you experiment with your attire. Just match them with a pair of boots and you are good to go. Sleeves or without sleeves, it’s just the readiest to-go outfit. Few types of tunics that might help you select your travel outfit.

Beige Tunic Tops

Beige-coloured tunics are soft to the touch and the colour is soothing and keeps you cooler in the heat. Avoid wearing dark colours while travelling. If travelling in winter, then the dark colour should be a preference. But if the travel is in the summer, there is a big no for dark colours. Beige is a soft colour, and the fabric of tunics is usually soft if you are not wearing a crisp top.

Floral Tunics Tops

These prints are just the perfect wear for beaches and islands. Floral print tunics can be matched with denim shorts and a wide-brim hat and you are beyond beach ready. Carry a beach bag with you to accessorise your look a bit and you are done for the day. You can try different accessories with them to enhance your look. A beautiful neckpiece will give the entire attire a compliment-grabbing look.

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Silk ethnic ornamental blouse isolated over white - travel outfits for women
Floral tunic tops for summers

Tunic dresses

Tunic dresses usually come with a flare so that they can be worn as a single piece. Depending upon buyers’ choice, straight and floral are differentiated. Tunic tresses can come in the form of a boho style or a floral or a straight dress. Just pick your style and get started to grab all the compliments.

walk with a stylish blonde in the city - travel outfits for women
Printed tunic dress for a classy travel outfit

 4  Shrugs

This outfit has no limit to creativity. Long shrugs, short shrugs, on jeans, on shorts or with dresses can work magic. A black and a white shrug is a must, additionally, you can keep grey. Style up with booties and denim or shorts and sneakers, this will never disappoint you. These travel outfit can make every attire of yours extra special. The ways with which you can try this outfit are just too many.

Let’s look at some types of shrugs to have, shall we?

Maxi shrugs

These are long shrugs and can be worn with shorts and probably a tube top or a pair of jeans with a crop top and you can always match this outfit of yours with a pair of boots or even sneakers. Beautiful designs for this are available on Myntra.

Cropped shrugs

These shrugs are above the waist and can have long sleeves or even short sleeves. These shrugs can be mixed with jeans or shorts with a tunic top. These travel outfits will be available for you on Flipkart and Amazon in different colours and styles. Grab your piece and start wanderlusting.

Fringed Shrugs

Cover up in style and be a style icon. Fringed shrugs are more like a chic boho style. Wearing it with hot pants or high-waist jeans will give this a new look and make you slay all day. Myntra offers a wide range of shrugs and that too at affordable prices.

Boho Fashion Girl at White Brick Wall Background as travel outfits for women
Long fringed shrugs for any day outfit

Waterfall Shrugs

With a waterfall front, this shrug is designed specially. This gives a very casual yet elegant look to the attire and makes it classy for you to carry it along with you on a vacation. Trends allow you to buy waterfall shrugs in a very affordable yet coolest form. Thankfully these travel outfits are just perfect to take on vacation and are widely available in the market.

 3  A- line skirts

A-line skirts are back in trend now. All you have to do is match it with a crop top or a full-sleeve shirt or even an off-shoulder top and you are ready for the day. More than anything else, these travel outfits are trendy. You do not even have to think twice before buying an A-line skirt.

Nude colored high heel shoes with a-line skirt for travel outfits for women
A-line skirt with high heels

 2  Jumpsuits

The most comfortable form of outfit for traveling is a jumpsuit. A denim jumpsuit with sneakers or an off-shoulder jumpsuit with high heels will just steal the show. Jumpsuits are highly trending these days. Cropped-bottom jumpsuits, Harem jumpsuit, Spaghetti jumpsuit and short jumpsuits are a few forms of jumpsuits that can not be ignored and should be present in your wardrobe when you plan a travel. This is one of the travel outfits that needs no improvements. You can pick this one travel outfit and that is what will reflect your amazing collection of travel outfits.

Woman wearing a jumpsuit with heels and a sun hat - travel outfits for women
Jumpsuits for a perfect day

 1  Black dress

Black being the most royal and classy colour on the planet makes everything that it touches royal. Go anywhere and just carry a black dress with you. LBD all the way, ladies – it never goes out of style. There is no occasion where a black dress won’t fit. This one outfit should top the list of your travel outfits. This travel outfit you can match with sneakers, pumps, and red heels to make it more dressy and love the way you are dressed.

Black dress is must for travel outfits for women
Black Cocktail Dress is a must-have travel outfit for women

These are just a few travel outfits for women that will not take up much space in your wardrobe but will look fabulous when you will wear them and go out. And you can mix and match these, you can pack and carry fewer things while still looking different and awesome every day.

Do let us know if you have any more travel outfits in mind that you think a girl should have in her wardrobe in the comments section below.

Go girl, set the stage on fire.


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