Israel, The Creator’s Paradise On Earth

“Israel was not created in order to disappear – Israel will endure and flourish. It is the child of hope and the home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success. It carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom.”

John F. Kennedy 


Israel, the holy land is the seed for every creation of the world. The beginning of all stories. The land which gave life to Abraham, Isaac, David, and Jacob but remained elusive for Moses. A land feared by many in this world as it invokes images of fear, bloodshed, tears, and brutality. Of scarred faces, angry eyes and trauma-filled screams.

These inhibitions and fears faced by each one are guilty of not allowing you to taste and feel the warmth that each home in this country has to offer. Their hearts and open to giving love and embrace wholeheartedly every stranger belonging to any nation or creed without having a second doubt.

An undiscovered jewel, Israel is an exotic destination which yearns to be discovered and has so much to offer on its plate for those who are willing to attempt to polish this jewel. A soul fiery and rich but belonging to a wounded and scarred body, one would expect rage and resentment but are surprised instead to receive smiles and eager eyes still holding on to the belief that this land of Creation though burning now will find it’s true savior someday.

3000 years of history is interwoven in the dry sands of Jerusalem, and these threads of the yore are found embedded deeply in the old and wise bearded men in the shuk, who light up the darkness as the Shabbat candles and their knowledge flowing deep and mysterious like the unique Dead Sea which is famous for not allowing anything to sink.

The diversity here is woven like beads in the string of unity which is the only ingredient needed to bring in the peace required by this ravaged land but yet each individuality speaks volumes as if reminding us that these broken pieces are actually just parts of one whole. This desert land offers a rich oasis for those willing to withstand the heat and cruelty to discover a soft and tender heart.

Nature has blessed this land in abundance by showering it with honey, milk, fruits, and various exotic offerings which have been denied to the rest of the world. So does that not give it reason enough to visit this paradise to get acquainted and taste the ambrosia flowing through its veins.

Tropical fruits like mangoes, pomegranate, figs, olives, figs, artichokes and dates seem to have a unique taste, unlike the other lands. Strong earthy fragrance and infused with a richness of the raw earth which is mothered by the hot sun. The beverages found here like the fresh fruits shake, the cafe Afuck as well as the mint tea quench the thirst of the throat and but also give you an awesome experience which stays undefined and unexplained.

The warm pita bread flirting shamelessly with the rich and wonderful hummus which has the juicy the olives playing hide and seek as it explodes in the mouth, shawarma, shakshuka, jachnun, baba ganoush, falafels and more fill not only the hungry tummy but makes a place for themselves in some corner of your heart. The moist and flaky baklava knows just how to sweeten the soul while leaving the tongue craving for more of its beauty.

Israel has a wide variety of things to offer the backpackers, the wanderers, the travelers and the tourists. You definitely have to visit the flea market. Another enjoyable experience is the Tel Aviv port and bicycle tour. The trip cannot be complete without an excursion to Masada, by discovering the Promise Land and Jerusalem definitely call to visit. The old city and Bazaar open up the old-world charm as you bargain and haggle for both the fun and the experience. The local bread found here are perfect with olive oil and need to be tasted for sure.

A haven for the photographers and instagrammers, this place will make you wish you had more storage and followers to share these experiences with. Mount Scopus offers a panoramic view of the city for the perfect picture taking of the Old City. But don’t think that history is the only thing to offer here. The Tel Aviv nightlife offers fun, excitement, thrill and all that your party seeker heart desires. Another jewel in Israel is The Tasting room which the wine connoisseurs will appreciate wholeheartedly.

Israel is a culturally rich, nature-filled country filled with beautiful people and many things to explore. So why not plan your next adventure with this new world where you can explore to your heart’s content and discover what has been hidden for so long and explore. Scratch the surface, hit the mark and seek to unite your soul with this amazing land.


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