Haven’t we all experienced the heebie-jeebies around the time of Halloween? The dark figure in the room, doors opening and closing by themselves, a sense of someone following you or even being chased by crazy people down the street. These Reddit users have some similar stories, that will for sure, creep you out and make you want to sleep with your lights on. 

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Here is our selection of the top 13 creepy Halloween stories from Reddit:

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13. I Knew Someone Was Standing Over Me: 

12. White Mothman

11. The Old Man In The Mirror

10. The Little Cottage That WASN’T There: 

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9. The Cat Tried To Kill US!!

8. Kenny Get The Gun.

7. The Crying Baby.

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6. The ‘OLD BOYS’ Home.

5. Freaky Game of Simon Says.

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4. He Had A Noose Around His Neck:

3. Someone Is Pulling the Handle.

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2. Return of the Mothman

1.Tenacious D 

I know I am sleeping with the lights on! Let’s hope the Mothman or Tenacious D don’t show up tonight. Do you have more creepy Halloween stories to share? If so, do let us know all about them in the comments below.


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