After such a successful trip on Day 1 to Bangalore, we decided to take the next step which is the Bangalore trip on day 2. So our day two was jam-packed just like day 1. But since we got a little unlucky on day 1 we tried and tested our luck on the second day. And luckily every place we went to was open, wide open. We went ahead with our day 2 plan and the Bangalore traffic welcomed us with open arms. Read on about our Bangalore experience.

Government Museum

The Government Museum is the storehouse of rich historical and cultural significance. Located at Kasturba Gandhi Road, it contains 18 galleries each of which specialises in a specific domain. Since the place is centrally located in Bangalore, commuting is not a pain and the location can be accessed by buses, metros, cabs and autos.

Government Museum

You might have to rely on your luck to find an auto but in case you are very lucky and the sun rises from the south, you will find an auto in one go 😉 Anyway, coming back to the Gallery, the galleries contained Antiques, paintings, sculptures etc. If you are into history, I think this is the place you should never miss.

Venkatappa Art Gallery

The art gallery like the rest of the galleries is chic and quiet. I honestly could hear my breath. The gallery is dedicated to Sri K. Venkatappa who was born in 1886 at Mysore. He studied Fine Art from 1902 to 1908. Venkatappa art gallery is filled with his work and the equipment he used to work with. Some of his amazing paintings are also displayed. The entry ticket to the museum is INR 10/- for adults and the museum is open from Sunday to Monday starting from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. My fellow writer, Malavika is a little too much into Art so she was definitely having a good time reading and telling me what are the brushes and the art forms called. You can be someone’s guide too if you like Art.

Venkatappa Art Gallery

Bangalore Fort

Honestly, I am a little disappointed in the maintenance of the fort. The first thing that I got to know while entering the fort was that “Pinky Loves Vishal a lot”. I mean my life was going on fine only before knowing this. The labour class on the other side was cutting weeds from the walls. It is not like monuments are not maintained from Government’s end only, the public also needs to do their part. The entry to the fort is free but that doesn’t mean walls are meant to write on. It is a small fort with a garden in the middle. They have kept it clean and the time we went there, they were planning to paint it and remodel it a bit. But if you haven’t been here, it’s okay, you haven’t missed much.

Bangalore FortTipu Sultan Summer Palace

After Bangalore fort, we went ahead to see Tipu Sultan Summer Palace and I was awestruck looking at the walls. The walls and pillars were made of wood and the funniest part was that the fire extinguisher was “EMPTY”. The place was also under construction when we went there. So they had closed half of the rooms but the hall was open for visitors to see and photography is not prohibited. I hope when you go you can see the entire Tipu Sultan Palace. The back of the palace is even more beautiful. You can see the art that has been done on the walls, stairs and pillars. I hope tourists don’t ruin this also. 

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

Brick Oven

Brick Oven was founded in 1956 and since then the restaurant has kept growing. The best part about this amazing restaurant is that the pizza is made from scratch in front of you. We were too tired and wanted to eat something that will fill our tummies and souls. So we ordered their new pizza called, “Winter Has Come”. We made the correct choice by ordering this. This was huge and was topped with Buffalo mozzarella, basil, prosciutto, aged goats cheese, arugula & truffle oil. It is sufficient for two people and is worth INR 800/-. We also ordered lemonade and iced tea which were both refreshing and soothing.

Wood Fired Pizza At Brick Oven

This was yet another day of our Bangalore Trip and there are many more days like this to come. Let us know if there is any specific place you want us to cover. 


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